22 thoughts on “Cures cheer for Piton all together”

  1. 1:25 =_____= ###
    OH MY G— THATS IT! barges in HEY! You two! Quit doing that!! YOU ALREADY DID THAT THE FIRST TIME!!! DX

    Macaron: …~? Oh? Did we now? =w=

    Chocolat: Well…it’s obvious isn’t it? ^^;;

    No s**t. We get it. You two are horny with each other. Get on with the power boost and stop that! =A=

    Macaron/Chocolat: we make no promises =w=/^v^;;


  2. 0:52 Seriously?Before I think President is bad guy and I hate him.but now,I am wrong.The Villain actually is Yango!

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