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CUTE last-minute halloween costume ideas for teens! | Hannah Meloche

CUTE last-minute halloween costume ideas for teens! | Hannah Meloche

Hey guys it’s Hanna welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel today is the second day of October if you’re watching this when I’m uploading it tober is my favorite month I feel like it’s just a perfect time in Fault everyone’s getting spooky and ready for Halloween And I just get really good vibes from the month of October, so I got a little ahead of myself I know Halloween is like a month away and as soon as the church October my mind Just goes straight to Halloween so I thought why not put out a Halloween video for you guys So you can get some ideas of what you want to be for Halloween and this video I try to make different from all the other Halloween costume ideas I try to make them all killer no filler meaning when I watch some Halloween videos some of the costumes aren’t stuff I’d actually wear And I feel like it could be any of these for Halloween let me know which costume is your favorite or if you already have A costume picked out for Halloween then comment below what you aren’t going to be I actually still don’t know yet Hey, so, I already started changing into the costumes but I just forgot to say that these should be item in your Closet already or if not might have to run to the party store and get like one or maybe two accessories But for the most part you should find everything in your closet all right. Let’s get into the costume Okay so for the box your costume basically you’re just gonna need a sports bra and some sports shorts And if you wanted you could definitely find like a boxing coat anywhere online, or at a party store But I just put on my bathrobe and then obviously you’re gonna need some boxing gloves and to put your hair and braids as well Okay, so this is a very popular costume And it’s super easy so all you’re gonna need is a black dress and to put your hair and braids and your ones or atoms So you could call this costume Moana? Or you could just say it’s a Hawaiian or island girl this was super easy to find I you’re gonna need is some type of Hawaiian dress and then la to tie around your head, and then your mana Okay, so we all know the pink lady’s from Greece, and I’m just obsessed with this costume It’s really easy all you need is a black tea black pants some black booties And then of course the Pink Ladies jacket And then I also thought it was fun to just wear some fifty sunglasses And this would be really fun to just do with a group of friends as well Okay, so normally when you see devil costumes. They’re like dresses or really complicated costumes I feel like but a way to just make it super casual is to just wear some black pants red on top and then buy Yourself some double horns So the angel costume is really easy to recreate as well all you’re gonna need is a white dress and then go to the store And buy yourself a little halo Okay, so this is such an easy thing to do all you’re gonna need is a black bodysuit and some black shorts and then possibly a tutu if you want to be extra like that and then literally any Animal ears or any ears in general and you can just become so many things the possibilities are endless I don’t know what it is about this costume but I think it’s so cute all you’re gonna need are some red shorts and the lifeguard t-shirt or Bodysuit and then a fake whistle I actually used a flashlight And then just wrapped it in red tape and then I’m also wearing a red bodysuit underneath But that’s just an example you could literally wear a swimsuit with shorts, and then a t-shirt on top because that’s what I did So Kylie Jenner is just an example of someone you could be on Halloween really any celebrity I
Personally don’t think I’d be comfortable in this on Halloween so if I were to be Kylie I’d probably change up the outfit a little Bit but it’s your choice Okay, so we all know sheriff from clueless And she is my favorite character ever so if I were to be someone from the movie It would be cher but you could be any character you wanted and also this costume reminded me of just a 90s girl wanted to call it that I Thought being a chef would be such a cute last-minute idea because we all have aprons and then you just throw a dress on underneath and you’re good together, so You could do a lot with a vampire, but I personally just like a black dress and then a big black cardigan and some cool makeup and call it a vampire I Am obsessed with the show Riverdale and Season 2 comes on October 11th No, this is not a promotion, but I’m so excited and I’d love to be a cheerleader from Riverdale And then the last costume is a sailor, which all you need is like a Navy top And then a white bottom, and you’re good to go your sailors I got to those with all of the costumes. Hopefully you got some inspiration again Let me know in the comments if you know what you’re gonna be for Halloween because I still don’t know officially I mean I have a lot of backup plans I guess but thumbs up for October because October is literally the best you know of any friends that don’t know what they want to be for Halloween yet and 7-under this video Hopefully it can give you guys some ideas if you want to keep up with me on my daily life if you can follow me on Instagram Twitter or snapchat Pinterest visca all those socials that will be here and down below not gonna lie I’m pretty proud of the Instagram post I’ve been doing lately I’m trying to get like a fall thing going let me know what you think but besides that I post every Monday And I also have a vlog channel. I post on as well, but that’s it for today’s video I hope you guys are having a spooky start to your October because I’m so excited make every day count do something different and Halloween Itch everyday. Why wouldn’t you I mean? It’s October. Okay guys. That’s it for today’s video I hope you have a marvelous rest of your Monday or whatever day You’re watching this on and I hope to see you in the next video come back next Monday There’ll be a new video or turn posted applications on because I think there might be another one going up this week besides the lush Monday, I mean guys. That’s it have a great day and stay positive you’re beautiful I love you, and hopefully I will see you in the next video I have You imagine You know when construction workers are watching you Haha no thanks

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  1. A lot of these costumes were just normal clothes, I feel like if I wore them anywhere people would think I didn’t dress up at all… just my opinion no hate.

  2. It’s literally 11pm and Tomorrow is Halloween and I have to dress up in the morning so this helped me sm thanks you omg??

  3. Not trying to be rude but for the second outfit the “ Moana “ one, that wasn’t really Hawaiian that was more tourist. Not trying to be rude. ☺️

  4. You know that Teenager or even younger watching your shit why dont you change the subject and change it in how to look like a modern hooker so they know what they get into you can sound the best jazz soundtrack in the background your are a problem that needs to be solved you are giving the pedos and monsters outside their the chance stalk these kids by showing them how to be a hooker
    PS: have eternity fun in Hell you white bimbo

  5. I love these so much…but it’s gonna be cold during October…just so you all know??‍♀️

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