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Dance With Your Face

Dance With Your Face

[Music] you [Music] [Music] it was basically five of us on skype all around the country and it’s like what are you guys into it was like Aaron you you’re into like facial recognition software Lauren was into behavior modification James is into motion capture and I think we threw it out there like do you guys like Michael Jackson it was like hell yeah [Music] project is called face dance it’s basically a program that allows you to control a projected image using only facial expressions you smile Michael does a spin move you blink with both eyes and you know he does really like friend he grabs his crotch we get this to work then we’ll see if it’s funny if it’s interesting if it’s fun to perform is it fun to watch so I think our mission was to get a prototype it starts with the face detection software which uses a depth sensor to track someone’s face and it gets a lot of really nuanced data about different kinds of gestures of their faces making in real-time that gets sent to an application written in unity which is responsible for all the graphics and sound someone had the idea to do motion capture and it was like that way we can have this like really clean but also sort of abstract version of Michael and you have the ability to like create this freestyle dance routine [Music] you click David Barnett in a motion capture suit with the little balls on and everything and basically capture as many Michael Jackson dance moves as we could in a given amount of time the concept being that we have a library of Michael Jackson moves we felt like we were in the future we’re like sitting in this high-rise office in Soho New York and directing this basement motion capture session in Soho London and all we could see from them was the screen capture from them so basically this program has been trained to look at my face so as I’m moving it’s tracking my gestures and so those impulses are we what we send to unity to trigger dance moves mouth open trigger one yeah so when you watch this dance it’s not just about watching someone do a cool dance it’s about the knowledge that there’s an interaction taking place that it’s being performed in this cool funny way and seeing the relationship between somebody’s face moving and the dance happening [Music] [Music] just the ability to like play around with new technology have an idea be able to test it out is so important because through this process we have a million other ideas theoretically this could allow someone who is completely immobilized to express themselves to run to dance to jump to leap physical motion can actually express something they’re no longer locked in a body they can dance with their face [Music] [Applause] [Music]

29 thoughts on “Dance With Your Face”

  1. Pointless yes, but why stop doing it? They are doing it because they can do it.
    Imagine 5 days and they did that!? and the distance between the creators… Now imagine being a quadriplegic… now they can dance. have some little fun and joy in life… and yeah BTW dont be a douche bag and appreciate more things in life.

  2. Dude, shut UP. Yes, this channel hosts the Collaborators but it's not only for that.
    More Daft Punk WILL COME but just enjoy the other videos in the meantime ._.

  3. They thought they were pointless idiots when they tried to make flying machines.
    Oh, gotta love the Wright Brothers.

  4. The face tracking software used in this project is faceshift, google faceshift for more information.

  5. yeah cause airplanes and some dumb software that allows some asshole to smirk and make michael jackson grab his crotch are about on the same level

  6. This means advance in facial recognition and facial expression recognition.
    So yeah, it's pretty fucking stupid to want that new technology, right? Who the fuck wants progress anyway?

  7. Ok. facial development on facial expression recognition is not progress.
    I get it It could in no fucking way help humanity

  8. I don't understand, This isn't cool to me, The software and programming features are amazing but, The idea..Is just stupid to me, I don't know.

  9. This kind of technology would help the people with locomotion problems like Stephen Hawking, I mean, the facial movements cold be used as commands to a device like a wheelchair or even a robotic arm, it also could be used to detect signs of stress, panic or loss of conscience on pilots, even the space exploration could be benefit with this technology

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