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Daniele Boffelli explains kinetic chain in Karate

Daniele Boffelli explains kinetic chain in Karate

Good morning. I am Daniele Boffelli. I am currently 8 Dan and I created a sytem called “Syntheis”. In this system I put togheter 50 years of experience out of many things. I started with Shotokan but i practised many arts, like Tai Chi, Boxing and many others. Most of all I tryed to put things like bio mechanics and physics in my teachings. To show you what i mean, I take an usual technique like Shuto Uke. Usually it will be explained to close and open. I want to talk about Kinetic Chains. In the moment as we definde a Kinetic Chain as “Open”, the movement has to start from the proximale zone (The center) This means that the first movement won`t be this. But this. (The squeezing of the center.) In the moment I start the technique, this will be the charging motion and the next movement will be this. (The expansion of the shoulders.) So the whole movment will be like this. This principle will permit us to have a different speed in the execution. If we apply this in our leg-work.. This movement will cause that the foot is already in front. This will allow me to execute the whole technique in the time of one breath. This kind of quickness will also work in Kumite. It will be not a “cut-off” movement anymore. The most important thing is to arrive with the bodyweight in the adversary I could talk about this topic for 5 days straight about every technique. Thank you very much.

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