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DAY IN A LIFE of a Student Athlete in Japan

DAY IN A LIFE of a Student Athlete in Japan

Yo guys my names Momo and today I’m going to be talking about the student life here in Japan More specifically, what’s it like being a Student Athlete here. I’m at a pretty cool University so let’s go check it out I’m here at Tokai University One of the top sporting universities in Japan about an hour away from down town Tokyo very well known for its Judo Track and Field Baseball, Basketball and Rugby, the sport I’m going to be focussing on today. Especially with the Rugby World Cup being held here this year I thought I’d give you a little insight of what University Rugby is really like here What you would usually find people doing is working really hard in their 1st and 2nd years get as much credits as they can and then chill their last 2 years (or go job hunting lol) In this university, you need 124 credits in order to graduate, when each class only offers around 2-4. and this part is going to sound weird for a number of reasons although I entered here as a Sports and Leisure Management Student I spent the last 2 semesters studying Japanese because I knew zero before I came here Each period is a 100 minutes long which means that I was sitting down everyday in class for at least 5 hours studying Japanese because I would have periods 1, 2, and 3 everyday quik mafs and after my classes, I would go to my sports and leisure class in order to get the credits I need to graduate so school was a mission for me But I’m grateful that I could get my credits from Japanese unlike other students the next I want to show you guys is the Rugby Grounds, so let’s go Yo guys this is it. If you’re entering this Rugby Club this is where you’ll be spending a lot of your time. and I’m not talking about just training. I’m talking about a whole lot of setting up and cleaning. We don’t have any janitors here and we don’t hire anyone to do anything for us. As a Rugby club we do everything together as a team 🙂 There around 170 boys in the Rugby Club So you’ll definitely make some friends either on the job or during training like I did If you go to any High Schools or Local parks you’ll find that the grounds are either all dirt, sand, gravel or a good mix of it all So we’re pretty lucky to have access to an awesome turf like this We got some flood lights here So we can train either early in the mornings or late at night which can be seen as a good thing depending on how you look at it During the season, our weekly training schedule would roughly sound a bit like Morning trainings on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Weights after school Wednesdays and Fridays we’ll have weights after lunch and then we’ll head out straight to the grounds, so just like that, that’ll be 4 hours of just straight training. In the weekends, if we have a game on Sunday we’ll have a quick team run on Saturday And of course, after the game we’ll have Monday off to recover. But again, some of us will still have to go to school, so it’s only a day off training I would love to dive deeper into the whole cultural and how it affects the sports, for example the whole Senpai and Kohai system aka the whole Senior and Junior system, if you understand that But I’ve got training soon and I didn’t bring any of my stuff So I’ve got to shoot back to the dorms real quick. We’ll currently in our off season right now, so trainings obviously a bit more relaxed But I thought it would be a good idea to give you a taste of what our trainings like so lets go

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  1. This is sick Mo, interesting to see what shits is actually like for you over there. I’m looking forward to your next one 🙂

  2. Hey man i really love this vids and i really want to know how i can get a chance to play collage basketball in Japan just like you, can you make a tutorial on how a foreigner to play for a college team just like you, i appreciate it you prob can change my life if you reply, thx.

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