Deployed coach reunites with basketball team | Militarykind

(light music) (sigh) – I’m excited to see the girls. It’s hard to talk. (light music) Honestly, when I left, I
knew it was gonna happen. Not anything, just the girls. When they told me, in their eyes, there was nothing gonna stand between them and that gold ball. (light music) – We did it for her. I think she’s watching right now. We did it for you, Lacey. We did it for you, I love you. – It feels amazing knowing
that mission complete for Coach Kennedy has
something to come back to and that we kept our promise to her. (light music) – One of the best feelings ever, me and some of my battles watched it live, and it was, I don’t know what time, like two or four o’clock in the morning. I’m not sure. I wanted to talk to them. I wanted to tell them all of these words and I couldn’t, and it was just like, I mean the only thing that matters is I love you guys and you did it, so it was pretty exciting. My nerves were shot, but it was one of the best feelings ever. (upbeat music) My heart is literally
pounding out of my chest. I’m shaking, my stomach has butterflies. (upbeat music) (screaming) (indistinct chatter) When I started coaching, I
thought I might coach forever and never get something
like this, you know? The work these girls put in, they’ve changed their whole culture here. They work harder than
anybody I’ve ever met. Their willingness to endure basic torture to prepare physically for battle. I would hire these girls in
any profession, any of them. I would hire any of these
girls on the spot tomorrow, and my only hope is that
for me, they become coaches so I can hire them as my assistants and my junior head
coaches, and my PE coaches in the elementary, that’d be amazing. (upbeat music)

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