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Dirk Nowitzki Fadeaway Move: Basketball Moves

Dirk Nowitzki Fadeaway Move: Basketball Moves

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out shooter. Hi I’m Coach Collin Castellaw with SHot
and today we are going to learn Dirk Nowitzki’s deadly fadeaway. Dirk Nowitzki kind of revolutionized
the way the big man is looked at in the NBA. A seven footer that can shoot from the outside
and shoot over just about anybody. But besides his size he uses a couple tricks to help him
get this fadeaway off uncontested every time. So let’s take a look at it. Although it helps
to be tall smaller players can effectively use this move as well. It is all about creating
separation from your defender. Most of the time Dirk begins his fadeaway with a backdown.
He keeps his left shoulder to the defender and his right hand dribbling the basketball.
Dirk then times it to when he initiates contact he begins his spin move and drops his right
foot deep into his defenders territory. This will put your defender out of position and
many times it will be hard for them to jump to contest your shot. Dirk then fades off
of his left foot making it that much harder to block then extends his knees so that the
defender can’t get close ehough to block his shot. Check out how even though he is fading
away he keeps a perfect 90 degrees in his shooting elbow. Dirk also moves his set point
of his shot above his head now he just has to find his target and knock it down. So remember
all you have to do is move your shot set point a little bit higher above your head. Your
gonna want to fadeaway from the defender and you are going to want to lock your eyes on
the rim as quick as you possibly can. And also try to put a little extra power into
the shot because you are fading away you are going to need it. Most people miss their fadeaway
short. If you love this video and want to show some support just give a like, comment, or subscribe.

61 thoughts on “Dirk Nowitzki Fadeaway Move: Basketball Moves”

  1. Grate move and grate video. Fadeaway isnt realy hard, but to do it realy good as dirck its super hard. Thanks for video.


    Today we learn the Dirk Nowitzki basketball move. This basketball move is one that is deadly once mastered and gets great results! This move single handedly launched Dirk into an NBA superstar and redefined the way big men can play. It is especially good if your defender is smaller but quicker then you. Learn this how to breakdown and you will be splashing jumpers just like Captain Dirk! 

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  3. Thanks for another awesome vid Coach C!
    @Michael Bacera @Paul Bacera @Matt Bacera 
    Where do we find out the winners of the giveaways?
    Oh, and still looking forwards to a Floater or Scoop Shot video!!!

  4. Great video, could you also do defensive videos? Like how to properly contest a jumpshot or a layup, how to contain a drive etc 

  5. Awesome as always! Im already creating a playlist of all your vids i can get my hands on. Will be practicing as soon as i find the time and court to play it out. Thanks so much coach C.

  6. This isn't enough info that follows..well, they're just luring the viewers to advertisements..and when people click the advertisements while watching their videos then that money for them..this is business in youtube not basketball

  7. Isn't this a travel since he's leaving his pivot foot? I don't think so, but in the step through video, you're telling us that you have to jump off both feet, when in fact you can leave your pivot foot as long as it doesn't land before you release the ball… please comment.

  8. I use the fadeaway at 0:24 seconds in the video. I'm not sure if it is a travel or not because im quite new to basketball. How could it be a travel if im not careful?

  9. when i play basletball, somebody tells me, my fadeaway shot looks like dirk. Because my foot is just like dirk always do. As i experience with it, it helos you to take more balance on your shot it is not just to make space from your opponent but it helps you to shoot more and accurate

  10. I tried this at practise ( I didnt know what I was doing ) but then my whole team got in a discussion about how to do this and now Im gonna be DEADLY in the post

  11. my god a 1 minute tutorial video that teached me yrs of practice im 15 5'7 wow I can now shred the fade aways easy, can even tilt others lol

  12. Also, try to make sure you're fading away in a straight line to the basket, that way you only have to worry about missing left or right, only long or short.

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