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Later in this video… Here let me read you
part of it, huh! Belle, your new library is snow amazing. Thanks Elsa. It was a gift from the Beast, I mean, Prince
Adam of course. You have so many new books. Tell me about it. He got me this one fairytale that I think
it’s gonna be one of my favorites. I haven’t finished it yet though. Aladdin? Sleeping Beauty? Actually no. This is the fairy tale that Disney hasn’t
made a movie about yet. This is the story of the worn-out dancing
shoes. Uh, looks magical. Right? Here let me read you part of it. Whoa! Belle, what just happened? I don’t know. Extra! Extra! Read all about it. King is trying to solve the mystery of his
daughter’s worn out dancing shoes. Worn out dancing shoes? Wait a second, Elsa were in my book. What do you mean? The book must have been enchanted. It, it transported us here. Solve the mystery, win the hand of one of the
princesses. Lose and the King will throw you in the dungeon. Read all about it. Wait, what’s going on? What is this mystery? Every day, the King buys his daughter shoes. Then the princesses go to sleep at night. Then when they wake up, the shoes are ruined. He thinks they’re going out dancing but the
girls never leave their room. That is strange, I wonder what they could be
doing? I’ll give it a go. Everyone who’s tried so far has ended up in
the dungeon. I’m just the messenger but between you and
me, I would head the other way. Elsa that’s Peter, the wounded soldier, he’s
the hero of the story. I bet the way we get home is by helping him
solve the mystery. You’re probably right. Should we introduce ourselves? Hi Peter. How did you know my name? Oh, I’m just big fan of your, um, soldiery
nets. Hi I’m Elsa and this is Belle and we want
to help you solve your mystery. Oh, wow! Thank you so much. Let’s head to the castle. Okay Gaston, calm down. Tell me what happened. I just, Belle she was, Ice queen, they just. Here Gaston, I got your pacifier. Thanks LeFou. You always know how to calm me down. Okay, so I was watching Belle through the
window. You know, like I do. Right. Yeah, of course. And she was just standing here with that Ice
Witch and they just poofed! Poofed? Poofed. You know when magic happens, when they’re
here and then they’re not. Come on LeFoe, poofed! Haven’t you seen a Totally TV episode? I wonder if it has anything to do with this
book that was on the ground. We can do this. hmm If only there were pictures. So, the three of you think you can solve the
mystery of my daughter’s dancing shoes. I think so your highness. And you know what happens if you fail? Yeah, yeah, yeah. The whole dungeon thing. We get it, but don’t you think you’re being
a little extreme? I must have this problem solved! Between you and me, shoes are expensive and
I just can’t afford to keep this up. Truth. Don’t worry sire, we’ll solve the mystery
and you won’t have to keep buying new shoes. Best of luck to you all. Let me introduce you my daughter’s. Whoa! Where did you two come from? Who are you? And what have you done with Belle? That hurt. Okay Gaston, hold on. Just take a chill pill. I think this is just a newspapers sales person. We’re looking for two girls one is- Is the
most beautiful girl you ever seen. More beautiful than even me. More beautiful than eggs. She’s my bellybutton, she’s my bologna sandwich,
my balloon… She wears a lot of yellow. Oh yeah, her and the other girl went straight
to the castle with the soldier to solve the mystery of the worn-out dancing shoes. Who? Who is this soldier? LeFou, we’ve got to get to that castle immediately. Aye, aye el Ga-se-ton. These are my daughters. The youngest, Louisa. Hi there. My second daughter, Julia. Pleasure. And my oldest Genevieve. Nice to meet you. So nice to meet you. Don’t look now but I think our friend is crushing
on Genevieve. Oh, I totally shipped them. Good luck sir Peter and strange ladies from… Arendelle. It’s really far. Yes, well see you tomorrow. Okay, so let’s cut to the chase ladies. I’m sorry, whatever do you mean? Where are you guys going dancing and how are
you getting out? Yeah, I mean you could tell us we’re cool. We’re princesses too. I, I don’t know what you’re talking about. We stay here all night. You’ll see, nothing happens. Unlikely story. Guess we’ll just have to do this the old-fashioned
way and wait it out. Since you are all waiting, why don’t you have
a chocolate? Thanks, I love chocolate. Peter, don’t eat that. Why not? Yeah, why not? I remember in the book we’re not supposed
to eat or drink anything they give us. It will make us fall asleep. Just fake it. Mmhh! So delicious. Num, num, num, num. Scrumdilyumptious! All right then. Nighty-night. Good night. You guys pretend to fall asleep. They’re asleep Genevieve. That chocolate works every time. Perfect! Are you ready ladies? Ready! Spirits from beneath the floor, open up your
magic door. Oh my gosh, you guys, it’s a magical
door to another world. We have to go follow them and save them. Quick, let’s go. Remind me what you’re doing again? LeFou, this is my Belle detector. You mean metal detector? Bells are metal LeFou, but it also detects
Belle. Oh, I think she’s that way. Wow! Magic trap door! That’s where she must have went. Belle, we’re coming to save you. And by ‘we’re’ he means just him, by himself. Ugh! Wait princesses, we can’t keep up. It’s almost like they are floating. Did you guys see them as they left? I felt like they were in a trance. Yeah, it’s like they’re under a spell. Hold on you guys. Look at all these amazing leaves. Wait, are they made of silver? Let’s hurry. They’re getting so far ahead of us. Belle, I know you’re trying to save the day
and all but can you slow down? Gaston, look at all these leaves. Uh, LeFou I’m going to keep these and give
them to Belle as a present, then she’ll marry me. I still don’t think that’s gonna work. Hurry LeFou, no time for hesitaton! Whoa, where are we now? If I remember from the book this is the second
forest. The forest of gold. I think I see them. Hurry. Well, LeFou look at these leaves. Belle and I are going to have the best wedding. I’m thinking a large wedding. I know many people say “don’t spend all your
money on one day” but I say go big or go home. I’m thinking the color theme could be gold
and red. Me wearing red. Belle in gold of course. Right Lefou? No time for wedding planning. Let’s go. Snow my gosh, diamonds now? Huh, once we’re done, we should totally come
back and do some shopping in this forest. Oh my Gaston! Uh! Did you just use your own name as an exclamation? I can propose to Belle with this leaf. Uuh, It’s perfect. Ha ha ha Ah, because it’s a diamond? No Lefou, because she likes leaves Belle loves
botany. She’s a botanist. Right. But the leaves they have diamond- No time
for over explaining LeFou, come on. I’m leaving. Oh, no you guys, they’re sailing away across
that moat with those princes. We’re too late. Wait a second, each one of these princes looks
the same. Something isn’t right. I knew it, there’s bad magic involved. How are we gonna get across that moat? I’ve got an idea. Whoa! How did you do that? Oh, I’ve got freezing powers, snow big deal. Let’s go. Well looks like Elsa has been here. LeFou, you are a genius. How did you know? Did you just say genius but correctly? The moat is totally turned to ice. If it’s the princess’s you need to save, its
me you need before it’s too late. Oh, I’m sorry ma’am but you’re just so old. Um, ignore him. Who are you? I am the witch that lives in the wood, I carry
the items for those that are good. Were good, right, LeFou? Look good. Answer my riddle is the price you must pay. Then I will give to you what will save the
day. Perfect. That’s what I need. I need to save the day so Belle will marry
me. What’s the riddle? If you have it you want to share it, if you
share it you haven’t got it. Eggs. Wait, no I don’t want to share those I need
all five dozen. Mmh! This is making my head hurt. Listen witch, why don’t you just give us the
answer? It’s a secret! Well, clearly LeFou, that’s why she’s not
telling us. I am so sorry, he just always spends his time
singing in taverns, he doesn’t take a second to think. No, the answer is a secret. Correct. There are the shoes that will take you where
you need to go. And here’s the cloak that will hide you from
any foe. LeFou, we did it. Oh, I mean the cloak makes sense but what’s
with the shoes? I don’t know. Tell the shoes where you want to be. The place you say will be the next you see
but be wise with your choice, the shoes only work once with the sound of your voice. Okey-dokey, thanks Witchiepoo. All right Gaston, let’s go save the day. Gaston and LeFou style. Okay, let’s let’s go. That way. We go. Okay, they definitely seem like they’re all
in a trance. How do we get them back home? I don’t even know if they want to go home. Belle, guess who? Gaston, what are you doing here? We came to save you. Save me? I’m busy trying to help this guy save these
girls. Sounds complicated. Do you wanna get married? Timing Gaston, timing. Will you stay with me forever Geneveive? Forever and ever. Uhhhh! They’re actually creepy green
guys. It was a spell. What are we going to do? The princesses are still under a spell. They don’t realize that the princes are monstery
people. Well, we met this old lady in the forest and
I solved the riddle and she gave us this invisibility cloak and magic shoes. Perfect. You guys, I have a plan. Excuse me Mr. Monster Man. Who’s there? This side. Where are you? What? You don’t see me? Try and catch me. Now Elsa. I hope this works. What’s going on? Uh, monsters! Raaaan! Gaston. Hello. Oh, my gosh. Use the shoes. Now is no time to focus on footwear LeFou. No, the witch said you have to tell the shoes
where you want to go. Shoes save us, take us back to the castle. I think we’re gonna poof. Snow my goodness. We’re back. Thank you so much for saving us. We must have been under a spell. We had no idea those princes were monsters. Wait, they’re still coming. Genevieve, you have to close that door. It usually closes on its own. LeFou LeFou… Elsa you did it. You sealed the door with your magic ice. We’re saved. Thank you all so much. Without your help, we would have been stuck
down there forever. Well, it’s really all thanks to Peter. No way, you guys. Shh! Peter you’re being modest. It was your bravery in the first place that
helped us solve the mystery. But we really have to thank these two gentlemen
who acquired the magical objects. Um, I’m really not prepared I just, I just
like to thank the Academy- And I’d like to thank Belle for being my inspiration and being
my future wife. Gaston, I appreciate you saving us and all
but I’m still I’m not marrying you. Minor detail. We have to go tell my father, the king. This is unbelievable. What you’re all saying, is that my daughters
were under a spell in some enchanted land dancing around with monsters who disguise
themselves as handsome princes? It’s true your grace. Yes, father it’s true. This all seems so far-fetched. Send them to the dungeon. I’m sorry, what? We were all there. We all saw it. Well, I need to see proof. Wait, we have proof. Gaston leaves. I can’t leave LeFou, he’s going to throw us
in the dungeon. No Gaston, the magic leaves that you collected. LeFou, you’re ruining my big reveal. Fine, I was going to surprise you with these
Belle. Father those are the leaves on the enchanted
forest. My world, leaves of pure gold and silver and
diamonds. Just like we said. Well, it seems you were telling the truth. You can have them sir. Just please don’t throw us in the dungeon. Yeah. Belle, you can’t just give away our fortune. Ehem, Gaston I’m trying to not go to the dungeon
here. Ahem. Fine, you win Belle, again. Well then, Sir Peter, you have won my daughter’s
hand in marriage. Whoa, that’s moving a little fast don’t you
think? Yeah, why don’t you just like… I don’t know
hang out for a while? Yeah get a milkshake. From. Genevieve would you like to accompany me to
the ball next week? The pleasure would be all mine. Huh we do it. Elsa and Belle we do it all. Matchmakers, day savers, mystery solvers,
I mean like what don’t we do? Yeah. Well this is great and all but how are we
supposed to get back to our world? The old witch said the shoes only work once. Wait a second, I know we have to say the magic
words. I think I know what they are. And they all lived happily ever after. They poofed. We are back. That was crazy. And what’s even crazier is Gaston and LeFou
saved the day. We did. Yeah see, we’re good guys. Well, I mean if you guys are good you could
actually hang out with us. Yeah, you’re actually pretty cool when you’re
helping. LeFou they think we’re good. Soon we can trick Belle into marrying me,
ha ha ha. Um, you just said that out loud and they’re –
they’re right there, so… Oh, oops! Some things will never change. You know, those girls actually inspired me. I don’t know about you but I think we should
go get some new shoes Belle. Yes let’s go. Don’t follow us. You know we will Belle. Yeah, and we’ll also follow Totally TV on
the gram at Totally.TV. So we’ll be following you twice. Yeah, maybe we should steal her phone so we
could post stuff on that account. Right? That would be a good idea like their story
thing? Oh my gosh- We can take it over. I can propose to Belle. No we’re not. Argh, again with the proposals? I can’t do this anymore. And don’t forget to follow A Gassy muscle
man, ha ha ha. It certainly seemed like it was going to be
another normal evening at Amelia Bedelia’s house. Oh look [?] I think I’ll go to town
and pick it up so I can surprise her with it later. Oh, Belle, I’m gonna go out to town and pick
up some cheese burgers. See you later. Okay, have fun. Oh, I almost forgot to text the girls. Since we’ve all been wanting to get together,
for a girls day. I propose… we play an epic game of hide-and-seek. Hear that Rajah? Meet at beast castle at five o’clock sharp. For a sleepover, snacks and fun. I love hide and seek. This it’s going to be the best girls get together
ever. Yay, I’m so glad you all made it. This is so exciting. Yeah I just love hide-and-seek. Hide-and-seek? I have never played that before. How does it work? It’s super fun and easy. Don’t worry you’ll love it. Yeah, Olaf and I used to play it all the time. Although it was a lot easier for him because
all he had to do was jump in a snowbank. So the way it works is, I’m gonna be the seeker
first. So I’m gonna count to a hundred. Meanwhile, you guys will all go and find hiding
spots and then I will come find you. Well, hopefully I will find you. So we can hide anywhere in the castle? Anywhere. Okay perfect. Sounds like a lot of fun. It is so much fun. Oh my gosh, I know exactly where I’m gonna
hide. Okay are you guys ready? Let’s do it. Okay, I’m closing my eyes. One, two, three, four, five… 38, 39, 40, 41 Ha! I don’t know where to hide. Careful Jasmine, don’t trip over that rolled-up
rug. You are a genius. 70, 71. Oh, the kitchen, should I hide with the pots
and pans? I’m gonna go to the art room. Hmm, where would Belle not look for me? Oh, this is perfect. She’ll never find me here. Excuse me Lumiere, can you please point me
to the large storage freezer? We we, but won’t that be a cold place to
hide out? No, the cold doesn’t bother me anyway. Well, in that case, be our guest. It’s that
way. Avoir. 98, 99, 100. Uh! Ready or not here I come. Oh my gosh, she’s coming. Hmm. I thought I heard someone in here. Unless this is a magic carpet, last time I
checked rugs don’t move or giggle. Ha ha found you Jasmine. I tried to hold my breath and then just got
a laughing attack. This is so exciting. I know. Do you want to help me find the other princesses? Let’s do it. Oh, I love art rooms. Hmm, I don’t remember my painters easel being
covered up. Aha! Found your Rapunzel. Oh, man. I was sure no one would think to look in here. Yeah, right I’m in here like every other day. Come on let’s go find the other ladies. Surprisingly this basket thing amajig is actually
pretty comfy. I think I’ll just take a quick little nap
while Belle looks for me. I don’t know that anyone would hide in here. Is it just me or is that kayak moving over
there? Yeah, you’re right. Oh drats. I can’t believe you found me in here. I can. You go sailing all the time and it is about
storage room. Come on let’s go find Elsa I think I have
an idea where she might be. Chillin like a villain. Hmm what else should I sing? Oh, I know. Oh, ChIp, what are you doing here? I’m co-co-co-cold. Ice ice baby. Found you Elsa. Oh, man it’s freezing in here. Yeah, I was looking for a cool place to hang
out. Come on it’s f-f-freezing in here. Let’s head
back to the ballroom. I need to find a safe place to put this book. Where Belle won’t find it. Oh I can put it in this chest. There you go. Oh, gotta lock it too. Perfect. Yay, I found all you guys. Well that was so much fun can I be the next
seeker? Wait a second, I think we’re missing somebody. Oh yeah, where’s Anna? Maybe we should call an olly olly oxen free. Wait what about free oxygen? No, no, no silly goose. It’s where everybody has to come out of hiding. One, two, three olly olly oxen free. Anything? Anna? Olly Olly oxen free. Anna. Hallo. Anna. Hmm, I thought I searched the castle high
and low but I don’t know maybe we should split up and try to find her. Yeah, divide and conquer. Oh, good idea. Okay, I’ll go this way, you go that way. Okay. And I’ll go check the towers. I’ll check the closets. Good idea. Anna. Anna where are you? Okay think. Anna loves sandwiches so she’s probably in
the kitchen. Oh, she’s just not in here anywhere. But I’m getting kinda hungry. I wonder if there’s a snack. Oh my gosh, beast must love his cheese burger. I wonder if he’ll notice if I eat this. Anna are you out here? Anna come out come out wherever you are. I couldn’t find Anna anywhere. Me neither, I’m so worried. Don’t worry we’ll find her I’m sure she’ll
turn up somewhere. You guys, Rapunzel’s missing too. What! Lookie lookie who I found. Oh, my gosh what happened to you Anna? Well, you’ve heard of Jack-in-the-Box right? This time it was me Anna, in the box.


  1. Hi Jenn or should I say Elsa I love totally tv can you please tell me what happens in frozen 2 please I am tired of all of the waiting and I am going to want all that happens .

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  5. Gaston when will you learn belle doesn't like you she like prince Adam and by the way he's not the beast anymore

  6. Gaston when will you learn belle doesn't like you she like prince Adam and by the way he's not the beast anymore

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