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what is up everybody welcome back to the
channel what’s up guys Caleb’s here okay a
YouTube’s number-one dad all right subscribe to Caleb you haven’t yet
because he needs more subscribers I also want to clear things up I don’t actually
have any kids I just wear that okay today we are doing a distraction
basketball challenge and I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun
anyone can make a free throw we are going to do a free throw competition but
each round we are going to do really intense distractions I don’t know where
distractions you brought I brought five things and I brought five things and
it’s gonna we don’t know it’s gonna be good there so there’s five rounds two
points possible each round that’s four possible ten points so it’s gonna be ten
– what yeah Caleb’s really good at shooting this probably isn’t that fair
but here we go I don’t know what Josh is about to bring
out but the thing is when I’m locked in and I’m focused and the game’s on the
line I miss I’m gonna stay champion baby I’m a conference champion lost in the
national champs oh boy anyway why do you fuckin say my get
locked in that really doesn’t matter what he brings out okay see that is a
bad example I just lifted arms and everything like
that stuff game’s not on the mind our rules for the game or you can’t impede
their shot like actual so you can’t like hit the ball you can’t eat their hand
that sort of thing and you also can’t touch them but I thought a little
projectile for the first round would be a good a good warm-up right here I don’t
miss all right that’s where I had the head on if I did that would have really
caused him to me okay that’s two points for Caleb so I don’t like saying it to
his face but killed it’s a very very very good basketball player like he was
technically a pro basketball player for a few weeks before he got hurt so he’s
definitely better free-throw shooter than I am I’m all nervous okay a lot of
people talk about my terrible shot form in the comments I don’t care start off
we’re just going simple I think it’s it’s just a classic classic distraction
there we go okay excuse me this is one of my
favorite vines as well play that role a vine that tune I know it’s coming down
I’m good two two two chicken you really let me down man you ready yeah yeah well you’ll see it
for the second one no it’s coming that’s scary
yes what was that pop the balloon oh my god my breathing I wasn’t that close to
you if that’s that close it felt like you did it right here how far were you
right here it’s so like what that was right in my ears jeez I thought I missed
that one actually that one that one took me off-guard
I don’t know if anything’s gonna stop them I appreciate you I hate give him
compliments honestly I wanted like the I wanted the big like oh all right are you
good yeah yes thank you
confetti confetti cannon Oh a baby one little popper party popper
yeah man they didn’t have the big ones that this stores
we’re getting free throws all right Josh are you trying to now yeah I was saying
three pointers and then caleb is like none of you better just you know
simulate the game time yeah I get it I get it but maybe we’re just too good or
maybe we need more intense distractions which we have Gump boys spin a little
bit which we have coming up Caleb I’ll be right back oh yeah that’s directly in my ear gasps oh no my
earring I feel it dripping down so let’s just even it out yeah yeah Josh’s Josh’s
water pistol was cute we’re about to do torpedo a pump blaster good ready yeah right down my back oh my
gosh your waist I didn’t like one of those like pool blasters my part blaster
you have a second shot though I do have a second shot Wow since you get for
screwing me in the ear with water my search on my angle on this one you’re
going from the front now I mean I hope you guys are enjoying this video drop a
thumbs up if you haven’t subscribed yet we do crazy stuff like this all the time
so make sure you subscribe little silly-string
you ready Caleb okay so it’s six to five I shot that with my eyes closed
because it literally went directly into mom can I see that towel did I make it
okay that went directly into my eye what can I say I’m a trick shooter you
know also to add more insult injury I found this talent lost-and-found so
who knows pretty wet yeah that’s not even really
so straight you just spray slime on homes okay Josh can you close your eyes
please thank you I like release didn’t like everything I did not follow through
I did nothing correct I was like that Joshua Horton Joshua Sarah Horton you’re
wanted in the principal’s office should have gone with the siren I don’t know
man Vietcong the principal’s office is
stressful no matter how old you are so I thought that would do it that first
little blaster I used was cute and all now it’s now it’s time for the big cunt for me to get a little closer I was
being nice you got it actually hurt man I was plastic no what do you mean
destroy that wasn’t were you distracted or now I wasn’t distracted I was in pain
think there’s a difference all right you brought out the big guns literally yeah
that was my chance we’ll wait he has he has no clue what’s about to hit him
none oh wow yeah scare our camera guy okay it is currently 6 to 8 so that
means I need to make both of these to go into sudden death I don’t know what he’s
got but I need to be clutch you that’s how you win a distraction
basketball baby yeah yeah chill out yeah okay you win like I forgot my real horse
at home alright I was born that was really fun only bruised I can’t see out
of this I’m gonna be great hopefully you guys enjoyed that was a lot of fun
subscribing haven’t yet subscribe to Caleb let’s we’re trying get that
channel popping let’s go let’s get it poppin more videos on his channel all
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will win it and skramstad out in a future video that’s all for now
so I got a shower Wednesday see you guys later bye still watching wow thanks


  1. 3,000 Thumbs up for part 2! CAN WE GET CALEB TO 10,000 SUBS BY THE END OF MARCH?! Subscribe to him here: Congrats to Afcubing for winning the juggling balls from – like/comment early when I upload for your chance to win next time! Love you all – see you soon.

  2. Have you seen Adam Savage’s Duck Army bomb from Mythbusters? I had forgotten about this 🤣 I think the episode was inspired from the vine.

  3. I've been juggling 3 balls for a while now and learning tons of 3 ball tricks. I've practiced and practiced 4 balls but I cant seem to really juggle 4 that well. Any tips?

  4. 3:05 lol that shot was so wet the net didn’t even move and he just got finished talking about people trash talking his shot😂😂😂

  5. Josh don't listen to any negative vibes or comments, just keep being you, and shoot the way you feel comfortable and confident shooting. Good Job Josh

  6. Distractions for you
    1 water 💧balloons 🎈
    2 whoopie cushions (just the noise)
    3 pool 🏊🏻‍♀️ noodles 🍝 waking on the floor
    4 😈😈 EGGS 🥚😈😈(it might be really mean but I really want to see it in a video)

  7. Guys don't make fun of his form cuz I have seen much worse form from other people and were not all good at basketball

  8. Can you guys do another one of these with the whole gang!? Josh. Cassie. Caleb. Jenna. Mia. Chris. The twins. Jake. That would be epic!

  9. Josh you should fire the nerf gun when caleb is still holding the ball so you could really distract him better luck next time josh!!

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