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DIY Half-Up Bun | Easy Hairstyles

DIY Half-Up Bun | Easy Hairstyles

SONG”] Hey, guys! It’s Baily from Cute
Girls Hairstyles and I’m going to
be showing you how to do the half up bun today. A lot of you all
have been asking for DIY hairstyles
and short hairstyles, so today is kind of like
a combination of the two. I’ve since seen
my mom wearing it, and Brooklyn wearing
this hairstyle, and it’s been all
over in magazines. So I thought it’d be
fun to show you all. And we have some exciting news. The whole CGH family
and Brooklyn and Bailey are going to be
attending CVX live, which is in Utah the first
week of August. And it’s kind of like
playlist, but not playlist. Lots of YouTubers
are going to be there like StudioC, Aspyn
Ovard, GloZell, lots of people like that. So all the information will be
in the description box below. Go check it all out. So, let’s get started. As you can see, I
already parted my hair. And when I parted my hair,
I went from an eyebrow to mid eyebrow, because you
don’t want too much hair in your section. That way your bun
doesn’t get too big. So I’m going to go
ahead and take my comb and tease the hair so it
has a little bit more volume once we put it into the bun. Now, comb this
down a little bit. And I’m going to go ahead
and put it into a ponytail. OK, so now that I’ve
got that in there, I’m going to go ahead and pull
some hair our in the front, just so it has the
volume we want. And then now that
I’ve done that, I’m going to go ahead
and take my comb. Sorry, I just forgot
the name of this. I’m going to take
my comb and I’m going to tease my ponytail
a whole bunch so that way it looks fluffy and
nice when we do our bun. OK, so once I’ve
teased the ponytail, you can flatten it
out a little bit, and then twist it around really
softly and twist it into a bun. And then I’m going to go
ahead and take some bobby pins and pin it up. Now that we’ve got
the last bobby pin in, I’m going to go ahead
and take my comb again. And this right here,
we’re going to want to put a little bit
more volume right here. So I’m going to take my
comb and comb this twice, just to give a little bit
of volume on the side. And there you have
the half up bun. So as you can see this hairstyle
is super simple and easy. So I’m going to
show the final spin. There you go. Ta-da! This hairstyle’s
awesome for any age, so I’m going to pull in
Rylan, who is younger than me, and mom, who is older than me. And you can see that it
is a versatile hairstyle. Yes, I age mine up a
little bit by pulling out a couple little wispies
of hair in the front. And here’s Rylan. Say hi. Hi. I would say she is modeling
a wonderful hairstyle. Straight hair. Wavy hair. Curly hair. Take your pick. Hey, we’d love to
see you guys at CVX. So don’t forget,
all the information to meet our whole family and
maybe Brooklyn and Bailey is in the description box below. First week of August. There is a limited
number of tickets, so be sure to go check out
and buy your tickets now. And we will see you
guys next Sunday. Bye. Go. [LAUGHTER]

100 thoughts on “DIY Half-Up Bun | Easy Hairstyles”

  1. anyone realise in the end kamri is wearing the same outfit in the rick – rack braid amd she is wearing the braid ?

  2. i love this hairstyle, this is my absolute favorite i love all of your hairstyles but im in love with this one 😀

  3. I really love this hairstyle!! It's supper easy and I just cut my hair really short lately (I kinda regret it now ) it literally turn from long to this like shoulder length hair !!!!??? And I am literally gonna do this and the faux waterfall headband(the one Bailey did ) to my hair like everyday!!!! ???thx a lot

  4. I wish I had your eyes and looked like you. Maybe it would be cool if we were triplets instead of you and Brooklyn being twins. I know it sounds weird but I am still dreaming.

  5. I just got my haircut and the barber made a mistake and cut it too short. So now I have hair Bailey's length. Because of that I've been on the lookout for short hairstyles with personality–and then I remembered this one!! Thanks for this tutorial!!

  6. I was gonna do this hairstyle for my birthday but my hair is dark brown, wavy (the bad kind of wavy) and very thick, my mom thought it looked like poo ;-; xD so that failed..

  7. I tried to do this and it is really hard for me. I would at least like tips on how to get your hair to be like Bailey's because my hair doesn't really cooperate if you know what I mean.

  8. This is not for every type of hair because I did it with mine & I literally tried it 10 times & it never worked

  9. Bailey u are TOTALLY SAVING MY LIFE Right now!! Because I am going to cut my hair as short as yours and I NEED HAIRSTYLES!! So THANK YOU SSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!
    All of the McKnights are my FAVOURITE YouTubers!!

  10. I hate when people show you how to do the hairstyle and then say “gonna get my comb for more volume” it’s annoying or when they say “once I tease this” it’s ? and last “for the more messier look” ? just show us how to do the hairstyle and that’s it !!

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