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Do I have to? – Booster Seat PSA

Do I have to?  – Booster Seat PSA

Do I have to eat my peas? Two more bites. Can I go outside? When your homework is done. Do I have to sit in this booster seat? (Car Crash sound)
Every day families teach their kids to make good decisions. Booster seats help adult seatbelts fit children
who have outgrown their car seats. Boosters save lives and reduce injuries. Kansas law says children must use booster
seats until at least age 8, 80 pounds or 4-foot-9. For more information visit

1 thought on “Do I have to? – Booster Seat PSA”

  1. How safe am I 13 years old a bit short (4ft 2inc) got taken out of the booster seat, the lapbelt is on my stomach and the shoulder belt is touching my neck and cheeks. How safely straped it am I??

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