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“Do we have cheerleaders here?” – Moritz Wagner Interview with SNIPES

“Do we have cheerleaders here?” – Moritz Wagner Interview with SNIPES

Hey guys. Nice to have you with us! My name is Silja and if you have already seen the video with Dirk, you already know where we at. If not, we will put the link for you below. We are here today in beautiful Berlin at the Nike Basketball Festival and we did not only talk to Dirk but I have the incomparable Moe Wagner standing right next to me. Hi Moe, how are you doing? Hello, everything fine? How are you? Very good, thank you. Moe you succeeded in Germany as well as in America in something, many young hoopster could literally only dream of. At which point came this very moment when you were thinking: „Woah, the shit is real, I am really making it to the NBA?“ At the beginning, it had been a dream and at some point, it started getting more and more real each year and it eventually worked out, so I have never really asked myself about a plan B. When did it get more real for you? When was this point for you? That’s a good question. I think a year after – I mean, It has always been a dream of mine – but I think after my first year at college I realized, that I could actually make it if I put the effort in it, and yes, it worked out. Cool. You just recently made an amazing start at the Los Angeles Lakers and then you went straight to Washington. You are currently living your dream, but theoretically, so many things could still go wrong. Is there anything you are scared of? Scared of making some mistakes? No, not really – as I said, if you see it this way, I think you can’t be happy at all. I mean it is kind of a business and I think you can’t really focus on things like that, but just have to do your thing. I simply tell myself, I play basketball, which is actually a pretty easy job, no matter where, no matter how … Not for everyone! Not for everyone, but if you can do it, it’s all right. That’s true. And there are jobs more boring than this one, so I always consider myself to be very lucky and yes, I am happy. That’s great. That is very very nice to hear. Michael Jordan once said: „Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen and others make it happen.” What would you, as Moritz Wagner, say about this? Well I mean – and this is not only related to basketball – he does have a point, meaning that it is absolutely irrelevant what the outer world thinks, what they think about you. As long as you somehow have a passion and develop a kind of love for what you are doing, and let it be basketball – I find it always difficult to relate everything to basketball – there are definitely other kinds of sport and other things in life. As long as you develop that passion and love, and really like what you are doing; this is the mindset one has to develop for oneself. Nobody can tell you anything about that. I agree with you at that point. And what are your dreams for the next year? That is a good question. I mean, I am very happy that I have the chance to establish myself, to present myself and to show what I can do. Maybe a little less hustle and bustle than last year would be nice but honestly, as I already said – I am just taking it as it comes. I enjoy what I am doing a lot, I am very thankful for that and I am looking forward to making my next step eventually. Regarding basketball, obviously. Yes, in both cases. Also as a human being, but I am still practicing at that one. Since we have been talking about basketball previously, when did you score your last basket? Oh, that was right. here, just now – I cannot remember his name – but I beat the little kid right here, so that was the last basket I scored. Okay, I understand. Speaking of baskets, I wanted to invite you to a challenge, to a Horse game, but Horse obviously has so many letters, every basketball player has played it before. We are playing Moe, it only has 3 letters: M-O-E. Okay. We are going to do it this way: If you lose, you’ll have to go to Dennis Schröder later during the All-Star-Game, touch his upper arm, look deep into his eyes and say: „Dennis, you have been working out quite well this summer.“ Okay, and what if… To create a little creepy moment… Okay, and what if I don’t do anything and I just don’t participate in that game? You have to participate now, you’ve already said yes. All right. I actually didn’t, but yes, okay, it’s a nice bet. If you win… If I win, I can think of something? Exactly, if you win, you can decide what I should have to do. I was actually planning to be nice with you, and I have thought about something nice, but since you are that mean, ähm… Well, it has to be a real bet. Some people will be here later, so do we have cheerleaders or not? Well, now we have a cheerleader if she loses. You can decide which break you want. Okay. I am looking forward to that. Okay All of us will be watching it during timeout. Okay, I’m in. Is this a deal? All right, deal. Deal, cool. Then let’s go! You’ll have to be fair with me. 3 Minutes left. 3 Minutes left? Okay, we will make that. Okay, whose turn is it? Is it mine? It’s hers! It’s my turn. Now with eyes closed. With eyes closed? Okay, with eyes closed? Yes. Okay. Eyes closed during the throw, not afterwards. Well I didn’t score anyways! Okay, come on, let’s do… Oh my god. Okay. That was mean. That was mean! You’ll get one point deducted for this. Can she come up with something too, or not? Last minute. Last minute? Okay so you have thrown from here? Last try. Just miss the basket and I’ll win. Damn! Okay. So, Moe, congratulations! Thank you! You have been a fair opponent. It was a hard game, nobody expected me to lose, but I did. So guys, if you liked the Moe-game with Moe Wagner, please give this video a huge like. And if you haven’t yet subscribed to our channel, subscribe now so you don’t miss the thrilling video from our bet amount. Can I dance now? No, nobody is allowed to enter the court. But I lost a bet against Moe Wagner … I have to … Sorry, you can’t… Really? Please!!! Really…I am not allowed to let anyone enter the court… Okay…well… So Moe I really tried … I really tried hard I tried to be a cheerleader for you but they didn’t let me..

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