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DOGGIE FASHION SHOW!! Vote on the CUTEST outfit! | Official AlienBuzzTV

DOGGIE FASHION SHOW!! Vote on the CUTEST outfit! | Official AlienBuzzTV

(upbeat pop music) (dog barking) (cheering) (upbeat pop music) – [Narrator] AlienBuzz! – Hey everybody, we’ve decided its time for puppy passion of fashion. (cheering) I’m so excited today
because we got adopted. – Yay! What is this Buzz? – This is a dog, it’s a bagel. – A bagel, are you on your momma? (dog barking) – Her name is Gracie. She’s such a good girl.
– Awesome. – We went and she actually
decided to rescue us, huh? We’re going to create a
brand new look for Gracie. What do you think her look should be? Check this out. – [Alien Fizzy] I just
love this outfit on Gracie. She is our biggest fan, right Buzz? – [Alien Buzz] Yeah she
makes a great cheerleader. – [Alien Fizzy] Oh wow
Gracie, you look magical! Look Buzz, she’s a fairy. – [Alien Buzz] Gracie
sparkles in this one. – [Alien Buzz And Alien Fizzy] A pinata! – [Alien Buzz] Oh ho I like this one! It’s very colorful a lot
like her personality. – [Alien Fizzy] It is!
This costume is a hit! Get it? What’s next? – [Alien Buzz] Top of
the morning to you Gracie – [Alien Fizzy] Buzz, does
she have a pot of gold? – [Alien Buzz] I don’t know about gold, but she seems to drop a lot
of stuff out the back end, that’s why I carry this bag. – [Alien Buzz and Alien
Fizzy] A pineapple! – [Alien Buzz] Wow, if only I had a pen. Uh oh! Wardrobe malfunction! Uh oh! Uh oh! – [Alien Fizzy] Oh no Gracie,
put your hat back on girl. – Ah! Buzz help! It’s a lion! Buzz, I heard that lions
eat little blue aliens. – [Alien Buzz] Fizzy that’s not a lion. That’s just Gracie in her new lion outfit. I think we found the perfect look. I’m Alien Buzz. – And I’m Alien Fizzy. – And this is Gracie in her
brand new fashionable look. We’ll see you next time. Like,
comment, and sub-scree-bae! (barking like dogs) – [Narrator] AlienBuzz!

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