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Don’t Choose The WRONG Floor | EXTREME Floor Is Lava CHALLENGE!

Don’t Choose The WRONG Floor | EXTREME Floor Is Lava CHALLENGE!

– Howdy there, YouTube.
My name is Tom, and welcome to another episode
of Challenge Chalice! And if you couldn’t tell,
it’s gonna be a pretty crazy episode today. So, we’re at Tempest
Freerunning Academy. Just look around.
This place is insane. From what I hear,
it’s the best freerunning gym in the entire world.
We’re also shooting this video entirely in VR, 180!
So, make sure to look around. Look it. Your boy
just hopped off a pole. We’re going downstairs.
There’s a foam pit over there. There’s poles over here.
There’s just so many things to do in this gym,
so we’re gonna take advantage. We’re gonna be doing
three freerunning challenges. We have some crazy contestants.
We have Troy from Teens React. What’s going on?
– (Troy) Yo, what’s going on, dude? – How are you?
– I’m doing good, man. I’m excited. This place is so dope.
– Look at it! It’s so crazy! – I know.
– We also have Kostas from College Kids React.
How are you doing? – What’s good, boys?
– Good to see you. – Good to see you.
– So, I have a question for both of you.
– All right. – Who’s gonna fall first? – Probably me.
– Yeah. – You think it’s Kostas?
– (all laugh) – Do you guys have any
parkour experience at all? – No. Not at all.
– I’ve been here a few times. When I was younger, I used
to take lessons here a little bit. I’m not crazy or a pro
or anything, but I know a little bit. – More than me.
– Well, speaking of pros, we have Corbin here… and Lorena
just to make sure you guys don’t break anything.
Lorena, how do you think these guys are gonna do?
– Well, I don’t know them, so I don’t know.
– (all laugh) – Well, let’s find out
how they’re gonna do. Let’s go to the first challenge. ♪ (exhilarating music) ♪ So, for our first challenge,
we’re doing the speedrunner challenge. Lorena, show ’em how it’s done. – (Lorena) Yes!
– (voice-over) You’ll start off by jumping over the vault blocks.
Run across the balance beams. Scale the bars to reach
the top of the scaffolding and dive into the foam pit.
– I hate foam pits! Ugh! – (voice-over) Trek through
the foam pit, hop out at the end, and balance across the rails.
You’ll then finish off the run with a don’t choose
the wrong pool challenge. One of the pools is filled
with foam blocks, while the other
is filled with slime. If you choose the wrong pool,
not only will you be covered in slime, but you’ll have
10 seconds added to your final time. – Okay, Troy. You’re up first.
How are you feeling? – I’m ready. I mean,
I’m kind of nervous, and I don’t really know
how I’m gonna do. – Dude, Lorena just
crushed that course. – I know. It was light work
for her. But, I mean… – It’s almost like I do this.
– Yes. – (laughs)
All right, you ready to go? – I’m ready.
– Okay. – Where do I start?
– Right here. – Right here? (claps)
– All right. Three, two, one… go!
(horn blares) Ayy! Ooh!
– (Kostas) Ooh! Look at him go. – (Tom) Oh! Nice. Oh, he’s
going the hard way. – (people cheering) – (Corbin) All right,
you wanna balance! Balance right there.
You got this. Balance it out. – You gotta sit in one.
– Aww, here we go! (ding)
– (all cheering) – Nice, man!
– Let’s go! – You destroyed it. Wow.
– You got lucky, dude. You got [inaudible]. – Do you guys have any advice
you could give, Kostas? ‘Cause Troy flew through that.
– Oh, that is true. I would say just trust yourself.
Anything that you don’t feel is safe, always go slower through, right?
‘Cause sometimes slow is fast, so… – Ohh, okay!
– Ohhh! – Mr. Miyagi over here. Let’s go.
– Yeah, and like you said earlier, have fun. That’s the right attitude.
– Yeah, 100%. 100%. – All right. You ready?
– I’m ready. Let’s do it. – Okay, let’s do it.
Three, two, one… go!
(horn blares) All right.
Oh, he’s going big! – (Corbin) Get that balance, get that balance! Very nice!
– (Lorena) Oh, he was just trying to set our expectations low. – (Troy) Oh, he’s going for it.
– (Tom) Oh, he’s going the hard way! Let’s go! Push, boy!
What is he gonna do? Go!
– (guys laugh) – (Troy) Yo, I lost.
That’s style points I don’t have. – (Tom) Style points! Let’s go, Kostas!
– (Troy) Let’s go, baby! Let’s go! – (man) There you go!
– (Tom) There he goes! He’s going pretty quick!
– (Troy) I feel like it’s pretty close.
– (Tom) Yeah, this is gonna be real close.
– (Tom and Troy) Oh! – (Tom) He almost just ate that.
– (Troy) Don’t fall. – (Tom) Don’t fall.
All right, last one! Choose the right one!
What are you gonna do? – Troy, I’m following
your lead. (buzzer)
– Oh, no! No, Kostas! Why?!
– Ah, dude! – Why?! You think
we wouldn’t change the pools? – I know, right.
– “Troy I’m following you.” – So, with a time of 38… Troy!
– All right. – But! B-b-but… with a time of 58, Kostas! Come on, man!
Dude, you would’ve had 48, but you sat in the wrong pool,
so we had to add 10 seconds onto your time.
– I blew it. I blew it. – All right. Let’s get
into the “floor is lava” challenge. ♪ (exhilarating music) ♪ Okay, so this is
the “floor is lava” challenge. Corbin, show ’em how it’s done.
– All right. – (voice-over) Swing across
the monkey bars and collect puzzle pieces.
Until you collect all six pieces, the floor is lava.
If you touch the ground, you’ll have to drop everything
and start again. Race back to the carpet.
The first competitor to build their puzzle
wins the challenge. – Let’s get it. Easy enough?
– Yeah. – Okay, you’re grabbing pink pieces.
You’re grabbing blue. – All right, I got it.
– Get this out of your way. – I was gonna slip.
– Three, two, one… go!
(horn blares) Oh, gosh!
Ohhh! Oh, dang!
– (Corbin) Grab a piece. Go, go, go, go, go! – (Tom) Good recovery by Troy.
(ding) – (Corbin) Very nice, very nice!
(ding) – (Tom) Oh, don’t fall!
(ding) – (Corbin) Watch out.
You’re gonna be coming back over here. – (Tom) Ohh! They’re on
the last couple of pieces. Oh, baby! (laughs)
Kostas forgot a piece. – (Troy) This is way harder
than the parkour. – (Tom) Kostas forgot a piece. (ding) – (Troy) Why is this harder
than the parkour? – (Tom laughs)
All right, now it’s a race. They’ve got to build
a cube right now. – (Troy) Yeah, I used
to play Minecraft, dawg, and… – (Tom laughs) Let’s go! (audio fast-forwarding) All right, Kostas!
– (Lorena) Wait, what? – (Tom) Wow.
– (Lorena) I don’t know who won. – They finished at, like,
the same time. I have no idea. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – So, Troy, it seemed like you finished the course first,
but Kostas had all his pieces locked in place in the puzzle,
so Kostas, going into this 1-1. We are going into
our final tiebreaker round. We’re doing the “time trial
hot pepper” challenge. The yellow ones
are a little bit easier, but they have a hot pepper
attached to it, so you have to eat the pepper
before you get the next disc. – Bro, I can’t even
eat hot Cheetos. I’m not even joking.
– Okay, so it’s time for the hot pepper time trial.
Lorena, can you show ’em how it’s done?
– Yes, sir! – All right. Let’s do it.
– All right, give me some energy. – There we go!
– Let’s go! – (voice-over) We’ve tucked
orange and yellow flags throughout the entire facility.
You’ll have 60 seconds to collect as many
of these flags as possible. The orange flags are worth one point,
and the yellow flags are worth two. However, to get both points
for a yellow flag, you have to eat the hot pepper
attached to it. The competitor who gets
the most points wins the challenge. – (people cheering)
– (Lorena) Yeah, let’s see what else we got.
We got this one. We got one somewhere here. We got that one. That one! (laughs) Here. So, you’ve got this one.
And that one! And I think that’s it.
– (all cheer) – All right, Kostas.
You’re up first. I’m gonna put a minute
on the clock. Are you ready to do this?
– I’m ready, baby. Let’s get it. – Okay. Let’s go.
Let’s go! All right, you ready?
– Yeah. Three, two, one… go!
(horn blares) – Oh!
– (Troy) Oh, what the?! (ding)
– (Tom) Ripped it right off. He’s going with the quickness.
– (Troy) I don’t even know where he’s heading.
– (Tom) The quickness to the trampoline!
Is he getting the yellow? No, he’s skipping the pepper.
Skipping the pepper. – (Corbin) Get up there,
get up there, get up there! – (Tom) Yeah!
– (Corbin) Yeah, there you go! – (Tom) You’re 20 seconds in.
– (Troy) I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t think he likes peppers.
– (Tom) Yeah, he’s already avoiding it. He’s going straight
for just orange. He said he was too. – (Corbin) Come on, come on!
Grab that jump! – (Tom) 30 seconds.
– (Troy) Oh! – (Corbin) Very nice! Go, go, go! (ding)
– (Tom) I think he got all the red ones.
OH YEAH, BABY! Ah, baby!
– (Troy) You only got peppers left. – (Tom) Do it!
You got 20 seconds left! – I ain’t doin’ no peppers!
No peppers! – (Tom) He’s calling it.
He’s calling quits. All right. All right, well, that’s time then.
Did it all. You did all the orange. So really, all you have to do
is get all the orange and eat at least one pepper.
– I wasn’t trying to eat any peppers.
– (laughs) – I’m not trying– you think
I’m trying to eat peppers too? Come on. It’s all on me now. – Okay, Troy. Kostas got six,
so you need six to tie, seven to win. That means
you gotta eat some peppers, boy. – Get that pepper.
– He literally made me eat a pepper. Why didn’t I go first?
– That was my plan. – Forced your hand.
You ready? – I think I’m ready.
– Okay. I don’t know what route I’m taking,
but we’re gonna improvise. – Let’s go!
– Come on, Troy! Get your head in the game. Sorry.
– Three, two, one…
– Bro, these peppers. – Go!
(horn blares) All right, Troy, let’s go!
– (Kostas) Let’s go, Troy! – (Tom) Oh, where’s he going?
Oh, he’s going the trampoline route. – (man) Oh, switchin’ it up! – (Tom) Trampoline route first.
– (Lorena) I see what he’s doing! – (Tom) Going pepper first!
– (man) Oh, pepper first! – (Lorena) Oh, you have to eat it.
– (man) Yeah, he’s gotta eat it. – (Kostas) Oh, he dropped it!
– (Tom) Oh, no! He’s got it.
He ate the pepper. – Oh my!
– (Lorena laughs) – Oh my god! – (Tom) Oh, I would’ve
saved that for– – (Lorena) That red one!
The red one! – (Corbin) You’re getting
all of them?! – (Tom and Kostas laugh)
– (Corbin) Wait, you didn’t get that red one!
– (Kostas) Oh, he’s eating all of them!
No way! – (Tom) Oh, he’s almost
up to four. Oh, man. (buzzer)
– (Tom) Oh, no! Oh!
– (man) Oh my god. – (Tom) Let’s go!
Last one! – (Kostas) Okay. Okay!
– (Tom) Ayy! (laughs) Okay! Yeah.
– (Kostas chuckles) He’s gone. – Oh, he’s gone.
– (Kostas) Mouth’s on fire. – Well, Troy won that round…
but at what cost, you know? Let’s go check in on him. You all good? Want me
to hold your hair back? (laughs)
– I’m ruining their setup, Tom. – Oh, god. And he’s
lactose intolerant too, which is rough.
– (people laughing) – (man) Oh, no! – Okay, so we got Troy here.
How you feeling, buddy? – I’m feeling all right,
but now whenever I come here, there’s just PTSD.
– (all laugh) – I love this place,
but I don’t ever wanna come back. – Oh! Well, you might wanna
come back, because you just won! You had seven points.
Kostas only had six, ’cause he didn’t
eat any peppers. Man, thank you guys
for coming and playing. Sorry about your taste buds.
– It’s all right. – Thank you Corbin and Lorena
for making sure we don’t die. Shoutout to Tempest
Freerunning Academy for letting us use
this awesome facility. And thank you guys for watching.
We got some shoutouts to do. – Shoutout to Dami & Bella.
– Yo, shoutout Midnight Song. – Shoutout to Tigstripe.
– Claire Smith. – And Scrappy Boi!
Thank you guys so much for watching, and we’ll
see you guys next time. – Bye!
– Later.

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  1. We’re so excited to be partnering with Google for this special Challenge Chalice episode in 180 degrees! Technology is quickly changing the way we tell stories, and tools like virtual reality give us an opportunity to innovate. Plus, we get to bring you along for the ride! Support and feedback from all of you helps us learn and grow, so please let us know what you liked (or didn’t like) in the comments below.

    For the BEST viewing experience:
    Grab your Headphones! It’s the best way to totally immerse yourself in the video.
    Use your Phone! Your phone gives you the ability to move around and follow all the action.
    Are you using a Desktop/Laptop? Drag the video with your mouse to experience all 180 degrees of action.

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