Dribbles – FREE FULL MOVIE (about high school, basketball, and art)

– [Announcer] The
following presentation has been awarded the
family approved seal by the Dove Foundation. (uplifting music) (basketball bouncing) (players chattering excitedly)
(shoes squeaking) (gentle piano music)
(players chattering excitedly) (gentle piano music)
(feet pattering) (whistle shrieking) – Okay, gentlemen,
let’s finish up. 20 laps, then hit the showers. If I push ’em hard enough, I
won’t need to make any cuts. They’ll make ’em for me. – There goes one. – Watch it, retard. – [Dribbles] Dah, dah, dah-dah. – Hey Dribbles, Mr. Video, it’s a little early for
game films, isn’t it? These are just try outs, buddy. – Oh, it’s not too early, it’s never too early to
learn from your mistakes. I gotta take a piss. – I thought he
died or somethin’. – Thought, or hoped? – Look, I got nothin’
against the guy. It’s just embarrassing
having a feeb as a mascot. – Feeb, as long as you
got nothin’ against him. – Looks like our
mascot’s back again. – [Dribbles] Barforama,
a technicolor yawn. Ralph, Ralphie boy,
to the moon, Norton. – I think he’s trying to tell us somebody threw up
in the bathroom. (whistle blaring) Okay, that is it for
tonight, gentlemen. Thanks for comin’ out. – Tasty, huh?
– Oh, nasty. – You wanna make this team? – Yeah. – Clean that up. – Aw. – Hey, you get sick in
there from running laps? – Sorry? – [Dan] Why’d you come back out? – I wanna be on this team. – [Dan] Sophomore? – Junior. – And you never went
out for the team before? You’re in my class, McNeil. Listen, McNeil, you get sick
like that again, you stop. It is not good for you. – But I wanna make
the team, okay. How am I gonna make the
team unless I show you everything I got.
– I heard you. Listen McNeil, nothing personal, but sometimes wanting
something, it isn’t enough. But we’ll see, okay. (door squeaking
and banging shut) – What’ve you been,
stomping grapes in Italy? Just kiddin’. It’s kinda weird
seeing you in here. – [Eddie] Hey Christian,
what’d you get on your knee? – Ah!
(Eddie laughing) – They really do that here? – Hey Dwight, wash this for me. – Hey, try not to piss him off. Look what he did to
me, I’m his friend. – Why? (players chattering) – You’re gonna have to tell
me which way to get there. I don’t think I can find
your new house in the dark. Man, I ache all over. Which way? ♪ And it seems like you’re not ♪ – You know, I envy you. – What, you don’t
think I’m sore? – Yeah but, you only have
one more day of tryouts. I have to go through
this all season. (laughing) I’m just kiddin’. ♪ Feels like you’re out of air ♪ ♪ And you don’t ♪
know where to go ♪ – Look, I know things
have been weird ever since your father. Come on man, you
don’t really think you’re gonna make the
team anyway, do you? – [David] I’ll make this team. – Why? I mean you’ve never, ever
cared about basketball before. Or any other sport. – Stop here. – This it? – Can I borrow this? – [Christian] Yeah, sure. – Thanks. – Yeah. ♪ You carry fears and ♪
you’re freaking out ♪ ♪ ‘Cause you’ve always ♪
played it safe ♪ – Wait a second, this
isn’t your house. (ball clanking) Haven’t you had enough
of this for one night? (laughing) You got a hell
of a set shot there, kid. It’ll come in handy if
we ever have to play a team of pygmies. You know, you oughta try
this new thing they invented. It’s called a jump shot. I don’t get it, you were
all into art and stuff. I mean, what is it you
suddenly have to prove? – [David] Ah! (gentle music) – [Christian] Jump! (dog barking) (crowd cheering)
(gentle music) (game clock buzzing)
(alarm clock buzzing) (people chattering)
(shoes squeaking) (gentle music) (knocking) – All right, let’s
put the Patriot Act into a context
you can relate to. Lockers, school can search
them, doesn’t need a reason. Is that okay? – Doesn’t matter. If you complain about
something like that, they automatically think
you’re doing something wrong. – Are you?
(knocking at door) – Go ahead and search my
locker, I’m not hiding anything. – Well that doesn’t
mean you shouldn’t occasionally cover up. Thank you, Miss Todd, welcome
to the class, find a seat. An individual’s right to privacy versus the right of all of us
to live in a safe environment. Come on, how far can and
should the government go? – They’ll go as far as they can. Governments suck. – Governments suck,
there’s your opinion, that’s good, I like that. We like opinions. You can say that. You have the right to say that. Of course, the
government’s the only thing keeping a guy like you from
beatin’ the crap out of a guy like him. (class laughing) – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. You know, I really think
Gollum was on low carb. Seriously, think about it. You could count the guy’s ribs. He only ate meat and fish. He spit out the elvish bread and he hates the
sound of taters. – You’re gonna have to put
something back because, because you’re $6.49 short. – I’m good for it,
I’m good for it. Everybody knows me. An honest man is what I am. Ask ’em, go ahead. – [Shannon] Sir, I’m sorry
but, but we don’t offer credit. – I don’t want hoopy
boopy charity, huh? – I said credit, not charity. – Well that’s different,
I’ll take some credit. If you have some credit,
I’ll take some credit. – Hi ya, Dribbles. – We don’t offer credit, sorry. – It’s all right, Shannon. How short is he? – [Shannon] 6.49. – [Manger] You’re
all set, Dribbles. Get it to us when you can. – I told you,
everybody knows me. I’ve got my cake mixes now. (upbeat music) ♪ ONE A-M ♪ – You’re up and about early. – [Annie] Opening for Deana. – [Sarah] Put a jacket on. ♪ Herbal tea, herbal tea ♪ ♪I bite my nails ♪ – He’s so angry lately. He used to be such
a sensitive kid. I wonder if I did
the right thing. – I think you did. – I thought so too. I know I did for Alex and me, but I don’t know
about David anymore. – Chin up, kid, it’ll be fine. ♪ To get back in
your skin again ♪ ♪ Get back in your skin again ♪ – Can you believe this already? ♪ Goodbye, Leigh,
I’ll always keep ♪ ♪ The things that ♪
you have given me ♪ – [Dribbles] I’ve
got my own cupcakes, I brought for your bake sale. – [Woman] Thank you, Dribbles they’re great.
– They’re, they’re like a yellow cupcakes
with chocolate frosting. – They look good. ♪ Electric lights ♪ ♪ Don’t light the room ♪ ♪ Anymore, like they used to ♪ – Come on, look, if you
got somethin’ to say, just say it to my face. – You’re a stupid jock. – I stupid jock, I don’t think– – Hey guys, there now. Oh! – That’s not what you said. Go ahead, tell me, come on! Tell me to my face. – Hey, knock it off! You got someplace to be? Well be there. You too, everyone, go. I don’t get paid for this. ♪ To get back in ♪
your skin again ♪ – Hey! – Whoops, whoopsie. Please. Please. ♪ The things that ♪
you have given me ♪ (light pop music) – Anders, Batoli, Castle,
Cole, Dwight, Finn, Finwick, Jones, Kennsington,
Montel, Michaud, Ralziback, Russo,
Tenny, Washington. That’s 15, that is
all the slots I have. – You know these tryouts
are just a big show. Most of these guys have
been playing on travel teams since they were eight. So what were you thinkin’, man? College scholarship,
shot at the NBA? (David scoffing) Come on. – I’m not stupid, Christian. – Well, what? – I just wanted, the jacket. – State championship jacket? That’s all? No big deal, but
you’re not stupid. – Screw you. – What? I don’t know what’s happened
to you, man, I really don’t. (paper crumbling) – You’re gonna have to
keep yourself in check. No outbursts, no
flying off the handle. There’s a lot of expectations
this year, Mr. Cole. You’re gonna have to find a
way to deal with the pressure. You up for it? – Yes, sir. – [Dan] All right. – Do either of
your parents know? – No. – (sighing) So
what’s Sherri think? – Sherri? Sherri’s crazy. – She gonna make you keep it? – No. I wanna keep it. – Are you serious? – Yes. – You can’t have a kid. – Forget you. – What, you’re 17. – I wanna have the
kid, all right? And if you tell anyone
about it, I’ll kill ya. – I’m not gonna say anything. David, you want a ride? (solemn, gentle music) Be like that. (solemn, gentle music) (thunder rumbling)
(solemn, gentle music) (music intensifying) – Ah! (solemn, gentle music) (students chattering) – Hey. – Hey. – From my old school. – Did you get that jacket
by being team manager? – Sure, manager’s
part of the team. You thinking of going
out for field hockey? You like chocolate? – Yeah. (gentle music)
(breathing heavily) This is so, stupid. – It’s so you. Oh, look. (gentle music) – You wouldn’t. (gentle music) I don’t believe it. She got somethin’. You got somethin’. – Mm-hmm. – [David] Mm-hmm. (Mary giggling) (David growling) – Here. – That’s how you
got my chocolate? – Mm-hmm. – What? – I bet you’re one of
those kids (laughing) who can always think
of somethin’ fun to
do on a rainy day. – There’s no trick to being fun. Just don’t let what other
people might think of you keep you from doing
what you want. – Immune from peer pressure? – Sure. – Then, why’d you manage
that field hockey team, and get that jacket? – I don’t care about the jacket, I managed the team
’cause it was a good time with my friends. – Yeah, but it’s kind
of like a trophy. Must mean something to you. – Means I won’t get cold. (gentle music) I’ve never gone out
with a jock before. – I’m not a jock. – I asked a girl
in class about you and she said you were going
out for the basketball team. – I did. But you know, it
was the first time I’ve gone out for
a sport before, so. (gentle music) – That explains it. – What? – Nothing. – Hey, you started this, what? – Well, she was kinda
laughing when she said it. (gentle music) (wolf howling)
(dog barking) (gentle music) – Hold on!
(tires squealing) – [Mary] He didn’t even look. – Dribbles. – Is he crazy? – Yeah, he kind of is. (gentle music) (door clicking open) Worried about your car? – I’m doing the budget. – A little late
for that, isn’t it? – Your father wasn’t
exactly an accountant. He left the checkbook
in a bit of a mess. – Yeah, I guess leaving things
in a mess was his specialty. – David. – Um! (gentle piano music) See ya at practice
tomorrow night, man. – I don’t think that’s
such a smart idea. – Oh no? I’m the new manager. I’m part of the team, man. – You just wanted
that stupid jacket. – McNeil, you know Dribbles. Well, get to know him better, you two are gonna
be working together. – [Dribbles] Partner. – (laughing)
Welcome to the team. (game clock buzzing) (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) – [Dribbles] Wrong-O. (whistle tooting) – [Dribbles] Wrong-O. (crowd cheering) – Wrong. Wrong. Wrong-O. – Hey, shut up. I know what’s goin’ on. Okay, what happened? ♪ Moving on, moving on ♪ (whistle tooting) – Michaud. – Hey, hey, do you
know any, for like– – [Man] Defense! (whistle screeching) – Why don’t you go back and play with your
little friend now. – When a guy shoots,
and a guy makes it, ask me, I know
most of this stuff. – [Man] Defense! – Cole, one field goal. Cole, field goal,
assist, Michaud. Jones, second personal
foul, team foul four. Jones, field goal, goal fifth.
– Got it. I got it. – Michaud, personal foul,
two, that was five. (crowd cheering) (game clock buzzing) (crowd cheering) – [Dribbles] Total points,
Lakeshore 65, Woodsville, 75. – Good game. Harv, do me a favor,
turn that off, will ya? Eddie, we talked about this. McNeil, do me a favor, get
that bottle, will ya, thanks. – Hey there, what ya doin’? Trying to look up
the girls’ skirts? – [Dribbles] Thought
you was the manager, not the whoppy
doopin’ water boy. – Uh, what’re you
doin’, clean that up. Are these accurate, McNeil? – Uh, I think so. – Damn. (muffled yelling)
(pounding on door) (tense music) (player grunting) – [Player] Eddie! – You all right? Shit. Get coach.
– All right. – Dribbles, turn
that camera off. Dribbles, get outta here,
turn that thing off! Jesus, are you all right? – [Player] Eddie! – [Player] You all right? Oh, shit! Get coach.
– All right. – Dribbles, turn
that camera off. Dribbles, get outta here,
turn that thing off! – I don’t know, Dan. – [Player] You all right? Coach! – Maybe we can get away with
suspending him for three games. – Come Bill, Cole
is our best player. – [Bill] He’s damn lucky
they’re not pressing charges. – Thanks. – Yeah, thanks a lot. – [Christian] They
still watchin’ the tape? – Shut up. Three game suspension. – That’s it, are you kidding me? They’re still cleaning the
blood out of the floor tiles out there. – Do you know what three
games without Eddie could do to this team? Or don’t you want your
precious jacket anymore? Besides, you don’t
know what happened. You don’t know
anything about Eddie. – [David] Uh. (Annie singing softly) (light guitar music) – [Sarah] David,
someone’s here for you. (light guitar music) ♪ At times I wonder if ♪ ♪ Your mind is ♪ – Here he is, you two have fun. – A basketball and a girl. David, you are absolutely
full of surprises. – Nice outfit. – Some of us have to
work for a living. ♪ Change ♪ ♪ No ♪ ♪ When I say you’re wonderful ♪ ♪ Truth is I couldn’t lie ♪ ♪ It’s too late, ♪
it’s time to go ♪ ♪ A quick hug, then ♪
let’s say goodbye ♪ – What does your Aunt Annie do? She said she was
dressed for work? – She’s not a prostitute,
if that’s what you mean. – No? – No, she works in
a clothing store. It’s called Seems
Like Old Times. They sell second hand stuff. All antique clothing. Seems Like Old Times, get it? Yeah, exactly. – Your aunt live with you guys? – We live with her. When my dad walked
out on my mom and me, she couldn’t afford
the payments. (gentle music) – Why’d he take off? – That’s a question
you’re not supposed to ask. – Sorry. – I’m glad you asked. Most people, they pretend
like they’re not interested, even though they are. Boredom, I guess. Couldn’t stick with it, my dad. I mean this was a guy who
couldn’t hold the same job for more than two
years in a row. Always on my back
about not having goals. – You said your dad
used to play ball. Is that why you want
a championship jacket? Goals? Get him back? – Do you always ask exactly
what you’re thinking? I don’t want him back. – But you don’t wanna be the
reason why he left either. (gentle music) – Is that stupid? – Well, I don’t know about
a championship jacket, but, I do know
what you mean about not wanting to feel worthless. (gentle piano music) (students laughing) (ball bouncing) (drum riff) – [Man] Yes, oh, woo-hoo! (drum riff) Oh yeah! (crowd clapping) Oh, oh! (drum riff) – Oh!
(crowd laughing) (drum riff)
(loud whistling) – [Crowd] Oh! (ball bouncing) (loud whistling) (drum riff) – [Girl] M-I-S-S,
miss it! Miss it! – [Cheerleader] I know. (cheerleaders chattering) (crowd applauding) (drum riff) – Hey uh, look, Christian told
me that you’re a good artist. – I draw and paint some, yeah. – Well look, I need
a favor from you. (crowd applauding) I wanna play a trick. – Uh. – [Eddie] On Dribbles. (loud whistling) Are you in? – Okay. (crowd cheering) (crowd laughing) – Yeah, I guess the offense
is ridiculous, I hear. Hey, hey. – Hey. – Don’t let Stephan
catch you in here, man. You’ve only got one more
game on the suspension. – I know. – What’s this about? – I need a favor. Look, just turn your
jerseys inside out. (loud whistling) (crowd cheering) Mr. Thomas, Mr. Thomas, yeah. (marching band music) (crowd cheering) (somber piano music) (boys laughing) – Oh man, he pissed himself. (somber piano music) – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – Telling me
doesn’t do any good. – Sometimes I have trouble thinking of other
people as being real. – You emotionally
tortured that poor man. What did he ever do to you? – Embarrassed me. – Didn’t you think at all? He obviously has
some problems, but, didn’t you wonder
how he might feel? – No, I didn’t. (gentle music) – What? – Can I help? I’m sorry. I wanna help. – It’s okay, he means it. He’s a jerk, but
he’s an honest jerk. – Thanks. (somber music) – Thank you. – Look, I just wanted to say
I’m sorry again for the… – That one came down when
the glass ones went up. (gentle piano music) – [Mary] You were
on the 1985 legacy? – No, my dad was. – Alex McNeil, he was the
point guard, number 43. – Yeah, that’s right,
how’d you know? – The 1985 legacy? – Yeah, it was a
really big deal. Lakeshore played up a class. They won the championship
by beating a school four times their size. – Must’ve been really good. – I guess. – [Mary] 1985. – [David] I don’t have
time to watch these now. – You can take ’em with you. – Take ’em? – [Mary] What if
something happens? – You can be real
careful with ’em. (gentle piano music) – I’m not waiting up because
I’m worried about my car. – Hey, Mom. – Well hey yourself. – How was your day? – Not bad. Not bad. (gentle piano music) (door squeaking open) (objects clanking) (projector clicking) (upbeat guitar music) – [David] All right,
this is it, thanks. – [Sarah] Who lives here? (upbeat guitar music) ♪ Alone again, I sit ♪
without a friend ♪ ♪ Until the early morning ♪ ♪ I’m staring at the paint ♪ ♪ I fight to stay awake ♪ – Tires are still
goody, good, good, good. – Wish I could say the same
for my nutsy, nuts, nuts. ♪ And I digress ♪ ♪ The word’s right ♪
in front of me ♪ ♪ This loneliness is peaceful ♪ (upbeat guitar music) (students chattering) – We have one tomorrow, and
she didn’t even tell us. I don’t even know what to study. – Neither do I. – I don’t wanna talk about it. (locker slamming loudly) – [Girl] Geez,
what’s his problem? – You haven’t heard? – No. (students chattering) Are you sure? – [Girl] I think
that was real rough. – I did not–
– Well, you know, I totally am taking it. – Stand her up.
– Oh, okay. – [Girl] Oh my god. (coughing) (students chattering) (game clock buzzing) (balls bouncing) (students chattering) – I want you to wear them out. Eddie, stay all over number 15. (crowd chattering) – [Man] You’re kidding. (crowd laughing and clapping) – Make them pass. Christian, you and
Shawn are looking great. You wanna keep that boy Dean, every time you go
down the court, you look for him, all right? (crowd laughing) (gentle music) He’s number 24, we talked
about him, okay, he’s a… – Go away.
– Hey Eddie, take, take it easy man, come on. Come on let’s go. Dribbles, lose the ball. (gentle music) (somber music) – That looks like one
of those snow globes. Whatcha call it? – It’s not snow, it’s
manna, it’s from heaven. – Huh. It’s beautiful. Everything’s so
peaceful and gentle. Nobody could have troubles
on a night like tonight. Damn, it’s cold. (gentle music) (door handle rattling) (gentle music) (Dribbles crying) – Get out of here, McNeil. – He didn’t do anything. – Do you wanna be next? Look, I swear to god, get out! – Help me, help me! Help me! (Dribbles crying and groaning) No, no. (Dribbles crying) – Come on, do something. Come on! – David, what? (Dribbles crying) – Stay here. (coughing) – I told you. (Dribbles coughing and panting) – [David] Leave him alone! – [Eddie] Oh, this is a
joke to everyone, huh? We’re gonna have that kid! – [Mary] I think
he needs a doctor. – [David] There’s a phone
in the athletic office. – No doctor, no, oh
no, no doctor, no. – [Mary] You okay? – Okie dokie,
smokey, okie dokie. Okie dokie. (gentle, solemn guitar music) (knocking at door) – David. – [David] Hey. – So this is your new room, huh? – Yeah. – I haven’t really seen
you work on any art since you went out for the team. – Um, well, this isn’t, isn’t… – [Christian] You heard
Eddie’s been kicked off? – You want an apology from me? – An apology? – Yeah, isn’t that why
you came over here? To tell me about Eddie,
how it’s my fault. – I came here to see
if you were okay. To see if things between
you and me were okay. (scoffing) Looks
like I got my answer. – Right. – Look, Eddie did
a screwed up thing. Did a lot of screwed up things. But the guy was under an
incredible amount of pressure. – And that makes it okay? – No, no it doesn’t. But sometimes pressure can make
a guy do some stupid things. Doesn’t always necessarily
make him some kind of asshole. – Usually does. – Yeah, but now always. You should know that. So should I. (knocking at door) – [Dan] McNeil. – You wanted to see me? – You hear about Cole? Leaves me the slot open. You weren’t the
next best choice, there were some other
guys who were better. But I was thinkin’
all things considered. You interested, or what? – [David] Yeah. – Don’t tell me that
fire in your belly’s burned out already. Don’t expect much, you
won’t be in Cole’s position, you may not even
see any court time. – Do I get a uniform? – Unless you wanna
play bare assed. – Uniform. (projector clicking) (knocking at door)
– David. What’re you doing with your
grandfather’s movie projector? What’re you watching,
are those dirty movies? – I’m not watching dirty movies. – I wanna see
what’s on that film. – It’s not a dirty movie! – Run it! (projector clicking) Oh my god, where
did you get this? – [David] That guy, Dribbles,
gave me a whole box of ’em. – Look at him. Were we really that
young, I almost forgot. – Give it a few more years, maybe we can forget what he
looked like all together. – Okay, maybe it’s time
we had a little talk. (David sighing) I know you’re angry at
your father for leaving, I understand, David.
– Angry? I’m pissed, I’m pissed off. Not for leaving, either. For never being here
in the first place. Poor David, dad ran away and he hasn’t had a
father for six months. I got news for you,
I never had a father. – Is that what you think? Your daddy neglected you? Your daddy never took
you to ball games? Your daddy never
took you fishing? Well I’ve got news for you, son. Your daddy was working three
jobs to keep the bills paid. I know you can count and figure
out that your father and I were 17 when you were born. So I guess it’s kind of obvious that you weren’t a
planned pregnancy. – David McNeil, love
child. (laughing) – I’m glad you can
think that’s funny now. I can tell you no one
was laughing then. (slow, somber music) We were just out of high school and your dad had a basketball
scholarship to college. – He had to marry you. – No, he didn’t, I told him
to go, but he said, “No way.” – You were gonna
get an abortion? – [Sarah] No, your grandparents
agreed to help me raise you. He stayed because he wanted to. – Maybe he stayed because
he was scared of going off. Maybe I was just a
convenient excuse. – I thought that for awhile
too, but it wasn’t true. We loved each other. But neither one of us
wanted to stay around and raise a family. – So what happened? He get tired of playing martyr? – That’s the hard part,
David, for me, anyway. Your father didn’t
walk out on us. I told him to leave. He wasn’t doing you any good. He was barely doing me any good. We were destroying him. When your grandparents
moved out of this house and there was space, I knew
we could make it on our own, just the two of us. If I made a mistake, I’m sorry. But I wouldn’t have done
it if I didn’t think it was the best
thing for everybody. (gentle piano music) – Hey, congratulations, kid. I hope Stephan knows
what the hell he’s doing. – Where are the uniforms? – In the corner. Bottom box. – Is 43 still in here? – Should be. (light piano music) – Whose are these? – My mom got me those,
and she shouldn’t have because they’re
really expensive. – Well you just forget about
that because I don’t care as long as they’re used. – I’ve got this
really nice paint box, but the brushes in it
are getting kind of beat. What’s that great smell? What’re you cookin’? – Not me. – Annie? – [Sarah] Uh-huh,
Christmas turkey. – Ugh, TV dinners all around. – [Annie] I heard that, now
everybody in the dining room so Annie can give you the bird. – This might not
be a pretty sight. (“The First Noel”) Whoa. – This is so great. (“The First Noel”) – Well did you
notice those things? I came up with those myself. – They’re really nice. – This is great, Annie. This is like what everyone
should have for Christmas. (“The First Noel”) – This was such a great idea. Come on, let’s go.
– Okay. (“The First Noel”) Merry Christmas.
– Merry Christmas. (“The First Noel”) ♪ All alone again ♪ ♪ I sit without a friend ♪ ♪ Until the early morning ♪ ♪ I’m staring at the page ♪ ♪ I fight to stay awake ♪ ♪ But the pages are so boring ♪ ♪ And I digress ♪ ♪ The word’s right ♪
in front of me ♪ ♪ And this loneliness ♪
is peaceful ♪ (crowd cheering) ♪ Turning on my sights ♪ ♪ Surrounded to the night ♪ (crowd cheering) ♪ And now’s nodding off ♪ – Wonder where Dribbles was? (whistle shrieking) I can’t believe he’d miss
the last regular game. – Maybe he just couldn’t
take the excitement. – McNeil. – What? – What do you mean, what? You’re in for Dwight. Go! McNeil, check in. (play clock buzzing) ♪ Why would he go ♪ ♪ Why would he go ♪ (crowd cheering) (crowd laughing) ♪ Take a break, you ♪
gotta get some rest ♪ (crowd cheering) ♪ You’re spending too ♪
much time going out ♪ (whistle shrieking) ♪ I count my lucky stars ♪
against my prayer ♪ ♪ Is this what loving ♪
you is all about ♪ – Hi, Mary. – Hi, is David home? – No, not yet, but
come on in anyway. – Actually, my
mom’s expecting me. But um, could you just
give him these for me? – Sneakers? – I guessed on the size,
the receipt’s in there. It’s a belated
Christmas present. So he can get a better
grip on the court. – I’m sorry? – You weren’t at
the game last night? You know, the basketball game? You don’t know, he didn’t
tell you he made the team? – The high school
basketball team? (projector clicking) Sorry. – I wear the same number, 43. – Why didn’t you tell me? – It’s no big deal. – It would be for a lot of kids. It’s not like you though. I thought you were an
artist, not an athlete. How come? – I don’t know. Maybe I, I felt like I
had something to prove. – [Sarah] Had? – I guess I still do. I’m just not sure I’m goin’
about it in the right way. Do you think putting a
ball through an iron rim proves anything? – Yes, for some people
I think it does. Setting a goal for yourself,
going for it and achieving it. It doesn’t have to
be basketball though. It could be art. – That’s why you got me those? – Just the brushes
you got this year. The paint box was
your father’s idea. – Dad hated art. – He knew you liked it. Different people prove
themselves in different ways. I’d love to come watch you play. ♪ Heartache writes this song ♪ ♪ And I’m just the ♪
fool who sings along ♪ ♪ Stumbling through ♪
these lines ♪ ♪ Knowing God I love ♪
a girl who lies ♪ ♪ I found your letters here ♪ ♪ With the breath of love ♪
for him that you exhaled ♪ ♪ And though they ♪
were not mine ♪ ♪ God I love a girl who sighs ♪ ♪ Fool me once ♪ ♪ Fool me twice ♪ ♪ I’m in ruins ♪ ♪ But at least I am alive ♪ ♪ Headstrong but heart weak ♪ ♪ By all the ends that ♪
I just couldn’t meet ♪ ♪ And the same way she ♪
loves a sad song ♪ ♪ God I love the ♪
girl that’s gone ♪ (light acoustic guitar music) ♪ Finding truth in ♪
the words you spoke ♪ ♪Now I’m singing either ♪
love her or you don’t ♪ ♪ And no matter how ♪
much I may try ♪ ♪ God I love the girl who lies ♪ ♪ God I love the girl who lies ♪ (knocking at door) (gentle, sorrowful music) – Dribbles. Dribbles. (gentle, sorrowful music) (coughing) (gentle, sorrowful music) (people chattering) – David McNeil. Mr. Steadman will see you now. – Mr. Steadman? – Your friend, the man you
brought in this morning. – Guess I forgot his last name. I don’t even know his
first name, really. (gentle, sorrowful music) – Tuesday. – What? – Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, game night. – Don’t worry about it. How you doin’? I thought you were dead. I’m sorry. (lips sputtering) Listen, I just
wanted to thank you, for taking over the
charts and you know, the films and everything. – Thank you, thank
you, thank you. – [David] For what? – Nurse uh, I’m the
principal at Lakeshore High. I understand you have a patient
here, an employee of mine. – Do you know the name? – He’s a janitor at the school. – Okay, what you wanna do is
you wanna go down that hallway and take a left, there’s
a reception desk, they can help you. – How is he? – Not too good. I don’t know, at least he
wasn’t looking too good when I saw him. – That’s too bad. Christian called,
you guys won tonight. You’re in the semi-finals. He said to tell you that you
may get your jacket after all. What did he mean? – Championship jacket. That’s why I joined
in the first place. – Really? Two games, you might get it. You’re playing
Friday night, right? – Yeah, I guess. – Hiya, kid. – Hey, Annie. – Annie’s coming to the
game with me, aren’t you? – We’ll see, I
might have to work. – Annie.
– It’s okay, you know, it’s no big deal, really. – [Sarah] You said
you were gonna– – Well look what I
found at the store. Ta-da! (gentle music) – How’re we doin’ in here? (gentle piano music) – Woo-hoo-hoo, go Lakeshore! – Well? – I know you’re excited,
you’d be crazy if you weren’t. But then you get
ahead of yourself, and this is the end of the road. From now on, you just take
it one game at a time. You don’t look beyond tonight. Now, you just take care
of the small things. Snap those passes. Hold out for the high
percentage shots. Make them go where you
want, stick every foul shot. You do that, you won’t have
to worry about a championship, you’ll already have it. (marching band music) – Hey, keep your
eyes on the game. (marching band music) – I heard somebody telling
Becker it was an emergency. They put him in intensive care. – [David] Becker
on his way there? – He said he couldn’t
leave the game. (marching band music)
(gentle, sorrowful music) – [David] It’s kinda weird. – [Mary] What? – He spent most of his
life making those tapes so people would
remember the players. Who’s gonna remember him? – [Mary] People will. – No, they won’t,
why should they? In the end, who was he? A janitor. – David. – I’m serious. Not mean, just being honest. All that stuff in his
apartment, the trophies. It was junk. Nobody cares. – I care. He was nice to me and
I’ll remember that. – (laughing) No, you won’t. In two years you’re
gonna be in college. You’ll forget all
about high school. Let alone Dribbles. So will I. But you’re right too, though. He was a nice guy. (gentle, sorrowful music) – McNeil, where
were you tonight? Not that it mattered. – Dribbles is dead,
not that it matters. – I’m sorry. – We lost tonight. – Yeah, I know. (gentle, sorrowful music) (students chattering) – I heard about the old man. I’m gonna turn myself in. I don’t know what killed
him, but I imagine it was me. – You know that it was. – I’m scared. – That’s great, you’re scared. – I used to think it was great, that hold I had over people. They treated me good. But the thing is, half
of ’em did it because I could score on the court. And the other half did it because they were
just plain scared. – I don’t understand why anyone would want people to
be afraid of them. – Because it felt good. It was like I had this power to make everything
in my life perfect. – You’re not so much
of a hero anymore. – No, no, and David, I never was. (gentle piano music) – David, went to pick
up your mother, Annie. P.S. there’s a
package in your room. (gentle music) – You draw beautifully. Course I can’t say too much
for the subject matter. – Subject matter’s
what makes it. I feel very strongly
about this drawing. – You paint well too. – [David] Oh! – What do you feel for this one? – I don’t know. I can never decide whether
I love it or hate it. But I’m glad I did it. – Hey, don’t forget
your package. David? – [David] What’s wrong? – [Mary] It’s from the hospital. (gentle music) Oh my god. (gentle music) – What’d he give me this for? – Put it on. – Too cool. – You got your jacket? – [Mary] Hey look, a card. (gentle music) – Where’d it come from? – From him, Dribbles. – How come? (gentle music) – For being a friend. (gentle music) (crowd chattering)
(shoes squeaking) (players yelling) (crowd cheering) (gentle piano music) Finished? – Think so. Yeah. – I like it. I like it a lot. – It’ll do. (upbeat music) ♪ All I wanted ♪ ♪ Was someone to tell ♪
me how to dress ♪ ♪ Dress for certain mess ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I tend to make ends meet ♪ ♪ In such a way my ♪
stomach ends in knots ♪ ♪ I will find a way to ♪
take all the things I say ♪ ♪ Change the words ♪
so they sound right ♪ ♪ Among all the things I hide ♪ ♪ There’s one thing ♪
you might find ♪ ♪ I do believe you ♪
found me smile ♪ ♪ Me smile ♪ ♪ She left by plane ♪ ♪ It puzzles me why she ♪
chases sunsets west ♪ ♪ When new days bring the best ♪ ♪ Maybe someday ♪
we’ll find time ♪ ♪ To say our “How are yous” ♪ ♪ And “I wish you all the bests” ♪ ♪ I will find a way to take ♪
all the things I say ♪ ♪ To change the words ♪
so they sound right ♪ ♪ Among all the things I hide ♪ ♪ There’s one thing ♪
you might find ♪ ♪ I do believe you ♪
found me smile ♪ ♪ Me smile ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ I saw morning just today ♪ ♪ Makeshift City, U.S.A. ♪ ♪ It’s so passe ♪ ♪ To feel this way ♪ ♪ Union Leader says ♪
the world’s a mess ♪ ♪ And even if we try our best ♪ ♪ We’ll just miss ♪ ♪ And over obsess ♪ ♪ But to sing you a song ♪ ♪ One to keep, makes ♪
me finally see ♪ ♪ That it’s okay ♪ ♪ It’s going to be ♪
a beautiful day ♪ (gentle music) ♪ Starry eyes make ♪
my old friend seem ♪ ♪ So unfamiliar to me ♪ ♪ They’re just my dream ♪ ♪ What’s my life mean ♪ ♪ You’re my wide awake ♪ ♪ You’re my heartache ♪ ♪ You’re my big break ♪ ♪ And it’s okay, it’s going ♪
to be a beautiful day ♪ ♪ And I’m okay ♪ ♪ She makes the ♪
world so beautiful ♪ ♪ So many songs ♪
about love around ♪ ♪ Not one lover to be found ♪ (gentle piano music)

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