Drogba the King, Hip-Hop & Montreal Soccer Culture

Montreal’s is very European based it’s a little bit different for people that have high standards for who we are and what we want to be mantra is very welcoming and also supports what people have introduced there’s a different flavor here there the French the English the whole Montreal vibe is something else Montreal one of the most interesting cities in MLS we don’t always hear about it or really understand it especially down in the States make sure you get this test sweats and shoe game pretty strong throw back so I wanted to come up and start this new series right here learn about the culture learn about the history and learn about where the city is going on and off the field people think that the impact is a new thing that’s happening the team joined MLS in 2012 but they’ve been around since 93 you can see that heritage still in the club today to have a Kevin Kwok kid rise from just in the neighborhood and now captain and the manager as a player holds basically every major record in the book we’re probably one of the oldest franchises in North America and soccer wise and you know it’s not because I don’t want them I know there’s other there’s a no Portland Seattle have a long history but we we’ve been around for a long time back then it was because it was the a-league when I played when the club was in the a-league so we used to play Friday Saturday and you could bust 10 hours to Pittsburgh and play the next day in Montreal back then you year you almost went year by year are we gonna have a team next year if you would have told me we would have had this stadium and all these fans 20 years ago or 25 years ago I would say you’re no there’s no chance the rest MLS wasn’t all smooth sailing this team was in last place at the end of 2014 but came back made an incredible run to the CONCACAF Champions League final last year later signing Didier Drogba making the MLS Cup playoffs where they beat their rivals Toronto FC 3-0 in the opening round I was at that game that was my first taste of Montreal and when I met Yvonne we found we had a similar perspective on how soccer can influence other things I culture the fact that Quebec is the only french-speaking province in Canada makes us special French is very ingrained in the culture here in Montreal and Quebec for the American guys to come up here to play it seems like if they say something in French the people here like love that why is that it’s the best way to start I think you’re showing the effort of like yeah I want to be part of this community I want to be part of this cultural diversity I want to be involved in this the whole club mental usual this may be my ignorance but when I think of Canada I always thought of it as like not very diverse you come up here and you see like so many different races and different religions every neighborhood has its own uniqueness I mean it makes it it makes it kind of cool so this team really reflects the will this city is we have Argentinians we have Italians we have a ghanaians how do you keep that how do you even communicate in the locker room it’s gotta be a locker room it’s French it’s English it’s Italian it’s okay shelter area who’s getting the radio right now it’s mostly DDA ambrosio young go as soon it’s more African music going on around time the host city has embraced Dracula people are so proud so inspired that he chose Montreal especially the African community Joba is considered as an ambassador everywhere in the world you know we hear lots about Los Angeles we bring players we heard about New York doing peers now Michelle is one of the biggest Jason is an African man he was almost in tears when he saw me in the street saying that you brought the king you brought the king thank you so much you brought the king he was he did so much for my people and you know so you see the the impact that he has outside of the game of what he’s done this is like the game against Toronto when they came here and we played back back back back for three goals which is suppressing the game but here mentally we’re ready concentrate the boys is a religion for us because everything stops well when there’s again everything used to stop when chassis was playing now everybody stops when in Pakistan and I Rico says really is really clear so when we watch the games here you know that people in our countries also what we do I started my own soccer brand with some friends back home future collective so I had to meet this Angelo guy I’ve been hearing about him from friends he’s got his own clothing line called ring leaders Brazilians play on sand well us Canadians we play on snow that’s pretty much the concept okay and we love it so much that we’re like we don’t care yeah nobody’s gonna stop us what’s the evolution of how out of a kind of grew into ring leaders and ring leaders became a part of those ringleaders was born here it was a t-shirt line in England there was like the torus culture that they call the casuals these guys would travel with the team there were like hardcore fans you know so they would find brands and wear them and that brand kind of represents their crew or they would go to Italy during Euro Cup games or whatever and find ser Jota teeny you know or like Fela and start wearing it when they’d go back to England but these are these are tennis brains that got into soccer it’s those guys their movement that circle the trickle effect you know but it wasn’t it wasn’t Street where they were adopting the brands and wearing them I wanted to create a brand that came from my generation like skate on the ground hip hop street art for you know all that kind of stuff so it’s a bit of a reflection of I mean my shop on the worse today she would be six five and unless I love music but wanted to know what the scene was like in Montreal I found this artist on soundcloud wrote a local guy rapping on some beats I wasn’t expecting any chemical our friends really didn’t know what to expect when I reached out but he welcomed us to a studio with his whole crew we actually found out that he – shares my love today it sounds like the meet like the music that I’ve heard it’s hard to put you know you got a pretty creative diverse slam usek what I’m trying to create is I’m trying to break this wall like I’m trying to have a nice guy and just make sure people enjoy my music that’s why I’m mixing I’m rapping on moving back stuff on track stuff even on house stuff like houses damn it – perfectly pitching football with my movies come and see Oh Hitchcock yo sucker is getting really really popular Montreal like having a team in the MLS really helps it and like the team is is great hockey’s still the sport of choice but I see more and more kids now wanting to join the Academy they see how it is we see video drop but they see Laurent Somali see yourself in myself yeah myself there’s the there’s the condition but I mean now they see that there’s I want to be professional here it’s our responsibility we live here live here it’s our responsibility to continue the culture for our kids like it’s cool what’s happening on the other side of the ocean but it doesn’t affect me you don’t die with 17:1 out there we do actually attach you have to support your team support anybody else you can get inspired but your team is here we can’t let them you can’t let this go we gotta keep going I think Montreal is ahead of the curve in a people talk about Millennials multicultural different races religions ethnicities coming together and sometimes that just sounds like something that sounds good and corporate speak I think that’s really happening here in Montreal hey Julie she’s very know me out there charge of the MLS coach on inside you drove all got you bring a double team cameras we all here we be coach dark sticky that’s what we do it

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