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Dumb Spies | Lele Pons

Dumb Spies | Lele Pons

[MUSIC]>>ALYSSA LYNCH: What do we do Jordan?>>JORDAN WRIGHT: Don’t worry, I think we’re safe- [GUN SHOT]>>ALYSSA LYNCH: Oh my God Jordan!>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Agent Diaz. We need to get to the bottom of this. We have a kidnapping and a murder. Your mission is to->>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: I’m here>>AGENT DIAZ: What is she doing here?>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Agent Black Panther! [GIRLS ARGUING] This is amazing. Exactly. We need more of that. More love in the air. [GIRLS FIGHTING]>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Anyways, your mission is to find that guy. He’s, uh, I guess he’s a murderer. I would think so. I’m assuming.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: There’s no face.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: That’s a great hoodie by the way, 100% cotton.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: What is this?>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Hold on really quick, she just slid into my DM’s. Hold on.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: What the [BLEEP] is this?>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Yes.>>AGENT DIAZ: Are there any witness?>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: We do have a witness. He’s dead.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: With his [BLEEP] is the air?>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Yeah…>>AGENT DIAZ: He’s alive.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: Sh.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: We do have a family member of the victim. Please. Please.>>INANNA SARKIS: Alright. You need to find her, now!
>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Whatever we can do.>>INANNA SARKIS: I just want her back. [INANNA CRYING]
>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: You know what? Make sure you find the guy, okay? I’m just gonna…alright. Come on now.>>AGENT CERNY: Sup [BLEEP]?>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: Really?
>>AGENT DIAZ: Oh you too?>>AGENT DIAZ: I already have – I already have her!>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: I don’t want her and I don’t want you.>>AGENT CERNY: What’s it been? Like 5 years?>>AGENT DIAZ: You’re not joining us.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: Hold up! Is that our car? [GIRLS CHEERING]>>AGENT CERNY: I’m driving. I’m driving.>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Here’s your new car ladies.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: I don’t wanna drive.>>AGENT DIAZ: [BLEEP]>>AGENT CERNY: Yeah, I’m gonna stop and ask some civilians, see what’s going on.>>AGENT DIAZ: He’s gonna say no.>>AGENT CERNY: Fine. You get out and you ask somebody then. Here.>>AGENT DIAZ: Okay!>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Sorry. One second. Guys. Adults only. Go! Go! Get out of here! Anyway, yes?>>AGENT DIAZ: Have you seen a murderer?>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Yeah, I did! There’s a reward right?>>AGENT DIAZ: No?>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Oh no. I didn’t see anything.>>LELE PONS: Well if you can’t->>ANWAR JIBAWI: Hey! Get off the street now! Punished! Three weeks!>>LELE PONS: So where’s your wife?>>ANWAR JIBAWI: My wife? Oh she didn’t leave me two years ago… with all these kids.>>LELE PONS: Your kid just ran…>>ANWAR JIBAWI: Oh my God! Oh my God! Get over here! Oh my God, my baby! So sorry!>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: Nice try Diaz.>>AGENT CERNY: Hey! It’s the suspect!>>AGENT DIAZ: Run!>>AGENT CERNY: Go! Go! I got a shortcut.>>AGENT DIAZ: Go! I need back up!>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: I’m right [BLEEP] next to you.>>AGENT DIAZ & BLACK PANTHER: Why?>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: She sucks. Stop doing that!>>AGENT DIAZ: Show yourself!>>INANNA SARKIS: It was me!>>AGENTS: The sister?!>>INANNA SARKIS: My sister took everything from me. She ran away with Jordan the day of my wedding.>>AGENT DIAZ: Aw, yeah I understand. I mean it was your sister.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: I’d kill the [BLEEP] too.>>INANNA SARKIS: But still! You know my secret.>>AGENT BLACK PANTHER: What’s in the box?>>INANNA SARKIS: Now I’m gonna have to kill you. Say good- [GUNSHOT] [GIRLS CHEERING]>>ALPHONSO MCAULEY: Congratulations the mission is complete! Everything went as planned. Now where is the missing victim?>>ALYSSA LYNCH: Hello?>>AGENTS: Oh [BLEEP]. [EXIT MUSIC]

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  2. Lele: have you seen a murderer
    Anwar: oh yeah theres a reward right
    Lele: no
    Anwar: oh no I didn't see anything

  3. 0:48
    Am i the only one who thought that was Colby Brock for a second until I saw the eyes?
    Just me? Just me.

  4. 0:13 Did you get the name from Brooklyn Nine nine? Except Rosa’s name is Detective D Ez (Idk how to spell it)

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