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Dunder Mifflin Plays Basketball – The Office

Dunder Mifflin Plays Basketball – The Office

100 thoughts on “Dunder Mifflin Plays Basketball – The Office”

  1. Lol just watched the interview with Jenna fisher and angela talking about how this episode is where they met and became friends

  2. I hate this show first by cringe of Michael. But after 2 watch of all seasons, we all here because of that cringe moment.
    ps. Jim is awesome at this game

  3. When Michael starts trying to copy Darryl and the other guys dance with Ryan, I litterally linged (laughed and cringed).

  4. Michael= Westbrick Jim= Paul George Dwight=Lance Stevenson and Stanley is better than Jordan so Stanley= 🐐

  5. Michael is my hero! Especially when trying to shoot a half court shot, misses, and says what is wrong with me today

  6. I started watching the office and yesterday I watched this episode. I was dying at the fact that Dwight was wearing a anime tshirt.

  7. This was the best part of season one. Michael being literally every basketball stereotype, Dwight’s outfit, Jim destroying Roy, Stanley dribbling, and Kevin sinking like 12 shots after the game, all incredible.

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