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Dynamic Stretching for Soccer Players – Prevent Injuries & Perform Better!

Dynamic Stretching for Soccer Players – Prevent Injuries & Perform Better!

hello guys welcome to my program season program from the trust my coach I hope you enjoy with me so today we’re gonna do the dynamic stretchy so it’s really important for you who wants to be a soccer player today’s really part before you start so the first thing we’re gonna do today is I the dynamics quad stretch hold your leg here and then you’re gonna go in down and then go back really poor towards this muscle here so let’s go to me to me what I do you want to start your game on fire download your free PDF with all super exercises to warm up your body in the best way please okay after that we’re gonna do a keep it open with fallujah so we’re gonna open going down and then stretch how you’re a doctor and then go back to here control your balance and then we’re gonna go again and then the quick goose let’s do one more time to and three well done I’ll be moving this one what you gonna do you’re gonna come in here going front and hold your leg one two and to me pretty good so now the last one so after this one you’re gonna be ready to start your training so you’re gonna do a fall spot but you’re gonna hold so we’re gonna start here down hold for five seconds and then after you go up squeeze your bump and then going down again going down five four three two one up squeeze your bum and go back great last one pop your chest as much you can and go up let’s do it guys we are ready for start the training so guys if you like the 20 give this subscribe here it’s down here and then give a like if you do it’s gonna be amazing ok just do and enjoy

7 thoughts on “Dynamic Stretching for Soccer Players – Prevent Injuries & Perform Better!”

  1. Ontem à noite mesmo estava procurando por movimentos dinâmicos porque li que eram melhores antes de uma partida do que os estáticos.
    Obrigado pelo vídeo

  2. Excelente. Sou fascinado por esse tipo de metodologia. Então não se surpreenda se ver algum comentário meu em todos os seus vídeos haha

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