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Dynamic Warm-Up for Speed & Power Athletes |

Dynamic Warm-Up for Speed & Power Athletes |

[MUSIC PLAYING] How are we doing? All right now. So let’s get right into it. So we’re going to do
the dynamic warm up for speed and power athletes. Not working out here, we train. So I am Bobby Smith. I recently got my master’s
in performance enhancement and injury prevention. Also, I have Coach Pat
with me here, helping out, and Coach [INAUDIBLE]
giving all the great demos. Coach Pat has got
some hip issues. We’ll work through that. So we have 16,000 square feet. We predominately
see female athletes. And within that
facility, we can hold three different groups
going on at once and not run into each other. Now, in the beginning,
we started to go into one another’s space,
and then we realized we need to come
up with some zones how we can stay
inside the zone area, even though we have
a huge facility, and get a proper warm-up. So with that master’s,
what I’ve really learned is it’s not what
you do, it’s how you do it. All right? So this is a great
exercise– some hurdle jumps. This was posted on someone’s
social media over there. But it’s not the exercise,
it’s how you do it. So let’s take a look at that. And let’s slow it down,
if you don’t really see it there as well. So what are we
programming there? Improper motor patterns. Her knees are coming
in and hitting. Again, one more time. And then she gets
around the hurdle. And then the athlete in
the back too, why not have her knees come in as well too? Boom. So great exercise there. But it’s not what you
do, it’s how you do it. And how we do it is attention
to details and making sure we’re warming up properly
in that dynamic warm-up. So our why. Our space, our coaching,
our organization. And the biggest thing is
assessing the athletes when they’re walking in. We want to make sure that we’re
programming the proper movement patterns before we add
resistance in the weight room. So the objective– get the
body prepared to dominate. Make every minute
of training count. Perfect time to work
on mobility, stability, activation, and reducing
the risk of injury. That’s what a dynamic
warm-up is all about. So the joint by joint approach. So this is our why. This is how we came
up with our approach. From Mike Boyle and Gray Cook. It’s an alternating
series of stable segments moving on mobile joints. Mobility is the
ability of the joint to be moved or move
freely and easily. And then stability is how well
we can maintain a position in the presence of change. This also explains a lot
of non-contact injuries. So the joint by joint approach,
starting from the ground up. The ankle. As we know, it needs to be
moved in inversion, eversion, plantar flexion, and most
importantly, dorsiflexion. And that is the most
distal joint of our body. So a lot of things get
affected from the ground up. Knees. No one wants wobbly knees. That has to be stable. Hips. How well can we bend? How well up and down? Then that lumbar,
that lower back. We want to make
sure that is stable. Then the T spine mobility. We want to get thoracic
mobility there. And then the shoulder. What we’re really talking
about– stability of the scaps and that glenohumeral
joint of the shoulder. That’s the joint
by joint approach. So how do we come up with
our categories from that? These are the categories when
we plan our warm-up, what we’re going to go through. For the CNS prep,
making sure that body and central nervous system
is activated and ready to go. But we’re going to stay
within this grid right here. So I’m going to ask 16
athletes coming up here, get into a warm-up. Don’t worry, I’m not
going to scare you. I’m not going to hurt you. We’re just going to get into. And I think you’re going to
realize how easy this movement I’ll start off, and then
how we can progress. All right? Then we’ll go from
the ground up, making sure that
we’re activating what needs to be activating and
stable what needs to be stable. From there, how
we run our system. We run it evolved around
the high school seasons. So we have a fall, a winter,
a spring, and a summer. We have 12 weeks long in that
fall, spring, and winter, and in the summer
is seven weeks. But we do two days per week
with our athletes, 90 minutes, and our warm-up is 15 minutes. From there, we have four tri
sets of exercise– one CNS prep, which we stay
in place, and then we have two other
exercises, depending on what we have for
that day, all right? Then we have a plyo prep,
getting ready for the jumps that we’re going to do in hand. And then we get
our shoes on, then we go into the dynamic portion
of that warm-up, all right? So that is how the
warm-up is run, all right? So let’s get up. I need some athletes hopping
up here, not all at once. Let’s start with your shoes off. Let’s get two athletes
in between each. Facing me would be great. So I need two right here. [WHISTLES] Two,
four, six, eight. Yes. Boom. Thank you, Coach. Appreciate it. Yes, hop it in. You can take those shoes
off or leave them on. If you have the hairy
feet, that’s fine. No one judges here. Judge-free zone. Right there. Yes. We got the mojo coming in. Nice. Boom. Red team up front. I like that. Good. You can’t be [INAUDIBLE]
to be with 20 [INAUDIBLE].. OK, good. I freak out a little bit. There we go. First things first. Before we start, I
got one more spot. Anyone wants it. Last taker here. Don’t be afraid. Yes, come on in. We’re going to start down
on the ground, all right? So we’re going to
be on our backs. First thing that we do is
our diaphragmatic breathing. So one of the things
that we started to implement about a year ago
is this diaphragmatic breathing. And we want to make sure
that our knees are bent. We’re going to put our
hands right on our ribs. And I want you to
close your eyes. And with our athletes that
are coming right from school, stressful day, specially
trained a lot of girls, so they probably get
made fun of by the boys. We want to make
sure that they’re nice and ready and
prepared to dominate. So we want to lift that pelvis
up just a hair a little bit, so your tush is right
off that ground. Close those eyes. And breathe out. Get all that air
out of your lungs. Breathe out. So with that, your lower
back should go down into that ground. You should feel your ribs come
in and get those abs turned on. Yes. So I want three good
breaths right there. Once you’re done with that, what
we’re going to do is hop on up. We’re going to do one
CNS prep, and then we’re to go through the
three different phases of each category, all right? So whenever you’re ready. Hop that up. Yes, face me. We’re going to start off
with high knees in place. So we’re going to go 15 seconds. And go. Just high knees. High knees. Skip. High knees. Skip. High knees. Skip. Yes, pumping those arms. Chest up, shoulder blades back. Head and eyes up. Get a little skippy, skippy. Make sure those toes are up. Feel free to smile. We’re live on camera. There we go. Dustin, killing it in the back. Follow me all around. He’s like, that guy
always moves everywhere. And good. Face me. Legs out nice and wide. We’re going into our
lateral lunge now. So we’re going to alternate. We’re going to push that butt
back, foot and knee straight ahead. Alternate, five each. And go. I want foot and
knee straight ahead, sitting back on the heel. Head and eyes up. Good. If you could face this
way, sir, that’d be super. Yes. Got to look good on camera. Everyone’s focused
up, paying attention. Good. Getting down nice and low there. Coach, I like that. Good. Five each there. Once we’re done, now we’re
going to go into our lunging. So we’re going to start going
off to the camera first. So we’re going to step
out and then step back up. It’s going that way first. Out and back. Let’s do four each side. So what I’m looking
for now is I’m seeing if the knee and
foot are right in line. I want to get that
nose over the toes. Push that butt back. So we’re going to
go stable there. So we’re going do all five
reps one side, then all five the other way. Yes, I know. I didn’t explain that well. It’s on me. Good. Head and eyes up. Feel free to smile. There it is. Perfect. Push those arms out. Very nice. Solid there. Once you’re done, just stand
up, look at me awkward. Perfect. Very nice. Then we’re going to
add some balance there. So we’re going to step and
then bring that back, hold. So step out, lunge. Bring back and hold. Get opposite with
the opposite leg. Going to the camera first. Let’s get four of those. Step out, and then back. Make sure that opposite
leg is straight. I want that foot
nice and flexible. Pull those toes up. No ballerinas here. Perfect. There it is. And pump those arms. Opposite arm with opposite leg. There you go. Just like you’re running. Solid there. Yes. Perfect. I want you to do four on
one side, four on the other. Good. Keeping that chest up. Push that butt back. Sit back on the heels. Very nice. Once you’re done
with that, you’re going to face Coach Jake. Then we’re going in to our
hamstring lengthening category. Starting off with our hip hinge. So one of the hardest exercises
to teach young athletes is that hip hinge. So we’re going
with the RDL reach. Push that butt
back, then stand up. Give a nice little smile there. Girl, let’s go eight of those. Then as you stand up, you
can get those arms down. So why we do that counter
balance is to make sure we reach that tush
back, then stand up. There you go. Head and eyes up. Stand up nice and fast. Solid there. Eight of those. Good. Make sure we’re not
squatting there. Push that butt back. There you go. Head and eyes down. Head right line up
with that spine. Perfect there. Reach those hands out. Very nice with those
polished nails. I noticed that. Good. She’s like, don’t
look at my nails. Oh, no. Good. Yes. Once you’re done
with that, watching Coach Jake get into that
single leg RDL downward reach. We’re going to go stable there. Good. Five on one side,
five on the other. Bounce there. Coach, pressure’s on. Everyone’s watching. Solid. Five of those. And go. So hold up. Oh, no, no. Stop, stop. Flip around. So I want this group right
here flip around watching me. So what I’m looking at is
that lumbar right here. So I don’t want to see
those hips open up. So I want to see a slight bend. Reach back, keep that
nice and closed there. And then stand back up. Solid there. Good. Head and eyes down. Good. Reach that foot back. You don’t need to go all
the way down with the hands, with the downward reach. What we tell our athletes
is wrist to knees. Wrist to knees. Kneecap, I should say. Solid there. Good. Keep that head and eyes down. I want you to do five on
one side, five on the other. Solid there. Work on that balance. So if we have
trouble balancing, I like to focus on something
on the ground there. That will help keep those
shoulder blades pulled back. Solid there. How are we doing, Dustin? Should I face you
next time, or no? Yeah. Flip around. Coach Jake, I need
you over there. Dustin wants everyone
facing him now. Good. Once we’re going
down, now we’re going to advance it going into
our phase three now. So for us, each phase
is a month long. So this is the third phase. Finally by now, you should
learn how to hip hinge properly. Let’s go single leg,
forward reach there. So arms right by the
ears, kick that leg back. Yes, there you go. Solid. Five on one side,
five on the other. Good. Head and eyes down. Reach those arms out. Kick that foot back. Good. There you go. Solid there. You saw me coming. Good. Keep that head and eyes down. Big reach. Good. Solid there. Good. Five of those. (WHISPERS) [INAUDIBLE] open up. There you go. [INAUDIBLE] Much better. Good. Reach that arm out. Yes. Once we’re done with
that, then we’ll go back into that CNS category. Facing me when you’re done. Take your time. Not that long. Only [INAUDIBLE]. Let’s go now. No, I’m joking. [INAUDIBLE] is. Good. Now we’re going back
into that CNS prep. We’re going to go
into out phase one. We’re just going to
do side-to-side jumps. Nice and quick, nice and fast. And go. Pull those toes up, nice
and quick, nice and fast. Let’s go. Pump those arms. Get that heart rate up. Get start sweating now. Let’s go. Yeah. No twists. Those hips held down. That’s later tonight when
the drinks start coming out. Here we go now. Good. Keep it going now. Quick, quick, quick. Almost there. 3, 2, 1. And good. Face coach Jake. Now we’re going to work
on our anti-extension and anti-rotation. So working on that
core stability. Want to be in a high plank
position there, coach Jake. We want to go with that
alternate leg raise. So what we’re working on there
is when he lifts that up, now we’re fighting
rotation of that lumbar. So we want to kick up. Not that high. Just two inches there. Squeeze that glute. Keep those head and eyes down. Solid there. Let’s go six each. So what I want with your
hands out nice and wide. And I want you to
grab that carpet. Dig those fingernails right into
that turf, or for this carpet, I should say. And then activate those lats. Yes. Alternate, so slow
and controlled here. We don’t want that
lumbar moving. Yes. We’re going to alternate
there, if I didn’t say it. So alternate means
kick up opposite leg. Not that high, just two inches. Solid there. Good. Oh, yeah. First row is definitely good. Yes. Second row, we need some work. Just joking. No, she’s like, I am
holding it very tight. Good. Red team in the
back is very nice. Good. Then we’re going to go into our
phase two now with abduction kick out with the heel toe down. So nothing else moves. Solid there, Coach Jake. So if you kick out, you’re going
to see your athletes kick out, and their hips start moving. Don’t kick out that
wide, all right? Slow and controlled. Let’s alternate there. Let’s go six each. Solid there. Still, dig those
fingernails into that turf, toes pointed down. Kick that foot out. good. Now alternate, so switch sides. There you go. Not that high. Just kick out. So this one, I just want out. Yes. Not up, out. Solid there. Good. Good. Head and eyes down. Very nice. Solid. Good. Going into phase three
now, most challenging. We’re going to go with
our arm extension. So stay in that
high plank position. Alternate arms. Extend that out and reach. Five each and go. So the reason why I want
you to do all these so you can feel which one
is actually harder and why it takes us
so long to get there. If you feel mobility or you
feel you’re shaking everywhere, get those feet out a little
bit wider, all right? Really keep that core
all nice and tight. Hips going to be
shaking everywhere. Good. Solid there. Yes. Once we’re done with
that, then we’re going to go into our
thoracic mobility. So we’re going to go in
the quadriped position. Knees underneath the hips. Hands underneath the shoulders. Watching coach Jake
for a great demo. Hand behind the head. Good. And we’re going to want to get
eyes to elbow, and big reach. So we want to keep this
area locked in, lumbar. We want to keep that
thoracic mobility. Start opening up that T spine. We’re going to do five or
one side, five on the other. And go. So I like the toes
up behind us there. So yes. Dig those toes. Solid. So push your tush back. Yes. Locking that lumbar. Solid there. Five on one side,
five on the other. Good. Eyes follow that elbow. Make sure we’re breathing out
as we start to reach that elbow. Solid there. Once you’re done
with that, we’re going to be in a
half-kneeling position. Right knee down. Good. Half kneeling. I want you to do five each. Watching coach Jake now. T spine rotation. Hands behind head. Good. So with this, what you’re
going to see from your athletes is that elbow start coming in. We want to make sure the
elbow is right in line with the shoulder, breathing
out as we big twist. And what I’m looking for is
this straight line right here. Back toe is up. So keeps the pelvis in line. Big twist towards the
knee that is up only. Five on one side,
five on the other. Good. So what I’m looking for is
getting that foot right in line with that hip. And what I tell my
athletes, I want big toe, little toe, and heel–
push down with that front foot. Good. Breathe out, big twist. So don’t go down with it. Ow. Yes. Good. Feel free to smile. We’re live. Are we live? We’re not live. No live? I couldn’t get live. I couldn’t even get
my CSCS up there. Jeez. Good. Young guy, I guess. I don’t take it personal. Good. There it is. Solid. Yes. Good breathing out. Yes. Five each side. Head and eyes up. Nice pretty smile. Solid. Good. Once we’re done with
that, phase three now. So what are we going to do? Arms out. My man got it right. He’s like, yeah,
look at my biceps. Good. Twist that out. Sorry. Happens naturally. Five of those. Good. So same thing. I want hand right in
line with shoulder. Good. Back toe up. Keep that pelvis right in line
and breathe out as we twist. Yes. Just twist toward
that knee that is up. Five, sir. Yes. Good. Make sure this is right
in line as well too. So bring that foot
in a little bit. Push down. Big toe, little toe, heel. And just twist towards me. That’s it. The other way. Just knee and toe. Good. Slow down, slow down. Five. Good. There you go. Reach those arms out. So that is our thoracic
mobility progressions. Then we’re going to go
back into that CNS prep. What we’re going to do is
our high plank leg jacks. We’ll get a little
abduction with that. Get that heart rate up. Good. Keeping that stomach
nice and tight. Good. Here we go. When you’re ready,
down, push-up position. 3, 2, 1, and go. Go. Keep that stomach
nice and tight. Let’s go. Quick and fast. Quick feet. Let’s go. Slow feet don’t eat. You got to move, people. Let’s go. Get it going. Get it going. Faster now. Faster. Let’s go. Keep them going. Keep them going. All right. Keep it back. It’s killing it. Here we go now. 2, 1, and good. Now we’re going to
that glute activation. We’re going in for a
quadrant kick back. Watching Coach Jake there. So all fours. We’re going to kick back. Squeeze that glue. But what I’m looking for– I don’t want the heel to
get higher than the tush, because then we’re getting
the mobility from the lumbar and not activating the glute. So we want to kick that back. Nice squeeze there. Good. Squat’s over. All right. Good. And then five of those. Go. Keep those stomach– yes. Core engage. Neutral spine. Good. (WHISPERS) Supposed to
push that belly up a little bit there. And then don’t twist. Good. Five of those. Kick that foot back. Don’t get the heel higher
than the tush, my man. There you go. That’s better. Good. Five on one side,
five on the other. No alternation. Good. Keep that foot nice and flexed. Pull those toes back. There you go. Stomach nice and tight. Solid there. Good. Good. Nice. Like it. Five on one side,
five on the other. Then we’re going
into that Bird Dog. We’re going to go stable there. So we’ll do five on one
side, five on the other. So it’s kick back. Opposite arm out there. So what you’re going to
see from your athletes is starting to rotate there. We want to make sure that
stomach stays nice and tight. Reach that out. Let’s go five there. Five one side,
five on the other. So I want these toes up, and
I like to squeeze and brace that core, just like that. Head and eyes down. Good. Same things apply. So I don’t want the heel
higher than the tush. Reach out. So kick that foot back. There you go. She saw me coming. Good. (WHISPERS) And I
don’t want to see– raise those hips a little. That’s better. Hold that there. Very nice. Don’t get [INAUDIBLE]. Good. [INAUDIBLE] And
go just like that. That’s better. Solid. I like that. I like that. Good. Trying to twist there. Hold that nice and tight. Nice. Solid there. Then we’ll go into
our phase three. We’ll just go alternate there. So Coach Jake. Yeah, getting right into it. Making me look good as always. Then twist. Solid there. Good. Let’s go five each there. It’s a lot of bird dogs. There we go. Yes. Keeping that stomach
nice and tight. Slow and controlled right now. Core stability. Good. We’ll put this up. Yeah, that’s better. Good. Hold that there, nice and tight. Now, with our athletes,
obviously, we’re going to go through
all three phases. We go through one
phase where I want you to see all the
different exercises that we have in our toolbox. Once we did five
there, then we’re going to go into our
anti-lateral flexion, core stability. Going into our Side Plank. So let’s go right
to take left elbow. Head that way, feet that way. Facing me. You’re going to see Coach
Jake for a great demo. It’s like, am I
getting the demo? Good. Elbow [INAUDIBLE] to shoulder. Tuck those hips in. So what I’m looking for– I don’t want to
see the hips sink. And then also. I don’t want to
see the tush back. Tuck the hips in. And then this top, I
don’t want to see open up. Keep that nice and closed. 3, 2, 1, and up. Hold that right there. Yes. Good. I like that. And I like a neutral head. Right in line. That’s fine. Hold that there. 3, 2, 1. And good. Flip around other side. Right elbow. And up. Hold it there. Brace the core. Solid. You guys are looking
good, making me look good. Hold it there. Solid. No shaking. I see you up there. Hold it. Yes. It’s on camera. We’ll go back to the film. 2, 1, and good. Take a second there
to watch Coach Jake. Now phase two. We’re going to
bring that knee up. So top knee up. What I’m looking for
is knee up, toe up, just like we’re running. Get that foot out
with that knee. Let’s go onto the left elbow. We’ll just hold it
there for eight seconds. Give you guys a little break. 3, 2, 1. And up. Good. And then let’s get that
arm up there, Coach. Yeah, hold that right there. Good. I like that a lot. Hold that there. Get those toes up. Solid. Get that knee up. Foot out. That knee, hold
that right there. Don’t let those hips sink. 3, 2, 1 and good. That was nine seconds. Other side. Got to stay balanced. Got to do nine on the
other side as well. 3, 2, 1. And up. Hold that there. Yes. Perfect. Solid. Good. Hips a little bit higher. There we go. Nice. Hold. Solid. Good. Get those toes up. And good. Phase three now. Watching coach Jake. We’re going to go
dynamic knee raise. So ideally, the top leg
doesn’t hit the bottom leg. Hips don’t sink. Let’s go, Coach Jake. Hold that there. And good. Let’s go five on each side. Five on the left side first. And good. Very nice. Get that foot right
out, that knee. Get those toes up. Slow and controlled right now. Don’t let it hit
that bottom leg. Solid. I want you to do five. Flip around, other side. Slow and controlled. Slow and controlled. Take your time. Toes up. There you go. Good. This is going to be
the last CNS prep. What we’re going
to do is make it reactive, so one of
my personal faves. We’re going to go
into that hip twist. Then on my hit, we’re going
to go into a touch up. So hit. Good. There you go. Hit. Good. Oh, [INAUDIBLE]. Hit. Get hip. And good. Yeah, that’s more like it. Give them a two-clap. Get a two-clap. Good. Here we go. 3, 2, 1, and we’re down. Go. Twist those hips. Getting down. Yeah, go. Wait. Wait till I say hit. And hit. Get those knees up. Toes up. Let’s go, people. Jump. No, only hit. What are you doing? Pay attention. Hit. Good. Get the knees up. Keep going now. Twist those hips. Getting down. Hit. 3, 2, 1. And good. [INAUDIBLE] press. That’s why it’s my favorite one. Good. Then we’re going to go down into
our [INAUDIBLE] standing up. Quad pull. Over head reach. Knee underneath the hip. Let’s go four each there. So I’m looking for tush. Yep. Squeeze. Push that hip out. Knee right at the hip. Big reach up like
you’re in class. There you go. Very nice. Solid. Four each there. Yes. So ideally, like I said, this
takes us about 12 minutes. 12. Then our athletes
get our shoes on. That takes them,
like, two minutes. And then we go into
the dynamic portion. So once we’re done
with that, how we advance that is going to
go into an opposite knee hug. So we’re going to knee hug. With the left, pull that in. Quad pull with the right. All right, let’s just
get three of those. So opposite. So pull. And then opposite. Yes. Big reach up. Yes. Head and eyes up. Smile. We’re on camera. There we go. Go there. You’re like, I knew it. You were going to
make fun of me. Hold it there. Once we’re done with
that, how can we make it more challenging? Now we’re just going
to go quad pull. So hiney hug. We go quad pull,
forward reach there. So quad pull. Forward reach. Let’s get three there. Yeah. Alternate it up. You know what to do. Good. Hiney hug. Take your time. Quad pull. Reach that out. Slight bend in the
knee like we’re doing that single leg RDL. Good. Reach that out. Knee underneath the hips. Solid there. Oh, yeah. He might be taking
your job, coach Jake. Settle down. He’s giving great
demos over here. [LAUGHS] Good. Slight bend. Reach that knee. Yes. Good. Oh, you’re going down, Coach. That’s phase four. We’re only on phase three. Settle down. I’m joking. Then we’re going to go
into our ankle mobility. So we go into that
half kneeling position. Knee drive. So drive that knee over the toe. So let’s face this way, Coach
Jake, if you don’t mind, so they could see. Yes. So what I’m looking for is
that nice straight line here. Push those hips forward. Keep that heel down. And then right back up. Good. Let’s go four of those. All right. So what I like to tell my
athletes with this one too is what we’re trying to
gain is their dorsiflexion. So we can push down harder
as we’re running faster. Also gets us deeper into
our squat as well too. So we want to make sure we have
proper mobility of that ankle, all right? Four each there. Good. And what I’m looking for– knee right in line
with that hip. Head and eyes up. Perfect there. Try and keep that heel down. From there, how we
advance that, we’re going to go out 45 degrees. So 45. Chest up. Good. Drive those hips forward. Yes. Get a little groin in there. I like this one. Keeping that heel down. We’ll do four each
there too, as well. Good. Drive those knees
over the toes to keep those shoulders nice and square. Solid. We have a whole nother day too. So if anyone in the
crowd is like, man, I wish, I came out here. We can switch if you’d like
too, if you feel comfortable, or you don’t want to get
out there, it’s fine. I don’t take it personal at all. Good. Coach Jake, what do
we got phase three– 90 degrees. If you don’t mind,
back up there. Yeah. Why not? Coach pats in the back. Yeah. Doing social media, Coach. Nothing in the back. Good. Yes. Let’s go four each there. Good. Get that knee over the toe. 90 degree angle there. Back toe up. Shoulders stay nice and square. Solid. I like that. Yes. Good. Keep those shoulders square. Head and eyes up towards
me, though There you go. Yeah. Good. Four each there. Once we’re done,
we’ll hop that up. We’ll just do our plyo prep. We’ll just do one phase there. So the plyo prep
is whatever we’re going to do for
the jumps that day, we like to layer
it and make sure that we get the athletes
prepared for success during our plyo period. So watching Coach
Jake, we’re just going to start up
nice and tall on set. He’s going to snap
down into an athlete position, nice and fast. Set. Hold that there. Ooh, hold it there
one more time. Coach getting up nice and tall. And set. Hold it there. Yes. It’s two-clap. A little rusty. Two-clap. Good. Here we go. Arms up. Arms up. Good. And set. Good. Snap that down nice and fast. So what I’m looking
for– no wobbly knees. Keep that chest up. Again, arms up nice and tall. And set. Good. I say last one,
you say best one. Last one. Best one. Good. Set. Good. Very nice. Give yourself two-clap. Good. Now we have a whole
nother day of exercises. So if you want to
stay in, stay in. If you want to tap out, tap out. If you want someone else in
the crowd to come in or just sit there, that’s fine. Yes. All right. We’re staying in. Oh, yeah, they’re brave, Coach. Here we go. Oh, we have anyone else? No takers. No takers. All right, phase two. We’re going to come around. Let’s watch me now this time. [WHISTLES] Give Coach
Jake a little break. All right, imaginary line
right in front of us. We’re going to go
up, up, back, back. Up, up, back, back. 3, 2, 1. Go. Pump those arms. Little CNS prep. Get sweating a little bit. Get sweating. Good. Here we go. Yeah, nice quick feet. Let’s go. Slow feet don’t eat. Get them moving now. Here we go now. Hey, now. Say now. 3, 2, 1. And go for brown. Watch Coach Dustin. Give him a little wave. There he is. Nice. We’re going to go into
a foot squat position. So let’s step back right foot. [WHISTLES] Right foot back. Yeah, so I want the knee
right underneath the hip. Back toe up. Shoulder blades back. So all we’re going to
do is our split squat. What I want you to do is push
down, big toe, little toe. Heel full foot down. Up and reach out and hold that
there for a nice [INAUDIBLE] contraction. Good. 3, 2, 1, and up. Just lift that knee
up two inches there. And hold that there. Good. Full foot on the ground. Big reach up. Good. Reach it. Don’t let that knee hit us. You back there. Hold it. Good. And good. Relax. Switch legs. And 3, 2, 1 and go. Good. So I’m looking for knee
right underneath that hip. I don’t want to see that hip
go back, so tuck those hips in. Good. Hold it right there. Solid. And good. Now, how we progress that. Going into our reverse lunge. Watch Coach Jake. Stable there. So we’re going to go five on
one side, five on the other. Pump those arms, Coach Jake. Just like [INAUDIBLE] there. Ooh, I like that better. Stepping up. Solid. And good. Five of those. And go. So whatever leg goes back,
that’s the arm that’s going to pump up, and
then stand that up. All right. Ideally, I don’t want
that knee hitting. But I want that knee
right underneath the hips. Good. Try and keep that chest up. Solid there. Now, not only punching
the arm up forward, but punching the arm
back as well too. Punch that arm back. Good. I want you to do five. Just stand up. Solid. Good. Now going into that phase
three, watching Coach Jake. Get into that
balance knee drive. So we’re going to step
back, drive that knee up. Hold that there. Good. Oh, yeah. Picture perfect. Solid. Let’s go four there. 3, 2, 1, and go. Step back. Drive the knee up. Hold that there. Get those toes up. Picture perfect. Good. Then switch those arms. So leg back. Boom. Pump those arms. Hold it there. Yes. Get those toes up. Solid. So that’s going to be under
our hip mobility category. Then we’re going to go into
the hamstring lengthening. So for us, we see a
lot of young athletes. For them, we’re instilling these
fundamental moving patterns. We want to make sure that
they’re hip hinging properly. So one of the exercises
that we love to do is our hands on hips. We call it a good morning. But it sets RDL. So shoulder blades back. Soft knees. Push the butt back and
then stand up, all right? So shoulder blades back. Soft knees. Push that butt back. Keep that chin down. Good. Let’s go eight of those. So yes, what I’m
looking is for parallel, that we don’t have to
go all the way down. There you go. Solid. Solid. This is definitely one
of our rip favorites to make sure we’re teaching
that hip hinge pattern. Solid there. So slight bend in the knees,
soft knees, I like to say. Soft knees. Push those glutes back. Solid. From there, we’re going to go
with our ultimate toe reach. So what we’re going to do– push, scoop that up. So alternating it. Good. Let’s go five each there and
get into those hamstrings. Good. Oh, yes. Yeah. Get all the way down. Touch those smelly feet,
and throw that water into your face. Oh, yes. Waking up a little bit
after that nice lunch. Solid. Once we did about four each
there, watching Coach Jake now, hopping in. That’s getting to the
three-way there, Coach Jake. Good. Little right, little left. And a little double action. Let’s get three of those. And go. Phase three for three. Yes. Head and eyes down. Reaching all the way down. Yeah. You’re like, I feel that one. It’s good. Yeah, I like it too. Once you’re done with that,
going into that CNS prep. Coach Jake, yeah. T-jax. Teeing it up. Let’s go. 3, 2, 1. And go. Yeah, open it up. Good. No clapping. No cheerleaders here. 3, 2, 1 and go. Oh, whoa. Yes, keep it going now. It’s OK if you were. It’s all right. My wife said I
should have been one. She said I missed my calling. It’s OK. Keep it going now. Yes. See, now you’re laughing at me. That’s fine. Good. 3, 2, 1, and good. We’re going down to
our beast position. We call it Coach Jake
position at [INAUDIBLE].. Good. Quadriped. Hold that right there. Dig those fingernails
into there, keeping that there core
stability right there. All right, let’s hold
that there 10 seconds. So with this, hold up. 3, 2, 1. Relax. So I don’t want to
see this, all right? Common mistake. So we want to make sure
it’s nice neutral spine. Hold that right there, then
lift those knees up two inches. Here we go 3, 2, 1. And go. Knees should be right at
the hips, two inches off that ground. Yes. Solid there. Keeping that stomach
nice and tight. So this is our phase one. If you’re like, oh, this is
really easy, don’t worry. We’re going to make
it a little bit more challenging in about 3, 2, 1. And relax. So how we make that
more challenging– start moving a limb there. So what we found,
moving a hand is way too tough for our athletes. So we’re just going
to move a foot there. So stable. Just kick that foot up. Hold. And then back down. Let’s do five on one
side, five on the other. Good. So dig those fingernails
into that carpet there. Keep that stomach
nice and tight. Don’t let those hips move. So stable. Five on one side,
five on the other. Just lift that up
two inches there. You don’t have to
lift it up that high. So when we’re lifting up,
I don’t want that lumbar. I want that lower back twisting. Keep that back nice and flat. Good. There we go. Solid back there, man. Like it. Red team killing it. Hold that there. Good. Now, phase three. What are we thinking now? Alternate it. Yes. So Coach Jake, alternate. So two inches off the ground. Lift. Slow and steady wins
that race right now. Working on that core stability. Good. Solid. 3, 2, 1, and go. Five each there. Good. Knees about two
inches off the ground. Knees should be right
underneath those hips. Hands free. Right in through shoulders. Good. Solid there. Solid. Yeah, working. I like it. Once we’re done with that, going
into our shoulder stability. We’re going into a prone
position there, Coach Jake. Head and eyes down. We’ll go with our T’s. T’s. Thumbs up. Pull those scaps back. Good. Might play a little
handsies there. It’s all right. Let’s get five of those. Five. Good. Make sure we’re pulling– yeah. Reps like that and push. Yeah, like that. Better. Good. Solid there. Pinch that back. There we go. Good. I like to do a
little of that too. Yeah. Get that. Good up there. Pinching and hold it there. Good. Solid. And get a little– yeah. They enjoy that. Good. Once we did about five,
then we’ll go into the W’s. Watching Coach Jake for the win. Get that W in. So palms are going to be– yes. Palms down. Pull the elbows up and back. Keep the head down, though. So see how he pinches
those caps back. Good mobility there, Coach. Good. Let’s get five of those. So elbows back and down. Make that W. We like palms down. Good. Pinch and back. Solid. Five of those. Yeah. Good. Try and keep that
down if you can. I like that better. Solid. Good. Yep. Then we got our phase
three, making the A’s. Yes. Watching Coach Jake. Yes. Good. Yep. Boom. Yep. So start palms up. And then rotate. Yes. And palms down. Good. Head stays down, though. Head stays down. Just get five of those. Work on that shoulder stability. Two pumps– yeah, up and down. There we go. Solid. Good. Then we’ll go once. Seeing how it’s Prep
Coach Jake getting to your favorite,
little hopscotch. Once you’re done, hop that up. Get a little hopscotch. Yeah. Trouble for some
athletes that do that. So I like to coach it up
to make it even easier. Get the foot right underneath
the hip and out wide. So out, up. Out, up. 3, 2, 1, and go. Yes. Let’s get 10 seconds. Oh, yeah. She’s like, I was a cheerleader. I don’t care. Keep it going. Yes. We can see who can dance
and who can’t very clearly. It’s fine. Good. It’s all about having fun. That’s what I tell my wife,
because I can’t dance. But I enjoy doing it. Keep it going now, people. 3, 2, 1, and go. Good. Going into our
glute activations. We’re going to be down to
the ground, watching Coach Jake killing it over here. Coach Patton’s back
doing nothing, as usual. So we’re going to
get our toes up. We’re going to get our arms up. So how we coach it
for our athletes– we want them to push that
lower back down, all right? Then we’re going to say hips up. So how we found [INAUDIBLE]
coach that better is make sure we keep that nice straight line. So what we know is
with our athletes, that they were
pushing and getting into that hyperextension,
instead of really activating the glutes or getting that
mobility from their lumbar. So push the lower
back down, then up. And then hold it and make sure
we see that straight line. So let’s do it
together as a team. So head and eyes– yes. So knees bent. Let’s get toes up. So I like the toes up so we can
dig the heels into the carpet. Push towards me. Arms up, and then up. And hold that there. So keeping that
stomach nice and tight. Make sure those glutes are on. Oh, yeah. They’re on. Hold it there. No shaking. Toes up, dig those
heels into the carpet. 3, 2, 1 and good. Then we’ll just make
that dynamic now. So Coach Jake, can I
go lower back down, up, and then back down. Reset up. And then back down. And get five of those. Good. Make sure we push that lower
back down each and every time. Yes. Good. Arms straight up. Yes. Good. It’s going to be our phase two. Phase three, we’re actually
going to put our hands down. This one’s a lot
more challenging. Watching Coach Jake. Then we’re going to
go into our march. So we’re going to
go up, lift up. Yes. Just lift that up two inches. So for there, we want to make
sure those hips aren’t moving. Let’s get five of those. So head down. Yep. Palms down. Up. Lift the hips up. Good. Lift that up just
about two inches. Make sure those toes are up. Yes. Solid there. Then alternate that lift. Alternate the lift. Make sure we get it– yes,
isometric contraction. Holding there on
that other side. Solid. Five each there. Five each, so that’s 10
total if you count that way. Solid. Yes. Good. Now we’re going into
that shoulder stability category for this one. It’s one of the hybrids, so
it gets a lot of exercise, or a lot of categories in. Going into our hand walk. So now we’re going to work on
that shoulder stability core activation. Get the hamstrings and
get those ankle mobility. So let’s get about
four of those. Let’s move up so we’re
right in line with the cone so we don’t hit anyone. Good. Four of those. Walk that out. And go. So what I’m looking for– that hips don’t sink. So hands stay right
underneath the shoulders. Core stays on, nice and tight. Solid. Get those hips tucked in. Yes. Four of those. Once you’re done,
standing on up. Then you see Coach
Jake watching a game. Going into our phase two now. Get some scapula range
of motion in there. Scap push-ups. So down and up. Good. Arm stay nice and straight. Get four of those. Yes. So just drop chest. Push the chest up. Good. Keep those arms
nice and straight. Solid there. Yes. Good. Four of those. I know what you’re thinking now. You’re regretting
not coming back in. I see you over there. You sort of hop in. Like, man, this is a workout. Good. Yes. Solid. Once you’re done with
that, Coach Jake, get into that phase
three, final phase. Getting some push-ups. Oh, yeah. Double push-up if you can. It’s all right. Yeah. Coach Jake usually does three. So we’ll get five of those. And go. Walk it out. You just have do
a single push-up. She’s like, you really want
me to do triple push-ups? I’ll do them for you. Good. Yes. Solid. Oh, she’s like,
I’ll do it for you. You made fun of me for
being a cheerleader. Good. Yeah. All the way down,
all the way up. Solid. Solid. Maybe we’ll get some
dynamic stuff in here if Coach Jake’s ready. He’s got his shoes tied tight. Good. Now going back
into that reactive. Now we’re going to
go chopping our feet. All right. So we’ll get down,
athlete positions. Start chopping those
feet, all right? Good. Not yet. Settle down. I’m going to say hit. And then you’re going to jump
up, give me that tough jump. We got that? Three– you ready? You hopping in? You ready? Touch jump. So just do up a
little bit there. Yeah. Here you go. 3, 2, 1, and chop. Let’s go. Chop, my man. Hit. Good. Touch jump. Get those knees up. Keep it going. Jump. No, and hit. What the– keep going. And hit. Yes. Keep going. Chop those feet. Chop those feet. Quickly, don’t slow down. I mean, don’t slow down. Hit. Keep it going now. We’ve got more. We’ve got more. Got more. Good. Jump. Yeah. Keep going. Hit. Yes. And good. Relax. Oh. Nice. Kick [INAUDIBLE], Coach Jake. What are you doing now? Sorry. In place Spider Man. We’re going to ISO
hold that there. 3, 2, 1, hold that right there. And good. Hold that there for
about 10 seconds. So push-up position. Let’s get that right foot up. Right foot up. 3, 2, 1, and go. Hold that right there. Yes. Work on the breathing now. Try and get that
elbow down if you can. Solid. And good. Switching sides. 3, 2, 1, go. So I’m looking for
a full foot down. I’m looking for a vertical shin. Yes. Solid. And good. Phase two now. So we’re just going
to do an alternation. So up and then switch. We’ll go five each there. Five each. 3, 2, 1, and go. Loosen up those hips. Yeah. Good. Get that full foot
all the way up. Drop the elbow. Five each there. Solid hip mobility
in this crowd. With our athletes, not so much. Good. When you’re done with
that, phase three. Open hip. Yeah, Coach Jake. Watch Coach Jake get
that foot up to the hand. Then replace. Big twists. Working on some thoracic
mobility there as well. We’ll go three each side there. Big twist up. Eyes follow that hand. And go. Good. Saw there. Yes. Then alternate. So we’ll go each one. Good. Take your time. Loosen up those hips. Get ready for today’s
training session. Solid. Good. Then we’re going into our
anti-extension, anti-rotation, working that core stability. We’ve got our High
Plank shoulder tap. So just tap that shoulder
nice and slow and controlled. Good. Let’s go five each there. And go. Good. So I like to dig those toenails
into that carpet there. Prevent rotation. So slow, slow, slow, slow. If you’re having trouble
there, get your feet out a little bit wider. So we don’t want to see anything
else move but that hand. Solid there. Yes. That’s much better. Much better. That’s phase one. You’re like, oh, wow. Phase two now. We’re going to do
our tap with fly. So watching Coach Jake. Tap. Then the height of the shoulder. See how he lifts it up the
height of the shoulder. Good. Five each there. Good. Don’t let those hips twist. And the height of the shoulder
right there’s perfect. Solid. Yes. Good. Good. Take your time. Take your time. Slow. Slow, slow. Good. Slow down. Slow down. Slow it down. Yeah, we’re feeling that. Phase three now. Phase three. Arm extension. So shoulder tap, reach
that arm out to the front. Absolute front there. Yes. Solid. Good. Let’s go five each there. Feet out a little bit
wider with this one. This one’s challenging. So tap and then alternate. So we’d like to get switched. Solid. There we go. Head and eyes down. Good. So just tap straight out. Just straight out. Yep. Good. Opposite hand touch. There. And then straight up. There we go. Slow, slow, slow. Stay tight. Good. Try and don’t let
those hips twist. Yeah. Solid there. [WHISTLES] Good. What’s up with that? Hopping up. Watch Coach Jake now,
going into that plyo prep. We’re going to go into
our single-leg snapdown. So if you thought the
double leg was challenging, now go into the single. So set. Good. Get that foot, out
with that knee. Kick that leg back. Let’s face this way so
they can see Coach Jake. And set. . Good. So what we want to get
into is that single leg RDL position there, all right? Let’s get that right leg up. Right leg up. Good. Right leg up. Yes. Good. And set. Hold that there. Kick that leg back. Head and eyes down. Solid there. And good. Up again. Yes. Right side. Right side. Strong side. Get that knee up, toe up. And set. Kick that leg back. Hold that there. No wobbly knees. Hold it. And good. Let’s go left side. Loosey, loosey. Left side. Left side. Left side up. And set. Yes. Solid. Hold it. Oh, jeez, no. Don’t hit the cone. Those were lasered. And good. Yeah. Good. So with that, we
don’t want to see– I want to see head
and eyes down. Focus. Kick the leg back. So leg that goes
back, that’s the arm that comes out in front. Let’s try that one again. Here we go. Left leg up. And set. Solid there. Hold it. Good. Very nice. Give yourself two-clap. Two-clap. [CLAP] Good. Now we have some extra time. Let’s get your shoes on. Let’s come on over here. So let’s get those
shoes on really quick. And then we’ll finish
this dynamic portion of that warm-up. Yes. We’re just going to
line up right here. So I want one, two, three, four. And then fall behind. If you want to pull
out, I don’t blame you. That’s a lot to warm up. Yeah, no way. I’m doing the whole thing. Yeah. Write it up. Here we go. [WHISTLES] Two right here. Two right here. Yep. There we all, just fall behind. That five? Solid. Plenty of time. We’re just going to line
that ball over here. So now we get our shoes on. We did the plyo prep. Now we’re going to finish
that dynamic portion. So whatever we do
for the day, that’s what we’re going to do at
the end of this warm-up. So our day one, we’re
going work on linear feet. First step–
quickness breakaway. So what we’re going to work
on is that body posture. So we’re going to have
hands across shoulders, chest up, shoulder blades back. We’re just going to
go into our march. So knees up, toes up. Foot out the knee. Hit down nice and hard. So we’re not going to
go to the first cone. We’ll go to the second,
then walk that out. First group. And go. There you go. So I don’t want the knee
to come up too high. Perfect. Right here. Oh, yes. Next two. And go. Good. Knees up, toes up. Cover a little ground there. Cover a little ground. And go. Yes. Push down. Push down. Ball of the foot. Ball of the foot. And go. Last group, best group. Good. Y’all really want that? You’re making me look down. What happened? Good. Keep going. Good. Not bad. Not bad. And good. Walk that out. Then we’ll go into
the falling start. So chest up,
shoulder blades back. On set. You’re just going to break
at the ankles, fire out. And then break down. So sprint. I will say about–
not full speed, half speed, right to this cone. Break down Coach Jake. So we want to make sure that
we’re giving our athletes a spot to break down. Because when injuries occur,
not when we’re running, but when we’re stopping. So we want to make sure
they get there, break down. Hold. That next group can go. We got it? And set. Good. Get out there. Run, run. Oh, jeez, break down. Oh, god. That wasn’t that bad. Good. Got that. Cut that. So [INAUDIBLE] watching. Set. It’s right there. Straight line. Fire out. And then break down, all right? So we’re going to break
at our hips or our ankles. Ankles. Ankles. Ankles. Yes. And set. Yes. That was much better. Good. Break that down. Oh, no. Jeez, no. Did you get that? I’m thinking you’ve
got to put it down. Hold that. I just went over it. Set. Good. Get there. Oh, jeez. Now– yeah, break down. Solid. Ugh. And set. Get there. Oh, jeez. On set. Oh, jeez. When the last person doesn’t
do it right, oh, man. Yeah. Don’t even make fun of me. Don’t even make fun of me. All right, now we’ll
go into our day two. What we’re going to work
on is our lateral movement. So whenever we
move lateral, we’re going to push off
that outside leg. So we’re just going to
be in athletic position. We’re just going to go into
our step replace, all right? So push off. Step replace. That’s for [INAUDIBLE]
watching Coach Jake. Yes. Good. First group up. Down. And go. Step replace. Good. And back. No, I didn’t explain it well. Get back. No, get back. All right. So what I want to
see– step, replace. Feet stay right
underneath those hips. Toes straight ahead. Step replace. So what I was
seeing– out too wide, or if feet come way in
too close, all right? Right behind that line. First group up. And go. That’s better. Yes. Right to the first
cone, then jog it out. Second group up. Down. And go. Oh, yes. Take your time. Take your time. Good. [INAUDIBLE] those hips. Get those hands ready. Oh, yeah. Get a steal. You never know. Good. And go. Get that butt down. Head and eyes up. Let’s go. Yes. Good. Fourth group, not yet. Once you’re– get back there. What are you doing? You’re making me look bad. Get back. Get back. Good. You’re the fourth group. Good. Down and go. Good. Yes. Head and eyes up. Head and eyes up. Step replace. Step replace. There we go. Low and slow. Low and slow right now. Yes. Just to that first
cone, and jog it out. Solid there. Yes, much better. All right, now we’re going
to go into the falling start. So laterally. So this starts
[INAUDIBLE] to sprint. So down. Set. We’re going to lean. Inside foot lifts up. We’re going to punch
that leg across. We say first step
has to be explosive. Sprint and then break down. Coach Jake, can I get you
in here for a great demo, so they know what
to do right now? Good. Down. Set. On your own. Get there. Oh, very nice. And break that down. Give it two-clap. [CLAP] Good. Here we go. First group up. We face that way, though. So you’ve got to face that way. Oh, you’re making me look bad. People, let’s go. Down. And set. On your own. On your own. Get there. Get there. Break down. Athlete position. Oh, no. Jeez. Good. Down. Set. Get there. Oh, yeah. I like that. Yeah, get there. Much better. Down. Set. On your own. On your own. Good. Break that down. Down. Set. Good. Much better. Let’s do it one more
time, other side though. Step replace. So I want lower one slow. Step replace. So I’m pushing off the outside
leg to move the inside leg. Down. And go. Step replace. Yeah. Good. Next group up. Down. And go. We’re almost there. People, just stick with me. Stick with me. We’re almost there. Good. Head and eyes up. Oh, yeah. She’s like, I was a linebacker. Good. Down. Here, go. Good. [INAUDIBLE] Go. It’s OK. Yeah, sorry. Good. Almost there to the console. Knocked it over. What the– [INAUDIBLE]. Down and go. Yeah. Get those hands ready. Oh, yeah. Get them ready. Get them ready. Head and eyes up. Where’s that smile? We’re on camera. Let’s get it going. There it is. Yeah. Oh. Last one, best one. Just back home. Good. All right, so falling
starts with down. Set, lean. See how I’m leaning with
my knees and my shoulders? Just like a falling star,
but going laterally. So lean, push off
this front leg. Punch that leg across. Make sure we break down. You’re on camera. Here we go. Down. And set. Get there. Turn and go. Get there, break down. Solid. Down. Set. Oh, yeah. I liked that one. [WHISTLES] Down. Set. Good. Where’s the arm action? Oh, what the– ugh. Down. Set. Get there. Good. Very nice. Give them a clap. Two-clap. Two-clap. Just two. Two-clap. Two-clap. Good. Very nice. Yes. So that is all three phases. That is what we
do with the RYPT. Stick with those categories. And then once you’re in those
categories, you can’t go wrong. So for us, we want to
just work backwards. What are we going
to do that day? So for us, like,
day two is going to be our cleaning bench day. That’s why we’re going
to make sure we do double shoulder stability in there. Day one is going to
be our squat day. So that’s why I want
to make sure we work on that ankle mobility there. We got that? Any questions? Not once have I
explained it amazing. Yes? Yeah. No questions. Yes. Yet. W. We just felt
like the palms down, so we’re getting into the
pulling the shoulders back. Yeah. No. You’re not wrong either way. It’s just for us, we felt
it better with this way. That’s all. [INAUDIBLE] Absolutely for that. But for us, we want to keep it
slow before reactive for us. So for that, like,
nice and easy. That’s just, like,
our phase one. Then we’ll go into phase
two, some skipping. And then phase three, we go
into some reactive, all right? So like reactive shuffle. Follow me. Follow me. And then turn and go. Oh, yeah. Great. I’ll be around. So if you have any
questions, feel free to ask. Coach Pat and Coach Jake
can answer them as well too. They’ve been with me for about
four years now, is that, Coach? Jeez. Four years. Yeah. Thank you. [APPLAUSE]

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