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Hi everyone, I’m Willian Silva.
and you’re on my channel. Guys I created a playlist containing
all the video tutorials of the game, the playlist will appear on top of the cards. People today decided to do one more
experience that you like so much, this time we will see if it is possible to do
a side goal in dream league soccer, I’ll use the dream version
league of Hobby Games BR, because the camera when charging the side is
different from the camera in my dreem league. Good and remembering that I will speed up
the video and put only the moments of side collections so that you do not waste much time. And if you want me to do some more testing or do you want me to bring more
some kind of game on the channel comments on the video that I will definitely
bring so let’s see if this is possible, first every ball I catch,
I’ll try to dig several sides so I can try to make that goal. Here we will have our first attempt, I will try to play between the goalkeeper and
between first lock and I will fill the force bar. Our first attempt is nothing.
Let’s try until the end of the game. Our second attempt now I believe We’ll see. There is the quarterback of theirs
the ball to reach the goal so let’s try digging more
sides and try other times. Our third opportunity,
Let’s see if we can at least make the ball pass from the
defender and reach the goal. Yes, this was almost little we do not make the goal, I think we have to try digging laterals.
closer to the corners well closed. I did the first half and we did not have
still a clear chance to make that goal, the only one we had was the latter, but even
so it’s far from close to being a near goal. I think it’s gone a long way.
Far still but let’s try. The defender took one more difficult st practice
It’s very difficult, but we still have time. One more side like that other one I still think
It’s still very open but we’ll try anyway. One more side like that other one I still think
It’s still very open but we’ll try anyway. Again the defender fumbling. There is hope it is the last one that dies now
yes we have a much more closed side and much closer to the corner I think now we can say that we have
a better chance of making that goal. Yes we did we made the impossible goal
of lateral that now is not impossible, I had seen this in a gringo video for a long time they managed to do it in 2016 then
I decided to test in 2018 and it worked. Good people, I hope you liked the video. and if you liked do not forget to leave that like. Now if you liked the channel do not forget to sign up to follow the new videos. Many thanks to all you who attended
Until now, and God forbid.

70 thoughts on “É possível fazer GOL DE LATERAL no DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER”

  1. William Silva como você consegue fazer assim com a câmera aode você tá fazendo gol de lateral alguém pode me explicar por favor

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