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Elias believes Emma is pretending to be Camila | TKB Recap (With Eng Subs)

Elias believes Emma is pretending to be Camila | TKB Recap (With Eng Subs)

I’d like for you to stay with us and become our family. You can have anything you want. All I ask in return is… …you tell me about Camila. Did she tell you
anything about me? Can you help me
communicate with her? You said… …you love her. But your family’s pictures
say otherwise. Camila isn’t in any of them. It’s like you removed all
traces of her in your home. I admit I did many
bad things to Camila. I gave up on her… …in those moments when
she needed me. But that will
never happen again. I’m here for you. I will be the grandmother
and family to you that I should have been
to Camila. She’s good. I really thought I was
listening to Camila. For her to know exactly everything she said? She must have a good accomplice. So, you think… …she’s working with someone. Working for someone. There is no way that girl can do this all by herself. She must be taking
orders from someone. Whoever that person is, they know a lot about
our family. If that’s the case,
we’ll find that person and prove that Emma is
just pretending! Don’t do anything rash again. First, we need to find out
why they’re doing this. We need to find out
their motive. This isn’t about money. They might have something
against our family that we don’t know of. But for now, let’s let Emma think
we’re falling for her act. Hello, Lacierda. Emma Bonaobra. Find out everything about her. Here you go, mister. Miss Bonaobra! I heard you were being
possessed by Camila. At times. There are things… …I don’t remember
doing or saying. I just find out about it
from other people. And sometimes, when I come
across a place or an object… or a person… …her memories start flowing
into my mind. Truth be told, I wouldn’t believe it if this were happening
to someone else. Why are you doing this? Who told you to do this? No one. Please… Just tell me the truth. I promise nothing bad
will happen to you. No one’s ordering me! Why are you so concerned? Didn’t you testify
against her? Weren’t you among those… …who turned their
backs on her? Guilty beyond reasonable doubt
for the crime of murder. Vito, you know I didn’t
kill your brother! I’m sorry, Camila. Forgive me. A grave threat has
befallen Las Espadas! He’s about to make
a scene again. Take a good look
at this woman! You know her! You know this woman! You’ve seen her
in the video! This woman
was possessed by the sinister spirit
of the murderer, Camila dela Torre. She swore to return
and seek revenge. And now she can possess
this woman’s body whenever she pleases. And she is now free
to live amongst us. We need to stop her
before it’s too late. This woman will bring
danger to us all. Vito! Aren’t you going
to stop?! You cannot silence me. You! You’re defending the devil
because you’re her lover! What the hell?! Come on! Well, that was humiliating! No, Luna! She was the one
being humiliated! I only did the right thing because no one helped her! The right thing? Oh my god! You really
don’t get it, do you?! Was it right for you
to humiliate Mom?! That’s ridiculous! What makes you think
I humiliated your mom?! You reminded everyone
that Camila dela Torre was your great love! And you’re letting that
Emma fool you, just as she did
Guada dela Torre! Shut it! You’re playing right
into her hands! I said stop it, Luna! How about you, Elias? Do you believe me? You saw them together
last night, right? That woman pretending to be
possessed by Camila dela Torre is trying to fool my dad! Do you think I’m stupid?! Elias, she’s scamming everyone! She’s going to scam you
and my dad! I know it! Your dad isn’t stupid.
He won’t get fooled by her. No! I saw him last night. He has this secret room where he cries over
Camila’s photos. He even has this whole board full of articles about
Camila and Tito Javier! He hasn’t moved on
from the past. And I know that damn woman
will take advantage of my dad! So, what will you do? Do you really think
she’s up to something? Oh, yes! I’m sure of it! That woman is going
to seduce my father. She’s going to swindle him! Seriously, Elias?! Why do you keep
defending that woman? Are you friends with her? Is that why you were with her
during the festival? Don’t tell me you believe her! I don’t. Anyone who says ghosts
and spirits are real is a liar. That’s why I don’t believe her. Yeah. I believe you. You need to eat. Sit down. Emma! You almost gave me
a heart attack! Why’d you sneak up
on us like that? Where have you been, Emma? We’ve been looking
everywhere for you. Sorry, Miss Ichu. I just walked around town, and Elias took me
to his farm. You were with Elias?! You need to stay
away from him. How come? Mother, I thought
you liked Elias? Even though he’s really
close to the Dela Cuestas, we still order our
flowers from him since he has nothing to do
with what happened to Camila. No! I don’t want you
going anywhere near him, the Dela Cuestas,
or the Dela Torres! I forbid you from going to
the Dela Torres’ mansion! And you’re not allowed
to leave this house without asking
my permission first! But– You saw what happened
earlier, right?! It will just get worse because of what
my stupid brother did! She’s right. Those rumormongers
will eat you alive. But, Miss Ichu,
Elias and Ma’am Guada are nothing like
Mister Andres. Stay away from them! If you can’t obey my rules,
then get out of my house! Technically, it’s a
funeral home, not a house. Emma. What do you need? Why are you doing this? If you’re plotting something– You think I like what’s
happening to me? You think I like being
called a weirdo? If I had the power
to stop this, I would’ve done it already. But I can’t. You want me to believe you? It’s your fault the entire
town’s turning against you. It’s my fault? You think it’s my fault there are narrow
minded people who’d rather hurt people
they don’t understand? I’m not saying what
they’re doing is right. But what you’re doing
isn’t right, either. You’re fooling
Mrs. Dela Torre. And for what? For money? Whose money did
I steal exactly? Did you know Mrs. Dela Torre asked me to move
in to the mansion? But I refused. I could’ve asked her for
money if I wanted to. But I didn’t even ask
her for a single cent. As for your Uncle Vito… He’s the one who
came looking for me. I wasn’t the one
who approached him. You want to know
what I’m plotting? Nothing! Satisfied?! Now you can stop associating
with an impostor like me! Miss Ichu… I made this for you. Camila used to make that
for you, right? I remember how she makes it. When I visited Elias’s farm, I asked for some flowers
to make that. I hope it helps
soothe your headache. Thank you, Emma. Do you feel better now? Do you feel better now? Sometimes, I still
have nightmares… …about Camila. I wasn’t able to
help her back then. And I still feel
guilty about it. My conscience is killing me. I feel like I lost a daughter. I’m sorry if I was
harsh on you. It’s because ever since
you came here, it’s like Camila
also came back. But I promised myself not to let you experience
that same cruel fate. That I’ll protect you. But I don’t want
to burden you, Miss Ichu. I went here in Las Espadas to start a new life. To find people
I can call family. That’s what I’m hoping for. And I think I should
focus on that. Alright, I got it. Okay, bye. Auntie, Miss Agot’s son,
Jim, has– Has died. They want us to get the body
so we can prepare it. Did we miss some
dramatic moments here? – Did you say Jim’s dead?
– Yes. He’s too young. I feel bad for Agot. Let’s go there now. Can I go with you? I should be focusing
on work, right? So does this mean Camila’s
out of the picture for now? That’s great! Hold on. It’s uneven.
Emma, lower your side a bit. – Tsoknat, your side’s unstable.
– Yea. I know. – Why don’t–
– Hey! – I’m sorry!
– Hey! – Be careful with him!
– Sorry, ma’am. That’s a person’s body! Sorry, ma’am. Is that her? Is that the girl
who sees Camila? Agot? Agot… If you can really
see Camila, you better tell her… …to end the curse
she put on this plantation. Agot, that’s enough. Why?! It’s true, isn’t it?! Ever since Camila died,
everyone in this plantation has encountered
one problem after another! In fact, Ichu here left us! That’s because she saw how
the Dela Cuestas’ plantation was succeeding! Meanwhile, the people here at
the Dela Torres’s plantation were having nothing but
a string of bad luck! Even my son! Even my poor boy was
affected by Camila’s curse! Agot, please… We know Jim was sick. We cannot blame everything on the curse Camila
put on this plantation! – You better tell Camila…
– Agot. …that if she’s mad
at her family, then she should’ve
put a curse on them! Why doesn’t she
hurt them instead?! Why do we have to suffer?! Why did my son
have to suffer?! Why did my son
have to die! He shouldn’t have died! But he died ahead of me! Why?! Agot, calm down. Tell Camila everything I said!
Do you hear me?! Do you hear me?! Tell her to spare us! Spare us from the curse!

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