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Ellen and Julia Roberts Team Up for the National Women’s Soccer League

Ellen and Julia Roberts Team Up for the National Women’s Soccer League

Hey. Last week, we shot a PSA here. I was with Julia Roberts. It’s for the National
Women’s Soccer League. And Julia said I could
premiere it on my show. So I’m going to show
it to you first. Join the team and pass the ball
for National Women’s Soccer League. By passing the ball, you
will help get the word out for these amazing athletes
and the game they love. Amazing athletes. See? Notice she didn’t
say female athletes. Amazing athletes
who are great role models for all of our girls. I’m going to pass
the ball to show girls they should dream big. I pass the ball to say I
can when others say I can’t. I pass the ball to stand
up for women’s rights. I pass the ball
to inspire change. I pass the ball from my
mom, my sisters, my wife, and my daughter. For my mother. For my daughter. For all their futures. To show girls their dreams
are within their reach. Join the team. Change the game. Pass the ball. How’d you know that was coming? It’s up to all of
us to keep it going. So what are you going
to pass the ball for? [APPLAUSE] We shot that backstage and
I got it on the first take. Julia took several,
several times. She’s– so we put that together. All the outtakes are– you actually can see it
this week on my Show Me More show on YouTube.

47 thoughts on “Ellen and Julia Roberts Team Up for the National Women’s Soccer League”

  1. In america it's soccer and football
    In europe and south america it's football and american football. THE END

  2. So now that you're promoting NWSL, when will you have some of its stars like Ashlyn Harris, Ali Krieger, Beverly Yanez, Kalea Ohai, Julie Ertz, the list goes on and on, appear on your show? These amazing women have some fantastic stories.

  3. This makes me feel gross. They're athletes, not a charity. Happy to get the word out that NWSL exists, but this just left me feeling meh.

  4. happy to see the league being advertised, but this is not the way to do it. there was only one logo and it was barely visible. no highlights. no pictures, vids, talk about players. just about "the children" "my mom" etc. it felt like an awareness video, not an advertisement. why can't it just be about strong women playing soccer? love that it's being advertised by celebs, but i just am a little disappointed in this video.

  5. I think the NWSL just squandered a great opportunity to get people interested in the league. You show a bunch of celebs and no NWSL stars, no soccer/football and no adverts for the playoffs and where you can get tickets for the finals? Why would you ask people to watch something they haven't seen? The NWSL is an amazing league, full of great stars and fantastic games. The only soccer action on this clip is a former male player heading the ball? COME ON, Lifetime and NWSL we can do better than begging for viewers and denouncing your best selling point, females! You don't see the WNBA doing that, do you? PSA? REALLY? Marta, Alex Morgan, Carly Lloyd etc can't sell tickets?

  6. Please have Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath or Kealia Ohai on the show or even a retired athlete like Amy LePeilbet or Abby Wambach to talk about the challenges facing them. You may have Gold medals, but no retirement income…

  7. Can a woman accomplish anything without kindness? How about support something that actually helps, now? Not another distraction from society falling around us.

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