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Ellen Plays 2-on-2 Basketball with Kobe Bryant, Ice Cube, and an NCAA Champ

Ellen Plays 2-on-2 Basketball with Kobe Bryant, Ice Cube, and an NCAA Champ

I have to say, first of all,
I mean, you were amazing– and we keep saying
you are amazing– but we’ve got to give
credit to your team– Definitely. 100%. –your coach, I mean– I mean, I’m wouldn’t
be here without them. This is like, I’m here
representing all of us. I mean, we have a
Hall of Fame coach, you got our 800th win on a
national championship game, which is amazing. She just got into the Hall of
Fame, AP Coach of the Year. The assistant
coaches are amazing and my teammates–
best teammates I ever had, so thank you guys. Yeah. [APPLAUSE] All about teamwork. Ice Cube is about to start the
second season of his basketball league, the BIG3. It’s interesting, because
I have my own league. It’s called Ellen’s Tutu. So we’re going to put
90 seconds on the clock. And it will be
women against men. Easy money. [INAUDIBLE SPEECH OFF-CAMERA] What happens? We have the ball first. OK. OK. All right. I’m going to let you have it. So wait, hold on, so– what are we doing? It’s you two– Are we playing two-on-two? Yeah, it’s two-on-two. Two-on-two? Aww, yeah. Come on, come on. All right. I think we can take ’em. Imma– Yeah. All right. [AUDIENCE CHEERS] All right. All right. Let’s go. Let’s go. Come on. Uh-oh. Mamba mentality! Oh. [INAUDIBLE] hit
me with the jazz. Oh, oh. Oh. Oh. Oh! Are you about to shoot it? Oh! Oh, take that! Take that! Take that! Hey, that’s a foul! Take that! Shoot it! [LAUGHTER] Oh, hey. You got to post it up, man. Take on the block, man. There you go. [GRUNT] Hey! Oh! Oh, you got– oh,
finish your breakfast, man, finish your breakfast! [SIGH] That’s a shot. Oh! Oh. [LAUGHTER] Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. How much time we got left? Oh! Oh, turnover. Turnover. We got another one. We got another one. Oh, you got the ball? [CHEERING] Shoot back. Kobe, I got no D. Oh, yeah! Aww. All right. We got this, Cube. Come on, Ko. We got this. We got this. Agh. Let me redeem myself. I– I– [KOBE LAUGHS] I– [WARBLING VOCALIZATION] Oh. [AUDIENCE GROANS] Kobe, over here,
breaking equipment. [KOBE LAUGHS] Oh, no, you can’t
box me out, girl! Yeah, not an option. Oh. Are you about to shoot it? Cu, I think you can take her. I think you can take her. [BUZZER SOUNDS] No, no, give it back. Agh. I think we won. We won. What the hell? That was a good game, though. That was a good game. And I was with Kobe! That was a good game. That was a good game. Listen, listen. You’ve seen her
get two game wins. And you’re just going to let her
size you up and shoot a J in? I thought you had it! Look my– look. Yes, mom, I failed you. This where I was going. I was going there. No, listen. I failed you. I failed you. I should have been
guarding her, man. That’s my fault This is an exhausting game. Hey, man. I’m sorry, man. Look. Gah. We’re going to have to
do laps after the show. The new season of
Hip Hop Squares premieres April 18
at 10:00 on VH1.

100 thoughts on “Ellen Plays 2-on-2 Basketball with Kobe Bryant, Ice Cube, and an NCAA Champ”

  1. Kobe towering people at only 6”6. That’s crazy. In basketball that’s averages height, but giant in real life. But Kobe just chilling saying you know I got 5 rings right?

  2. I lowkey wanted kobe to just destroy them lol. I love watching pro athletes take to normal people

  3. NCAA champ cant even hit an uncontested mid range shot trying or not you should be able to hit that with your eyes closed

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