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Elsa and Anna Toddlers Super Fun Surprise Toy Hunt !

Elsa and Anna Toddlers Super Fun Surprise Toy Hunt !

Elsa and Anna Toddlers Super Fun Surprise Toy Hunt Are you ready to party? yes I know we’re gonna like how things
are coming out of an animal the boys the specialist is going joy I love using for
costume but could you just let something simple like me increase but it’ll put a
bucket on his head when I put a fake spider am i right
yeah dude like I don’t know why I had to get so complicated I think he’s been
watching too many days fortnight questions yeah no I’m gonna cannon
balloon off the tree yeah we hear that so excited to be at
this party yeah Emma great to see you girls thank
you so much for coming to CeCe’s party I’m gonna scare the girls! oh my gosh that was so cool! project thousand rising hahaha
of course to be totally scared the girls … yeah hahaha that’s never swim why should we tell them now let’s let them stay
scared oh when we have to let go inside ladle we should like totally scared I’m
again yeah yeah I’m gonna like hide under the stairs jump out and scare them
because we’re gonna sleep or you could go under the beds oh this is gonna be
the best party ever well I’ve got a surprise for those kids
and Ben said I was too old for these things. I look fabulous! Uma are you coming in? Yeah I am… Oh this is relaxing … oh Uma when are we gonna stop playing some games? The
boys are getting bored? Dylan I’ll organize the games now. Jean
boys game started yeah this is so cool hi now I need to know about me to
display up its obeys and of course your coverage and guess what she’s done some game soon I love games alright let’s get all these prizes in hey kids all the surprises already
around the pool feel like fine you can probably hurry look about not sure if I
had enough for all of you or someone market Terry the scavenger hunt has
begun come on kids yeah I got one
I love flex wings pumping it to my file Oh okay I’m gonna check in the jaw youtube
sing north oh there’s another truth I’m gonna show
you the other tube how about this tube nope I’m gonna check the lost one to get
low to move north oh no Chris my battery You Bro! Hey dude there’s this blue light down here – there’s any toys the girls are smashing it… I haven’t found anything yet….
Oh give us a call if you see anything oh oh oh what’s that oh oh wait boys it’s a
sludge balls oh it’s Islands lunchbox
oh there’s only one scrap yard let’s me let’s take it back up oh this is awesome J I found some splashlings and luffy’s like it finish it was alive
right right right landfill thing mama’s boy I love lush peas I love pushy I love
Disney yay I found another splash Ling just
click on the Invisible Man doesn’t mean my surprises have to be invisible
Oh go
hi do you know where anything anything good is oh sorry mom I am I’m any film
on surprise you’d better hurry Amy said there’s only a couple left and then I
going inside to open them okay invisible man you mean the invisible man, Mal. Little egg come to mama we’re taking you home come with me Barbie, obviously you’re already gonna take flamingo for my Jeff sees pottery pink
this is so relaxing floating through here oh it’s not fair it’s felt
something except for me what’s that what’s that word Jake’s coming through
Jake’s Oh storms going crazy if you haven’t got
one tough toenails on side if you up we got kids there’s a storm coming let’s go that’s the end of today’s video, yeah, time to go home…

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