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Emma Chamberlain Teaches Us How To Cheerlead

Emma Chamberlain Teaches Us How To Cheerlead

*glamorous by fergie plays intensely* I Don’t take anything else in life seriously, except for cheerleading so.. *music* *ellie screaming” *sips coffee* it’s on let’s do this it’s on baby What’s up guys it is Emma Chamberlain welcome back to Hannah Meloche’s channel Today we’re gonna be doing a video led by me because guess what I like to take things over that aren’t mine Baby, and guess what we’re doing today. I’m gonna teach these girls how to cheerlead. Uhh basically Emma just said it all she teaches us how to Cheerlead to Ellie and i just actually she used to dance But I have no coordination whatsoever I thought this was practice should I.. should I explain my cheerleading background for those who are wondering? I did all star cheer, all star cheer for five years, competitive cheer for five years You know guys know if you know and I did high school cheer for one year and then got kicked off the team Let’s just get right into it let’s get started Okay I’m now pursuing a dancing musically career. follow me on musically okay I’m kind of scared so first step to cheerleading before you can get started with anything is you have to stretch? I know it’s corny, but it’s true first You got to get your body a little bit warm, and so we’re not- we always did on my team as we would do Jumping jacks, but not just normal jumping jacks. They’re called cheerjacks. I’m like are you joking. Cheerjacks. Let’s show you what that is. Okay instead of going like this right? Yeah, you go like No, ew, oh god oh i got this ok so- no yeah, yeah, yeah Perfect. Perfect but you have to keep your hands completely on your sides all the same we have to be completely on time like do it at the EXACT same time Well yes but you have to have your h- actually That’s really important so when you’re doing a clean on the sides right have to have your hands all of these in a cup And your arms have to be that hurt. that freaking hurt. I hope you for know I used to get bruises on the side of my leg- was real dramatic and no you’re like yeah I’m gonna say five six seven eight and you’re go gonna like this right yeah, and then I’m gonna go five, six, seven, eight again And you’re gonna Start, okay, so it still goes five six well no… You don’t know what I’m doing here exactly. It’s gonna be okay like just listen to me I don’t matter and nothing to it you go out Up up out close out up out or we can get started come on we haven’t even started yet because it’s very specifically Okay motor blow we have to take I’m gonna say five six seven eight twice the first time I say five actually why don’t you just watch me first? Okay? Okay five six seven eight? five six seven eight See I’m saying all right yeah, this is our first big I’m like might need Ibuprofen okay? We’re gonna get Ellie some medicine. I literally I’m so bad at dancing what I’m like Naga. I Danny I know Ellie knows the whole dance – Lauren’s part of Harvey’s personal video. I’m not trying to right here and I’m not even kidding. I have a hair. You know your punch is so tight and it’s like oh my god. Yeah What’s up, good? I have her ibuprofen. Why don’t we take it before you get right into it? Honestly? They’re so far little check-in um they’re not doing so good honestly. No I literally would cheerlead with my older high school friends I was like 12 years old and my high school friends would like throw me up in the air But that’s all the experience I had five seven eight five six Five six seven eight five six seven eight First Activity yeah, now, it’s time you guys ranch. I’m the lead stretches. Yes I’m a savage like that and I’ve always wanted to do this But when I was on the cheer team my Hill just hated me and never let me lead the stretches.jk. You try to Do your best baby, I’m touching my knee dude you’re doing great though. Yeah, freaking killing it alright next time wait I mean Kelly is struggling all right now middle now the importance of stretching my people is that you don’t want to pull a muscle Thank you mister listening. Okay now put your legs together Everyone is going at your job babies. Oh that. I never lose your kilt hand. It’s freaking flex I like that one underneath my dojin tailing it what the heck all right now We’re gonna go like this oh yeah, but inappropriate stuff for all the pedophiles out there come out swipe out now Up like this Next to the side You can reach out now. We’re just gonna do a little bit of like kind of like chest warming You got to do this because it’s good to warm up your ribs and stuff of that nature eight Okay, over it one arm over like this. Good job. Hey, they’re killing it so far Ahead ladies Ladies Other side cross the front again That arm good now real quick. Honestly pull as hard as you can so that you like feel it like no I feel good oh Okay, honestly ankles and wrists is so important make sure do a lot of risks I actually injured my wrist like a crap-ton time, so we don’t want to are we gonna be throwing up. Oh hell no oh Oh, I don’t want In there well, I think it’s you’re the tallest so that doesn’t want them know I can actually be a flier But you just are a little bit too tall Honestly if any of you people out there know tall people flying means injuries for everyone okay, now, I will roll out your ankles and Today we’re gonna be starting out with tumbling because personally that was my favorite word enjoying yes And we’re gonna be doing I think we’re probably gonna end up doing about four skills I’ll tell you what they’re gonna be first. We’re going to be doing a forward roll, so easy second a handstand also easy well yeah third a Cartwheel fourth a roundoff I can do I’m concerned about the summer somersaults. I do I’ve never been able to Tumbling trip, we’re going to be doing a forward roll very simple you start out in this position No way not too much trust in the neck just tuck your head under dude that was totally a Lien he’ll back. Thank you. I’m like Make sure to put your chin to your like check. Okay tuck your head under alright now go ahead Yes If you can’t tell I take this very seriously coach Emma in the in the house all right I don’t take anything else in life seriously except for cheerleading so you’re gonna see a different side of me Oh, that’s cute. Next skill is a handstand now This is probably one of the actual harder ones because it’s hard to do a handstand first We’ll watch and then we’ll do it together and then I’ll party All right now oh yeah we to 100 Now let’s all do one by one you got first coach mo do I start with my hands up or down? Ah? Yes, yes, that’s right. I could see like Anna and killed it your turn le le le You got this Hannah You got this Ali Yes yes children for the home better totally next we’re doing a cartwheel let’s just hop really good Two weeks oh Don’t about 4 ready bye Hannah actually finish a walk. Let’s say 5 6 7 8 and said Don’t talk to me like that ok Oh Yeah, oh. Yeah. Oh, yeah, good job ladies Babaji day Yeah, Sally not bad. It was not that like ironing perfect. Tell me. I’m good do they come on me You won’t you lie you’re near a liar you’re a beautiful and you’re perfect you can’t We that was beautiful right I like custom love it like genuine a really good. Let me go back over to you Go ahead. I get back because yours was also genuinely really good now. We’re going to be doing Oh round off. I’m Joan oh God out it’s not her time to get vibrating does work, so should we just skip that one? Anyway, do you want mess let us give it. Let’s just see her his attempts, and if it sucks It’s tough, but it won’t suck because guys. I don’t like he’s your lady due respect. There’s no sucks. There’s just that was bad Amen sister Oh My god Yes, yes yes, I’m here for my arm out, it’s hard right oh Yeah, do it? No, actually how do you do it? You go like this? This is actually don’t believe it Yeah, that was better. No that was the one that was the one dude she killed it That’s it next we’re gonna do probably my least favorites cheer, and I was jumps Oh We’re going to be doing it’s called a hurdler oh My god know all the people who like shear out. They’re gonna pick em up That was horrible, and it really was I haven’t cheered in like three years, so this is what we’re getting today Start like this then go to the side a little bit Go down, and then bow bow front leg is straight back Leg is bent as a teeny bit still try together sister. I am like five six seven eight Student I’m handing you first. No. I don’t even know okay. Wait, dude all you have to dodge I’m jut is this so you start like with it like this right yeah Then to actually block and I did that wrong this straight Bow okay so badly to the best satellite bent front like I straighten find us. Thank you time you go outside No, so your to your channel then straight. Oh, I get down got it. It’s hard, right Don’t you bend your knees once go down so first you go Ben? bend right yes, bend straight down I’m so proud of her right now. That was a don’t overthink it. No The first time ladies just think about as good as it was going hey, so we’re except me now. You’re chill you’re chill alright Yeah, your journey I’m like scared all right neighbors, just kinda like we have a noise complaint. I’ve had. We’re just amateur just trying to be The neighbors are calling and complaining because we’re really loud into the school night, but we’re gonna. Just do one more jump And we’re gonna do a toe touch, and then we’re gonna wrap this up because this video is so awesome It’s enough right you guys already got enough. I know how to finesse tripping finesse oh Dude, okay? This last part is gonna be no talking Hannah’s gonna put a little bit of music over this and I’m just gonna teach them Without any talking at all no talking. Okay. No talking at all all right. We know we’re not even gonna talk It’s okay we had so much fun. Thanks Emma our cheer coach vici She knows how to really cheer we had such a fun time. I really liked it Thank you, and I’m still the best from here, but I would do guys If everybody’s probably Muhammad on being like why Simon being a hard-ass in this video because I take cheer seriously we respected you know so thank you guys so much for watching subscribe subscribe to all of them and Below for everybody, thank you so much for watching and we love you None of us are ready by hand let’s all do now you guys will gladly over My head what you need to improve on cuz I don’t wanna correcting people I loved our Beautiful cheese day trip don’t Well don’t take it personal definitely do it Get faster. Yes, you leave master. Yeah Okay, I guess if you guys want it. I can give it to you. I mean you’re kind of Australian for it, so baby, I Iced please Okay, that’s about it for today

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  1. She isn’t even that good! She better point that foot too.
    I do dance and cheer and Acro and looking at Emma TRYING to do this is making me cringe so hard???….. just saying

  2. Who else is living for Ellie obsessing over Personal by HRVY? bc same idk why I laughed so hard at that

  3. I am bad at cheerleading so I was trying with y'all and I got better ps Emma- pro hannah- expectation ellie- reality

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