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  1. She seemed so sweet. We would have all benefited from her being a nurse I know of some shady ass nurses, so trust me, they aren’t all good people.

  2. This was so devastating. Having to go to school only see her friends and family hurting was horrible. Our entire community will always hurt over this and it will never be forgotten. Every time I hear the story I feel sick to my stomach. She should in college studying to be a nurse right now. Emma had a bright future. Rest In Peace, Emma. ?

  3. This is the first time I feel like I can truly connect to a victim of this kind of thing. Its one thing to see an old picture and say 'this person was murdered'. But its a whole nother thing to actually see snapchats and videos, I can really feel her personality.

  4. just going to say my sister in the NICU, Neonatel Intensive Care Unit, where she wanted to work :'(

  5. So she was shot ? But they thought she died of a natural cause during her sleep or suicide?? what I don’t get it ??

  6. On the prom thing, I had a friend who asked a romantic interest to prom, but ended up getting a girlfriend. He still took my friend because he asked her and didn’t want to make her go alone, it worked out really well actually. So the prom thing didn’t seem like a big deal to me, in fact it actually seemed really kind

  7. This is why I’m afraid to date people but I want to find my forever soulmate too because I know when I’m older I don’t want to be alone..I’m so sorry Emma you couldn’t have the life you deserved ?

  8. It's sad I've had 2 premature babies and she looks like she would had been great at it. So sorry for four family. Young girls I've seen this alot if a boy your dating is making you change on who you are in anyway then get away. Like making you text where your going what you're wearing getting mad if you hang out with your friends or calls you alot or texting a crazy amount that's not good your young you should be enjoying life and meeting new people so if you feel like your not you then that means he's not the right one for you. Talk to school counselor or a teacher your family if you feel like your going to get hurt by them the go to the resource officer at school if by any reason no one's helping you out of this then talk to your favorite teacher just don't stay in it becouse you'r scared tube please find help. Stay safe girls and even boys. Also there's teen hot lines out there fide advice look them up

  9. I would never imaging being I'm her parents or family,or even community's postition,she must have been so sweet,why would anyone do that to someone or even thwmselves,some people are just so selfish,if you were to think of hurting yourself or someone,think about who gets hurt,your family there family,why,why do you do it,to help yourself,because you are not helping anybody else. think about that !!♥

  10. Kinda makes me sad people are ragging on and calling Noah & Alex snitches for helping the police. Loyalty ain't worth someone else's life.

  11. This story really gets to me because this could've been me. I was in an abusive relationship in high school but thankfully safely got out.

  12. Is anyone else wondering the two shots fired at her but there were no blood my question is how did she die was it the scare of the loud noise and your sleep that killed her or what

  13. I was in a relationship like that along time ago he even got his friends involved and i got a restraining order against him. He found out by one of his friends I was at home sick from work and he came over with a wasp and held me down and stung me. I'm alergic and he know and he said stuff and luckly my window was open and my next door neighbor was out side and heard me scream and ran over and tackled him. He ran and I went to hospital after being in there for almost 2 weeks. I moved after to a different area and place and have not seen him since. The police looked for him and everything and have not got him yet.

  14. I just don’t understand why people can’t get over this type of stuff and can’t see obvious signs that they aren’t wanted. Makes me sick to know that selfishness can result in a murder.

  15. Props to the friends that helped the police out ? and rip Emma such a beautiful young girl taken way too soon. So many monsters out there, I’m glad he was caught.

  16. She’s just like me. I want to be a baby doctor and I love competing dance and I’m a cheerleader! So sad she’s dead

  17. My questions is why would they tell him who told them about the gun? Like that could be a motive to hurt him

  18. Noah and Alex are actually so brave though. If they thought that Riley was a murderer then it is pretty heroic of them to still hang out with them for the sake of Emma.

  19. i went to school with both riley and emma. i had classes with her. i will never forget the day i was in my chem class finding out emma had passed. every day i saw her at school she had the brightest smile, she was always so kind. she will truly be missed. she will forever be apart of my life. i’m glad riley is in prison for 50 years until he is up for parole but knowing the situation he will most likely be denied. you did this perfectly, i was worried at first because this hit literally close to home. thank you for doing this with correct information and thank you so so much for not labeling this as a cheerleader football player relationship gone bad, thank you for acknowledging that she was more than a high school cheerleader, thank you so very much for showing how truly amazing and wonderful emma was and how much potential she had in life. thank you so so much. i came across this video by accident and i was worried that you would’ve done it wrong but you didn’t. thank you so much

  20. There’s something wrong with this whole story, the investigators originally said they thought she died from natural causes, and Emma’s mom found her didn’t see any blood because she didn’t think anything was wrong at first, you’d think investigators would’ve noticed gun shots in her body right away or Emma’s mom would’ve saw blood. And notice it never says Emma was shot it just says there were gun shots in her wall… I dunno just a few things I noticed.

  21. its your first video ive watched and ive very much enjoyed it. Ive watched hundreds of similar videos in terms of content and narration and this was one of the most engaging and informative ones thank you keep it up!

  22. Well she is the same age as me and she would still be alive today if she wasn't killed by her psychopathic ex boyfriend

  23. I had a crazy ass ex too who would yell at me and degrade me and my parents did the same thing except they talked to my ex mom and she was crazy af too so now that they knew his whole family was ban from communicating with me they knew my mom would call the cops and take legal action if they even tried so yea if parents want to protect their kids theyd stop at nothing they even tried to get restraining orders ??‍♀️

  24. And she was so beautiful as well, now that’s just not right. She didn’t deserve to die like that. She was so young as well

  25. She would have been 19 years old today.
    Rest In Peace kind angel.
    I hope the mom and dad are okay too ❤️

  26. I actually read this in a magazine before watching this video it truly is horrible that Emma had to die like this I hope he rots in hell for what he did

  27. I love your videos ? but the music in this one made it more difficult to listen, and much less enjoyable. Has me very on edge but I want to see the whole thing. ?

  28. Proves my point again .he is white , if you look at all the murder s and serial killers alot of them are white .im white so im not being mean but all the killers out there are white boys and girls .when I went to jail its was 80 % white girls on drugs heroin .and they where proud of their marks on their bodies ..its really messed up .

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