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Empire of Dreams The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy

Empire of Dreams The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy

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  1. May 26… 1977… The Chinese Theater Los Angeles California. I even still have my "May the Force be With You" pin that they had handed out only the first and second day.

    The ONLY reason I wasn't there on Wednesday, May 25 (opening-day) is I mixed up which day it was opening (back then, I think most movies opened on a Thursday, not on Wednesday). I still feel honored and proud to have seen it within 48 hours of its release that fateful week in feature film history. It definitely changed my life walking out of the rear doors of the Chinese Theater to walk to my little Honda 175 motorcycle parked on a side street there in Hollywood.


  2. I think Lucas made a smart decision on naming Luke… I think "Skywalker Ranch" sounds a lot better than "Starkiller Ranch" 🙂

  3. I saw Star Wars in theaters the year that it came out, I don't remember exactly what day. I was only seven years old at the time and all I really cared about were those cool robots. But I also thought Darth Vader was a robot. Now I wish I had been born sooner so that I could have been a little bit older when the movie came out. Still think it's one of the greatest movies ever made; I can never decide between Star Wars; Raiders of the Lost Ark and Back to the Future but those are my top three picks.

  4. Rorger Corman, Dino De Laurentis, Disney Corporation [The Black Hole], [MIDDLE FINGER] and ALL the other frauds and fakers SUCK.

  5. 20th Century Fox remains clueless before, during and after. [MIDDLE FINGER]
    Disney Corporation [MIDDLE FINGER] taking over the industries.

  6. Imagine if Kurt Russell was Luke Skywalker. Peter Mayhew seemed like such a sweet man, RIP to him and Kenny Baker.

  7. I mean… look at it guys and girls. Even the documentary is magical. See the fire in their eyes, the character development, the story telling… this is the Star Wars that I love. This is the Star Wars that makes me take time off from the real world now and then.
    Not this new stuff filled with political agendas, telling people what to like, and if not liking it, being attacked for it. New SW movies may have great special effects, the music is there and they HAD, the potential to become something amazing… but that never happened. The characters are mostly unlikable, uninteresting and often seem to have no real purpose. I will say that episode 7, was not bad. Not great, but not bad either. It started something that could be built on, but what happened after that, killed SW magic. Rogue One was rather okay, but rest was pretty much crap.

    So, I will stick to " Legends ", episodes 1-6. And… well, since I am writing sci/fi at times, I will stick to fan fiction as well.

  8. Suppressed fact: Trump wrote and directed the movie but gave Lucas credit because Trump is a humble human being.

  9. No matter what comes out in the future from Disney or whatever, NOTHING can take away the magic of the original saga (and hell, I even like the prequel trilogy too). Star Wars has been a major part of my life, and helped shape me into the man I am today. George Lucas will always have my eternal gratitude for that. I'm just saddened that the fan backlash from the prequels was so bad that he ended up selling it all to Disney. Aside from Rogue One, nothing they've produced really has the same feel and soul as the core saga has.

  10. Its So amazing that Lucas told Ralph McQuarrie to just draw it in the way it should be , dont worry about how were gonna do it or how much it will cost, we will figure that out later, and that was in the pitching to the studio part.
    when it came to making the movie, the movie looks pretty much exactly like his paintings, Lucas captured the look and feel PERFECTLY!
    even now (2019) his concept art versions of characters have been adapted into toy form, goes to show everyone respected McQuarrie deeply! 🙂

  11. Hang on a second. In an interview after ROTS he said that the critics never liked anything he ever did where Star Wars was concerned. Yet here he says people loved it and someone was crying at their first viewing of it… this is why Jorge can’t be believed when it comes to this series. He tells conflicting stories all the time. Depending on his whims, and or mood at the time.

  12. Obi-Wan Kenobi Explains Anakin Skywalker's Death To Luke (With Flashbacks):

  13. I didn't even realize it was such a long documentary, I guess a lot like the films themselves lol

  14. By golly, this story is as epic as the movies themselves. I would pay to see a dramatised movie about all that went on here. It's got it all…a man with a passion, who works hard to follow his dream despite overwhelming opposition, a marriage leading to divorce…someone who changes the world by making his own rules.

    But whatever you do, don't let 20th Century Fox or Disney make it!

  15. Watching the behind the scenes filming I think you can see that they really had fun and enjoyed each others company..Happy to see that.

  16. The only trouble with star wars now is watching them ur unsure if what ur watching – is how it was or this new cgi infected version.
    Id love to see the old ones before all the re-tinkering.

  17. Yep as agree with comments below, at 47 yrs old – this movie franchise has been in my entire life. My earliest memory is flying a lego x wing without the x and without the wings holding my luke skywalker figure as I whizzed it in hand thru the air.. I was only around 4 or 5 and it was first year the figures were out. I had the entire toy lot including the cardboard death side diarama with trash compactor.i loved playing with my star wars. We swopped figures at school. We played it in playground. Then later I sold all my figures when my mum and dad opened a second hands store.. Years later those figures became holy grails of the toy world. Mine had already been sold. Wow, and the collection had been so complete with Xmas and birthday and treats being star wars year after year.. My big regret. Hey ho. Haha

  18. Wow and when this docu came out he was working on phantom menace?? Who would have known masses would be released past that movie.. How many is there now? I haven't seen lost of them.. Must be around 10?

  19. Star Wars is a rip off of asian culture. The costumes, the martial arts (chi gong = the force) the emperor all Asian elements set in a futuristic setting.

  20. Lucas really had the Illuminati esoteric, druidic and occultic teachings and some of the basic galactic history of the Orion Wars supplied to him by the NSA to actually thank for these (wonderful) works… 😐

    Geez. Guy could at least give some credit where it's due. 🤖

  21. I am very surprised they didn’t talk about the Emperor reveal. Actually showing the man who was pulling all the strings, in my opinion was one of the best parts of the movie.

  22. It's so weird to hear the Director of the "Greatest Sequel Ever Made" , Empire Strikes Back, not wanting to do it. His agent should've gotten a Lifetime Achievement Award for making him direct that film.

  23. Daniels doesn't hate R2D2. He's teaching younger children to love their elder siblings when they are teased.

  24. It's really sad that Disney had to ruin Star Wars…I can no longer get excited over a new Star Wars movie or game because of Disney's complete ruination of Star Wars.

  25. Watching this documentary while being waterboarded is still more entertaining than watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

  26. 'Originality'.
    That, and good, solid writing, is what makes Legends.
    Star Wars, IV, V, VI, did that like few others.
    Sad, that so many sequels, fail to appreciate and promote that sentiment.

  27. Man if these guys had to work with today's copywriter laws. All the sound guys would have been sued by scuba tank manufacturers for using their products' sound in SW content. The guy who made Darth Vaders' breathing noise would have been put in the poor house by today's standards.

  28. Disney : I got a problem here. My converter's running wild.
    SW Fans : Eject!
    Disney : We can hold it. Gimme more room to run.
    SW Fans : You're too low. Pull up!
    Disney : No, we can hold it…
    [death scream]
    [The Star Wars Franchise explodes from SJW crossfire]

  29. These 3 films brought me so much joy as a child well they still bring me joy,
    the effects were out of this world I still think that they hold their own against any of these green screens and cgi effects. The figures and merch were also magic we had this small toy shop in the village and when new figures were released all the kids would be waiting outside for them to open then we'd all be in the playground playing with them.

  30. Lawrence Kasdan: "I was delighted that it [ESB] wasn't a rehash of Star Wars." Funny, isn't it ? That's exactly what you did with TFA.

  31. How can anyone watch this documentary, and then with a straight face say that Disney Star Wars is just as good? Give me a break. They aren't even in the same universe.

    Ep 1-6 are the only Star Wars.

  32. just think. if fox did what they always do nowdays and made the worst decision possible at the time and canceled production due to all the problems they were having we would not have some of the greatest works in the history of entertainment. i mean to be fair we also would not have the last jedi but to this day i think the good movies significantly out weigh the bad.

  33. you know its amazing because alot of the stuff they talk about here is relevant today. like back then we as a people have lost faith in our institutions and we have lost hope in the future. and that is very much represented in the movies being released. in fact one of the reasons i hate the new trilogy so much is because whilst the old trilogy was about having hope in a galaxy that seemed hopeless and using that hope to change it the new trilogy is more about a galaxy that had hope slowly loosing it. i think this is a result of the times we live in and whilst starwars gave audiences what they needed back then which was an escape from how they were feeling about their society the new trilogy instead is trying to be a reflection and critique on our current society. this is why i think the old movies are so revered whilst the new ones are so hated. nobody wants to go to see a movie and feel worse when they leave. and thats what happened to manny people including myself after seeing the newer movies.

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  35. Man how did we get from a Filmmaker that was investing himself wholly into his visionary project to the last Jedi. Done by people that couldn’t care less about what Star Wars is about, pushing their agendas instead, treating true fans like crap and insulting anyone that dares criticizing them. Unbelievable

  36. 1:31:00 I felt I needed humor but not gags….god why wasnt this video a required viewing for Disney before making the sequels

  37. I have watched this documentary and cried ! Cried not because of the beauty of Star Wars And the Great Empire Strikes Back, I cried because of the camera angles, the fight to have Great Cinematography, the props the sets, and the Exuberant writing. I took a film course at BAM and got a certificate for field production. I have a few YouTube Videos and I believe in art and music.( I also was in the extension division of Juilliard )

    This is a Great documentary that every film student should watch………..twice.
    All the Best
    Shaun of NYC

  38. Star Wars was a rehash of old Flash Gordon 1930 serials and Run of the mill at that time. Same with India Jones…. There is noting special about these guys.. They just took what happened to work and made new again. And It happened to work. Its all that is!! Star Wars was new at that time?…. Please… Get F'n real!!!
    What i will say is that yes… George and his cronies did invent a new way of telling a sci- fi story. But it was already made back in the f'n 30's… DOnt believe me?.. Look at the F'n deleted scene of "a new hope" which it was not even called back then! It shows clearly a totally different aspect to "Star Wars"… ugh..:!!!

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