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(ENG) Indonesian’s Girl Reaction To รักติดไซเรน (OST My Ambulance)

(ENG) Indonesian’s Girl Reaction To รักติดไซเรน (OST My Ambulance)

Wowww…so handsome Today I wanna to show you MV reaction about Thai song aka T-pop In Korea is K-pop and Thailand is T-pop if I search yesterday this is Thai lakorn OST Titled My Ambulance The main female lead is Davika and… I’m not sure this Drama already aired or not Cause I wanna know Thai songs but I don’t know the original title of this OST I just know this is OST of My Ambulance drama…guys Are you curious about that guys? Let’s watch now the song.. Wowww…her hair is ash grey If my hair like that maybe look like grizzled She is looked badmood waiting someone I guess it’s a man Sigh…. I don’t understand the language Wowww the man is so handsome… Oh…if i act like that The man pulled my hand…hemm maybe I looked exaggerate hahaha… His jacket like… This song is different from generally Thai lakorn OST because the generally Thai lakorn OST is mellow but this OST is relax, cheerful, and very easy to hear His jacket look like paddle pop rainbow ice cream Too bad I don’t understand their language If I understood, certainly will join sing I think the dance is covered too by Davika the female lead of My Ambulance Oh…bring the heart shaped red balloon Oh…why he is so handsome… I really enjoyed the song…guys Wowww there is the ambulance’s sound Oh that’s why the title is My Ambulance There is an ambulance siren In Indonesia like Jodoh Wasiat Bapak’s drama But I don’t know My Ambulance Thai drama is about love or mystery If in Indonesia, Jodoh Wasiat Bapak’s drama is about mystery My Ambulance’s drama is aired or not, I also don’t know Oh…the man who wear read jacket so handsome too… Swear, I’m so flirty…guys hahaha The dance moves like K-pop Style of the dance like driving or riding motorcycle Forward and backward Again…forward and backward then so beautiful I swear that he is very handsome… I think he is a famous singer in Thailand His face is no less handsome than Korean Idol because for teenagers in era now, the handsome one is K-pop idols Wowww he is the main male lead guys… She is Davika with wings bird style Davika’s face looked similar with Miss Grand International 2016 (Ariska Putri Pertiwi) Oh… evidently it’s in the toilet, I think in the clubbing place like discotic hahaha… There is sound of water like someone who finished pee hahaha… Swear, that Davika’s face really similar with Miss Grand International 2016 There are lot’s of bubbles Maybe to make it look cheerful This OST is different from generally Thai lakorn OST guys… Usually more mellow and sad but this like happy and relax… then The dance is easy to practicing guys… but uncertain if I practice whether it’s easy or difficult I swear that he is really…really handsome Do you know his name guys? Forward and backward The style is right and left Cheers… Forward and backward then so beautiful Wowww…both already make up even though she angry waiting him to come late The men really like to come late when he meets women This is behind the scene guys… Davika is like practicing Oh, wrong moves Moving must be like a butterfly and bird but she uses one hand He is the main lead The male main lead (beside Davika) Very unique dance style…forward and backward then the bubbles… Aren’t they tired blowing the bubbles? They look happy Someone punched the bubbles Yeah…It’s easy to punched the bubbles than punched people’s face easy or difficult to punched people’s face? Maybe punched my heart? hahaha… Too bad…the video is finished when really good to hear Then forward and backward Look…that I’m so enjoyed The dance looked easy to practicing but actually, is it easy or difficult? I don’t know Ok…thank you for watching the video this time Don’t be bored watching Starone TV If for example bored, just force watch hahaha… As always…

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  1. The drama called “My Ambulance The series” .. The first Episode will be on 6th September. Please reaction again.

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