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[Eng Sub] DIA First Pitch & Cheerleader Dance @ Baseball Game 160628

[Eng Sub] DIA First Pitch & Cheerleader Dance @ Baseball Game 160628

My job today is first batter I don’t know if I can do well Yebin will sing the national anthem We are going to perform I am anticipating it Have you all played at a baseball field before? Nope, it’s my first Oh really? I’ve been there before, but I never expect I will go there to perform We are specially going there to be cheerleaders Not sure if we will do well (Q: How’s the cheerleading practice?) It’s easy to get mixed up It looked easy at first and after we practised the moves When we did it personally we realised it’s not easy at all We sweat a lot and we can also burn fat What’s different about Jenny today? The bangs Why did you say it out I am supposed to say it originally You are too much Jenny unnie cut her bands She became prettier But I can’t adapt to it At first I though it was a wig, it’s awkward We are on the way there by car We are almost there The remaining distance isn’t far, we travelled a long time We will perform well when we reach there We will work hard Nice throw How are you so good at your first try Only practised a bit yesterday The pose, the ball’s height are all perfect Pose together I will sing the anthem It’s my first time a baseball stadium It’s huge There’s a mic there Over there, when the match starts I will go and sing the anthem What are you doing today? First pitch, first bat It’s a totally different feeling being in the audience and being here Throw Ball Don’t be too anxious, please (from DIA’s manager) Ok it’s done Jenny who cut her bangs It’s so awkward I think you became prettier Don’t you think she looks better after cutting it? I always have this hairstyle (the beautiful long hair Eunjin) Today Chaeyeon and Eunice unnie first pitch fighting, our stage also fighting! We also danced to the cheerleading dance yesterday My muscles are still aching now My neck hurts This is my first time in a baseball stadium Bang ya Bang ya All together For the reversal For the victory Applause For the spirit and victory Let’s shout together Let’s give the performers a round of applause, they are DIA Thank you Do it Amazing DIA Hello we are DIA I love you, congratulations to our first pitch Where did we go just now? Nexen Heroes Team For the first pitch, bat, national anthem, we went to the Gocheok Stadium We also received this cap The last time Hee Hyeon unnie did the first pitch This time it’s Chaeyeon and Eunice together We are done with the pitching, we are on the way back Today even though we saw the first pitch We also had the free time to enjoy ourselves As we support them we are relaxed too, we relieved our stress too Today we also became the cheerleading team But that was during the break time and wasn’t included in the broadcast But in front of the real cheerleaders team we did the cheerleading dance I was very nervous I don’t know if we did well, but everyone watched it seriously My whole body aches My neck and shoulder The dance goes like this It was painful Even though we were lacking a lot, but to support Nexen heroes We did cheerleading, as well as the first pitch and batting We also sang the national anthem We had a very meaningful time, the national anthem was sang by Yebin And also we danced ‘On the Road’, we performed our dance I think that this kind of event is especially interesting, it’s good for our experience So I feel great Thank you, Nexen Heroes Thank you Next we will go and practice again Go go Bye Until now, it has been DIA Bye (T/N: Please do not take my subs without permission. Thanks for watching :D)

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