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[ENG sub] PRODUCE48 AKB48ㅣ혼다 히토미ㅣ에너제틱 치어리딩 소녀 @자기소개_1분 PR 180615 EP.0

[ENG sub] PRODUCE48 AKB48ㅣ혼다 히토미ㅣ에너제틱 치어리딩 소녀 @자기소개_1분 PR 180615 EP.0

Hello! I’m Honda Hitomi from AKB48 I was a cheerleader during my entire elementary school years So I will show you my acrobatics and dancing skills First I’ll try acrobatics Let’s go And one more thing! And finally I’ll do a dance performance I’ll try my best to debut through PRODUCE 48! Please cheer for me! Thank you~! Please vote for me! Vote for your girl PRODUCE 48! I am Nana Okada from AKB48 and STU48 I’m rooting for all the members of AKB48 that are participating in this project! I’ve heard from the members that the lessons are very intense I believe that our members can complete the lessons without a doubt! So everyone! Don’t miss the broadcast of PRODUCE 48! Vote for your girl PRODUCE 48! I am the Tokyo representative of AKB48 Team 8, Oguri Yui I am rooting for the members of Team 8! It seems very difficult, but as a representative of Team 8 And as your own representative, please try your best! I’m cheering for you all! Friday June 15th 11 PM First Broadcast

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  1. 우리나라 사람들은 인성도 굉장히 중요하게 보는데 얼굴이 선하게 생겼음. 볼살이 좀 통통하고 얼굴이 깨끗해보여서 애기 같이 보임. 가볍지도 무겁지도 않은 모나지 않은 성격같고 12인의 멤버중에 있어주면 +효과를 가져다 줄거 같음

  2. 진짜 이런분이 왜 일본에서 빛을 발하지 못했는지 모르겠다..ㅠ 실력도 일본 참가자 중에선 밸런스적으로 가장 잘 빠졌다고 생각하고 무엇보다 그냥 너무 귀엽자너…


    Tbh, I first noticed her because she resembles Jaehwanie. But as i watch her more in the episodes, I fall for her charm and talent. I believe she's one of the most talented Japanese trainees on the show. So please, to everyone who can vote, please don't sleep on Hitomi. ? The world will thank you for it. ?

  4. 너무 귀여워ㅠ이세상 살아있는 생물 강아지 고양이 히토미 세상에서 제일 귀여워ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  5. 진짜… 개귀엽다… 너무 취저야… 킁 ㅠㅜㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠ 여돌 관심 없는데 히토미는 진자 귀여워 흑

  6. AKB48 혼다 히토미 연습생❣️
    ?귀여운 매력
    ?귀여운 비주얼
    ?발랄한 표정
    ?긍정 바이러스
    ?해피 바이러스
    ?귀여운 애교를 소유한
    AKB48 혼다 히토미 연습생을 꼭 픽!해주세요~

  7. ひーちゃん!

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