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[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.55

[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.55

[Run BTS
BTS Picnic -3-] [Crazy badminton match to get snacks!]
It’s a badminton racket! Challenge! Don’t pass to this side! [They started using tricks]
Oh, this is crazy. You didn’t shout “Challenge”. We’re so sly. [They hoped for the best
with foot volleyball] [But it was like the badminton match]
– Not backwards! – [Over enthusiastic]
One more kick! [He kicked the snack far away] It’s so serious.
We should work out. [The match ended in frustration]
Fans will be frustrated after watching this. [How will this picnic end?]
We’re so terrible at sports. It was fun. [Run BTS picnic time schedule
Board game] [Picnic 3 (Board game)]
Let’s decide who will cook dinner. [They will play Monkey Tumbling
Game to decide it] [Amazing]
– The monkey is hanging. – Right. [Amazed by the monkey]
Look. It’s still hanging. I guess there are too many branches. [Hope-Solomon solve the problem] [Falling down] [Hanging]
It’s going down. Please explain the rules. Lets’ play rock paper scissors
to decide orders. The loser will go first. Then, roll the dice.
If I get orange, I’ll take out an orange stick. If a monkey falls down,
I will take it. [Fourth rule]
– Okay. – If a lot of monkeys fall down, – the person will lose.
– Okay. [Everyone understood]
You got it? It’s easy. So, the one who goes
first is at disadvantage. – Right.
– Let’s rock paper scissors. [Rock paper scissors]
– From the one who lost. – To the right side. [They started playing rock paper scissors] [Suga, J-Hope and V won
and were excluded] [Those who lost]
Rock paper scissors. [Jimin didn’t see RM’s scissors]
I’ll go first. [He got confused too]
Okay, I’m the last one. If you lose, you’re going to cook.
Try to let monkeys hang there. [Amazing]
Our music video is on. [“MIC DROP” music video]
Is it “MIC DROP”? [Jimin dropped one]
What? Take one. [Sound effect by J-Hope] – That’s amazing.
– It’s the destiny. Green. [Taking out a stick from the floor
full of monkeys] Take it out. If you touch once,
you need to take it out. [Lucky to have only one] [So far, so good]
One for Jimin, one for J-Hope] [Taking out] [Amazed] [So skillful]
Suga’s good at controlling! [V chose a stick which had no monkey]
Green. – Scary.
– Green. [Will Hope’s prediction come true?]
I guess he’s going to cook dinner. [Concentrating] [Everyone concentrates]
The color became important. Orange. [RM talks more than a player]
You’ll be screwed if you get green. [Thank you RM for talking]
Glad I didn’t get green! Pink… It’s dangerous.
In any place, it’s dangerous. [Game-caster Hope]
If you touch it, there’s no turning back. [The oldest and youngest members head]
– He got it. – A good one. [RM moved a monkey to the next stick] [Humble]
– Smart ones can play like this!
– I was lucky. [Jimin got green]
Green! Did you touch it? It’s risky. [Jimin moved all monkeys
to hang between sticks] [I didn’t know this is so exciting] [Amazed] [Real game starts]
– This is real. – Now it started. [J-Hope’s destiny?]
It bounces up weirdly. – Pink!
– Pink. He touched it. You have to take it out. [Surprised] [Three monkeys fell down] It’s not over yet. [Hope has 5 monkeys now] You have a lot of monkeys! [Concentrating]
– Nobody knows.
– You’ll drop 2, I guess. [Still holding the stick]
You won’t drop any. – Or one.
– Just one. [Suga has only one monkey] Green one? It’s not easy. [V moved one quickly] [Nobody wants to cook]
Green? It’s going to be so hard. [Jungkook’s turn] Hang this monkey to another stick. [Trying hard] [2 monkeys fell down]
That’s like a bug! [No!] – It’s really important.
– Orange. There is one! [Jin is doing fine] If someone drops all of them,
that’s going to be the end. [RM had orange]
There’s only one orange stick. [Careful]
You’re going to drop many monkeys. I bet he will drop all monkeys.
RM will be the last one. [The sound of falling down] [But only two fell down]
See? I’m so good at this! [Jungkook’s prediction]
I think Hope will be the last one. [There’s no orange stick]
Pass. [Nodding]
If you have green, this game will be over. [Eyes are following the dice]
Just go to the kitchen. [Hope had orange, pass!]
You will cook… [So interesting]
Who will have green? That’s the issue. [Suga had orange and passed]
How come it had 3 oranges? [V’s turn]
Taehyung has no monkey. [Again?] [V passed too!]
Hang on. [Please] [They had orange five times in a row]
[They are dumbfounded] – What?
– Is it possible? [Jin had pink!] [Like riding roller coaster]
Pink! Hang on. It’s okay. [Jin has 2 monkeys]
One. It’s okay. [RM is so excited]
Orange! Don’t touch it! [He had orange again]
Orange! [I feel the same way as Jin]
He likes this game a lot. [Surprised]
[Jimin is so lucky!] [So desperate] [So cute! They’re moving
their heads following the dice] [Let’s see]
Green! [This is suspicious!
J-Hope had orange again!]
Orange! [He’s expressing how excited he is] If I have orange… [Suga passes again!]
Isn’t it a bug? Did you buy an item? V, let’s finish this. [V got pink]
Pink! [So unpredictable]
– Take this out. – Nobody knows. [Thinking hard] – Once you touch, that’s it!
– Okay. [It sounds like V is out]
Taehyung, well done. Good job. [He dropped 3 monkeys] [What’s this reaction?] [Rest of monkeys
are hanging in the next stick] [Jungkook’s turn]
– Please, orange. – Orange. [Sadness of Jungkook is joy for others]
What if it’s not orange? Green! Go down! [Saying in dialect] [Members are getting excited]
We’re even now. [If he has pink, he’ll be the last one]
This is a shortcut to be the last. [RM’s joke]
If you and I have pink, it’s going to be funny. I hope it’s not pink. [Pass! Jin – green]
Good. [Pass! RM – green]
Green. – RM is showing active reactions.
– Right. [RM is excited like a kid]
– You’re excited. – Here we go! He’s cute, like a baby. [Jimin got pink]
Pink! [Excited]
One of the two. [He looks more nervous]
– Like a baby? – He’ll drop only two. [Harvest of monkey]
Jimin, congratulations. If I don’t get pink,
the game will be over. He has 5 monkeys. – I but you’re not going to have pink.
– It’s destiny. [Members born in 1994 got excited] [You may break down the dice!]
That passion will help you. Let it go. [What will be the result?] [Hope has orange again!]
[What’s that?] [Hope, we thought you slipped over!] [I’m laughing but not laughing] [Who will be the very last?]
Anyone who takes this out will lose. [The last stick]
This one will lose. [Not confident]
No way… [Suga passed 3 times in a row!]
He casually threw it and got a good result. [Members start feeling nervous]
I hope it ends before me. [V passed] [I’m sure this is a dream]
[My hearts starts racing] [Is this real?]
Will I play? – Yes, green.
– Sorry, you’ll have pink. [It feels like unlucky ones keep playing]
– Green. – Pink. [V’s prediction came true!]
You’ll have pink. [I don’t care if it’s not me] [I want to be alone
Please get out of here] [Jungkook will cook dinner]
The first one to cook dinner. [Others are excited]
Jeon Jungkook, good. – Bring ice cubes.
– Next game. [Another game to decide one more]
Jungkook will not play this. – Congrats, Jungkook.
– Why? I want to play. [If he loses again, he’ll choose his partner]
If you end up with 7th place, – I’ll pick one.
– Okay, pick your partner. [Will he show off his power?]
Please don’t beat the penguin. Okay, I’ll be nice. [Penguin Trap!]
Who was the last player? [Jungkook will start]
– I’ll start. – From Jungkook. Two. [Concentrating]
I’ll take out two white blocks. [Jin and RM passed,
Jimin had 1 blue block]
One. [You’re going to hit the penguin…]
If we hit hard, the penguin may fall. One white block. [Staring] [Why do you tremble your hand?]
Do you have a shaky hand? [Hitting softly] [Today’s luckiest guy
Suga got a voucher for pass] – He’s really…
– One white block. [Two fell down]
What? – We can’t help. – Okay.
– I’ll say two. Two blocks.
You’ll be in a big trouble! Ready? [Jungkook targets a block
next to the penguin] [He’s so ambitious]
Amazing. [Junkook’s will to be with brothers] If someone touches one
near it, it will fall down. – Two.
– At this moment? [Jin shows off an amazing skill]
Wow, awesome! Your brother studied architecture! [Nobody understands]
What’s the point of that? – One white block.
– Namjoon is at risk. A white one. I am sorry, guys. [Hope’s turn after Jimin passed]
[Concentrating] [Touch?] [Softly]
Hit it hard so that it falls down. – Okay, done.
– Good. [Suga finally holds a hammer]
– White one, the farthest one. – Right. [Careful]
It’s a matter of balance. [V and Jungkook passed,
Jin dropped one block]
– One. – One. [Beating the edge] [Penguin is tilting]
[Audience makes a fuss] Dangerous! [Succeeded in breaking ice]
[So proud of myself!] [RM got two]
Okay, 2! Namjoon! Great job. [So careful] [Are you beating the block?]
Let’s think about the physics. This is a new, and it’s fixed tightly. [Friend, I think you’re going to cook]
Big trouble. Great job, though. [What should I do?]
Namjoon, you did a great job.
It’s brand-new and fixed. [What happened?] [Penguin moved a step]
He’s now escaping. [Everyone is busy teasing]
– The block is so tightly inserted. [Who am I? Where am I?]
Why did you choose that? [A real friend helps when in need]
Don’t hit it but move it at the edge. [No effect] [The ice block starts moving]
– Wow! – It started moving. [What if many blocks fall down?]
[It won’t budge] 2 birds with 1 stone. – It won’t budge.
– I don’t think it’ll fall down. I’m going to cook. 100%. Trust me. It won’t fall down. [Surprised] [Penguin didn’t move as V said!]
It’s not possible! He touched already. [Looking far ahead]
Namjoon cooks well. It’s delicious. [What are you doing?]
Choose anything you like. [RM finally escaped
from the ice swamp] [Jimin got 1 blue block]
One blue block. Wow! [Powerful] [Everyone is amazed]
You’re so good at this. Have you tried? – No, it’s my first time.
– What if I get a rest? So lucky? [But he wasn’t lucky] [One white block]
– No? – That one. – This? – Yes. [Other blocks are falling down together]
[Hesitant] Hang on. The penguin will not fall. [Laughing out loud] [Penguin fell down!]
The penguin will not fall. [Penguin fell down] [Hope fell down, too]
I told you so. – J-Hope!
– J-Hope! [Today’s dinner chef: J-Hope and Jungkook]
Chef for dinner! I’ll cook. – Enjoy your free time.
– Thank you. [They started writing poem]
Good! Let’s get it! Why don’t you write it later
after having fun? [Brothers start writing poems] [Writing down] [Serious]
[A long poem] [Suga’s room] [To take a rest]
Oh, cold. Oh, the AC was on. [Su-tired] [He lied down after
making the bed] [Jimin and Jungkook are playing pool]
[J-Hope is watching them] Wow, great. [Thinking hard]
Um… [Thinking hard]
Oh, Jin! – Why are you thinking so hard?
– I don’t know what to say. [Efforts for creation]
I will finish it now. [RM’s room]
[RM came in to take a rest] [Hope starts writing]
Let’s play a computer game. – Okay.
– Good! [Jin finished writing a poem]
Done! It’s a perfect one. [Jimin and Jungkook choose a game]
Beijing Olympics? Winter Olympics? Winter Olympics. I want to send a chain letter inside. This letter started in the U.K… I want to write the letter. – What? Vancouver?
– I played this. Running is fun. Is there no curling? [The oldest member acts cute]
I think we need to check. I’ll go to bed. [Jin’s room]
Oh, my. My back! It hurts! [It’s too hard to lie down]
Oh, my. Muscle pain… What’s the sound? [No… He’s just turning in…]
Is he working out? Are you still writing? [He’s spending 30 minutes]
How long will it be? [Sneaking]
Hey… Haha! – Are you sure it’s a poem?
– Yes. [Sure, if you want]
I can write a long one, right? [Three brothers start playing a game] I think Jungkook’s stone
will go to the center. [He’s talented even in curling]
Wow, it’s going in. Wow, it’s at the center. [Jungkook is good at everything!]
Wow, awesome! You need to defend now. [Coach Hope]
What about sending a stone to block. [Someone who needs compliments
and the other who needs snacks]
It looks delicious. [A playful back and forth]
Eat barbecue later. Stop eating. Jungkook, here we go. [Jimin tries to push Jungkook’s stone]
– Pushing it out? – Sure. [Jimin, go!]
Amy, let’s go! [So excited]
Too strong. [Proud]
– Hey, I pushed it out. – Did you? [Jimin’s stone is at the center]
I tossed it out of the circle. – I’ll push his stone out, too.
– Send it in a diagonal line. [Sounds like the national team coach]
Right, diagonally. Full swing! [Concentrating]
– Make a right. – Oh… [Disappointed]
– Jungkook, defend. – You were not on my side. [100% sure!]
He’s not on anyone’s side. If it becomes a tit-for-tat, [So serious] [Yum yum]
the last hitter will win. [Concentrating]
Don’t let it be that. Hit it with power. [Concentrating] [Yum yum]
– How many stones do you have? – Two. At the center. It doesn’t move. Jungkook, it begins now. [Where can I have this coach?]
Target on the right side, diagonally. [Kook-disappointed]
– There. – Mine wen farther away. [Jungkook’s stone is the inner part]
Mine is on the inner side. [J-Hope gives advice to Jimin]
Aim to send it to the center. [But Jimin doesn’t trust him]
Trust me. Follow my direction… [Saying in dialect to a disobeying player]
Why did you throw it to there? It’s not easy to control. Oh, Jimin! [Shaking]
Jimin, take it easy. Too far! [Disappointed] I think Jimin will win. – No! I can push it.
– Right, you need to do that. [Jungkook’s stone
came inside] Jimin, aim at the center.
Only at the center. [V is watching together]
To the center. To the center, stop! [Why does he play like this?] [Respect]
It’s so amazing that players – do this on the ice.
– Right. [Where is Jimin’s stone going?] [Jungkook won!] [Jimin-disappointed]
Did I lose? I won! Your score is 0! [Let’s eat cookies] [Excited]
Jimin got 0! [Suga, RM and Jin are sleeping] [J-Hope and young ones
are playing games]
Where are you going? [The oldest one is looking at them]
Go! You’re so good at it.
It’s a huge gap. [The game makes Jimin angry]
No! I made a turn! [Pissed off]
I quit! – Jimin is at the rock bottom.
– Jimin, let’s play pool. [Challenge accepted]
Come here! [J-Hope and Jimin starts playing pool]
Isn’t it golf? [Jimin’s balls going to holes]
Wow, you’re so good at this! Hey, will you cook
pork ramen? – Did we get some Bibimmyeon?
– No. [What?]
Hey, it’s fun. [Jimin’s recommendation]
Put a ball here. Hit the ball and see whose
ball is closer to this bank. The winner will give a clout
to the loser. [Their own game]
– Jungkook, come here. – Okay.
– Clout. Are you okay? [Laughing out loud]
What about spanking? [Nobody asked them to do that]
– Good. – Wearing Rash Guard. [Everyone agreed]
– Good. – Good. [Jimin’s ball]
Okay. [J-Hope’s turn] [J-Hope’s ball pushed
Jimin’s ahead] [Serious]
Thank you. [Be careful, a fly may enter] [Similar] [Hyenas approached to check]
Jungkook lost. [Kook-disappointed]
We should play rock paper scissors. [No, look at this]
I won. Look at this. [I can’t tell] – All balls are at the center. Where
should I send mine? – Don’t touch. Nobody know. Taehyung
is the last player. [V touched Jimin’s ball with his stick]
He touched Jimin’s. [Do it again]
– You need to start again.
– Hang on. This… [The first round came to naught]
– Then… – Both of them. – Invalid? Invalid… Will you keep doing this? [Very sensitive because he was leading]
– What should we do?
– Don’t touch it. Let’s play rock paper scissors
to decide orders. – Rock paper scissors!
– Rock paper scissors! [V goes first and Jimin goes last]
– Rock paper scissors! – Okay! [Awesome from the beginning]
– Wow! – Amazing. [V is leading]
– Wow! – Awesome! [Proud]
If someone laughs after spanking, that person will be spanked! [It amazed others]
Wow! [Jungkook is winning] [I feel a hunch]
I guess he’ll hit it strongly. Don’t try to make me laugh. [J-Hope came in last place]
– Okay. – My ball is far behind. [Concentrating] [Jimin’s ball is ahead of J-Hope’s] Jungkook won.
J-Hope cam in last. [The youngest is excited]
Since it was a match… [Thank you for doing it on your own]
Nobody asked us to do this but we decided to give
a punishment. [Rest of members needs to be careful]
If you laugh, you’ll be spanked. [Tucking his top]
If you laugh, J-Hope will spank you. [95s need inner peace]
– Don’t laugh. – Hang on. [Jungkook is getting ready]
– Hang on. – Hit him soft. [I’m sad… I’m sad… I want to cry…]
If you laugh, you’ll be hit, too. [Thinking about sad things]
Ready, go! [Nervous]
[Bang!] [Corners of his lip moved] H…Ha ha! [Jimin couldn’t hold back his laughter]
– Go and wear shorts. – Come back. [Laughing out loud] Let’s wear rash guards. [Introducing the observation point]
Look at here. [I won’t be hit alone]
I’ll watch you. [The youngest starts laughing]
Hang on. Take it easy. [Everything is funny
to these young guys] [Ready]
– Here we go. – Ha… [Sad thoughts x 3] [Failed]
Here we go! [Laugh bomb] [Thank you, Jimin, for giving
this happy moment]
Hey! Come here! [Inner peace… inner peace…] Ready, go! [Thud!] [They started laughing out loud]
Hang on. [Come here]
I bet I won’t laugh. [Will they can hold back their laughter?]
Go! [Echo sound] [Isn’t it funny?]
[It’s so funny to me] [Why do you laugh?] [Where did you come out?] [He’s there!]
When did you come out? [What are you doing here?]
[Nobody noticed Jin was here] [It’s so funny] [Jin came out and sat before V was hit]
[Secretly] [Laughing quietly]
[What are they doing?] [Let’s cook dinner]
Chef Hope. [Preparing for dinner and
Run BTS singing contest]
Let’s cook dinner. [Jimin wants to play more!]
[Excited] It’s warm. [V came to wake brothers up] [Let’s turn on the light] OH… [Quiet tug of war]
[I want to sleep vs Time to get up] [No move] [Target change! V came to Suga] [I’m your alarm fairy!]
[Moving in the bed] [Going into the blanket] [Patting] [Let’s go to the kindergarten, Suga] Hey, we need to cook. Um… What time is it now? [Just like our parents who wakes us up]
8 PM, 7:50. [Suga and V are tugging the blanket]
Bathroom. – Are you awake?
– Yes. [V is going out]
Okay. [Suga wants to travel
in the dream land] I’m J-Hope, who is responsible
for barbecue tonight. [J-Hope, please take care of meat]
I brought today’s main ingredient, pork meat. Wow, the charcoal is so nicely done. [Members are deciding songs to sing] [Anpanman no.1 and no.5
who want to be Superman] [Cute] [I’m the chef today]
How many ramen packs? [The youngest is doing great alone]
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 400 ml, 24. 2,4L. [Smart] [Pouring water using a coffeepot]
[This is so easy] Now, it’s 400ml. [Talking to himself]
It’s 400. Less than 500 ml. Perfect. [Jungkook got excited
while cooking ramen] Power. [Kind]
Power is on. [Cute]
Power is on. [Let me see] This one is the biggest. Let’s cook it over high heat. [Kookie is a chef]
Let’s get it! [It’s like a fire show]
The flame is too high! [Scared]
What should I do? [J-Hope is having a fire show]
It’s a fire show! – Were you grilling it outside?
– Yes. – Awesome. [Manggae is so excited]
It’s like a fire show. The smoke is like in a sauna. [Kook’s recipe]
I always put powder first. [If you like it, that’s a good way]
No reason. I just put seasoning powder
first before the water boils. Everyone, I need help! [Fire] [Making a fuss]
Everyone. [Trying to turn it down] – It’s not down at all.
– No. – It’s now low. [Eat Jin]
We need to bring sauce. [Giving orders to others]
It’s time to cut. Scissors, please! [Hope is the chef but others are busier]
You didn’t set the table yet? – It’s crazy.
– Everyone, let’s do it together! [Coming in]
Do you have scissors? Are you helping me? [Touching]
He’s grilling meat without scissors. [RM is so curious]
If I put several packs,
do I need to heat it for a longer time? Heat 2 at a time.
It says how long you need to heat it. [Trust me]
2 packs, 4 minutes and 30 seconds. [Touching]
Wow, members are helping us! [Heart-warming]
They’re so kind. [In a rush]
You started grilling without scissors? [Firm no]
– Don’t you trust me? – No. [Trust me]
Jimin, it’s me. Your brother. [Members are helping Hope and Kook]
Please cut the meat together. [Rolling up his sleeves]
Because the meat will be overcooked. [Working hard]
They’re almost cooked. No way. They’re not cooked yet. We all had stomachache
last time, because of that. Any ingredients to add?
Like chili peppers? [The youngest want to add some]
Was there any chili pepper among vegetables? We have onions and garlics. [Jungkook has his own criteria]
You can’t add onions in ramen. Except for Japanese ramen. Where are the rice? [RM heated them up in microwave]
– Namjoon is doing. – He’s doing. [How did he do?]
Oh, my. He opened the lid. [Two came to see it] – Oh, no.
– I should’ve done it. Some people don’t like it,
some people like it. [The youngest understands RM]
There are many types of people. [RM opened the entire lid]
Who does this when heating up rice? It’s hot. This is the last time!
Last grill? What’s that…? [Trip to Gapyeong]
I guess this meat is different. Let me overcook it. [Looking at him]
Why? – Are you bored?
– No. [V thinks he’s cute]
Then? [The oldest gives him assignment]
Taehyung, hold them and follow me. [Error]
Hold them and follow him. No need to bring lettuce. I’ll put a lid on the pot. [Worried]
Is it cooked well? [I don’t want to have a stomachache again]
It’s cooked. I tasted it. It’s going to be funny
if we all have a stomachache together. Don’t you trust us?
We cooked it well. [J-Hope and Jimin think it’s well-done]
This is almost overcooked. [Hungry]
– Are they heating rice? – Done. – Yes. [V came to get rice]
– Rice? – Meat will be cold. – Are you cooking?
– Rice is done. It starts boiling. [Adding ramen] [Brother]
You looked lonely so I came here. [Strong youngest member] [I know]
– I’m not lonely. – Dude. [Ambiguous boundary between
kind and annoying]
You like to have company. I know. Amazing thing just came in. What’s that? [Generous gift from the production team]
[Kimchi, sausage, beef brisket] Thank you. What about placing
sausages on the side? Okay. [Don’t overcook them]
Not at the center. – Cook them with steam.
– Okay. Got it. [Producer Kook’s camera angle]
I’m having a good sense. [Two good-looking members] [Just like young kids] [Hey… Jungkook…] [If you use your face like this,
give it to me!] [Jungkook’s cooking tip]
It’s better to boil ramen without the lid. [Suga came in while humming] [Checking out his look] – I’m here to bring vegetables.
– Vegetables. [The youngest member’s questions]
How is it going? Almost done? – They’re doing great.
– Almost done? – Yes. Jeon Jeongkook is famous
for delicious ramen. [Chef Kook’s another tip]
Tip for cooking ramen. Don’t put a lid on
when boiling. But you just did. That’s when I boiled water. In the end. – You said not to put a lid on.
– In the meantime. [My words are the law
and correct answers] It’s hot. [Getting excited again] [Like Suga from Kimchi-making episode]
It’s not salted enough. Oh, Jimin. Rice is here. [Quiz: How many were
supposed to cook tonight?]
– Rice. – Okay, good. Take a rest, brother.
At least today. [Our precious Jin always cooks]
You always cook for us. [He’s cooking quietly alone] [Let me taste]
Sorry. [Just like someone…]
It’s perfect. [Surprised by touching Hope’s arm]
Surprised. [This is perfect too]
Perfect. The barbecue is perfect.
Later… [The youngest came with ramen]
– It’s hot. – Here it is! – Ramen! Anyone needs chopsticks? [Professional entertainer’s attitude]
– Anyone who needs? – Me. [OK! Cut]
Okay. [RM calls Hope to give ramen]
– This is amazing. – Hoseok. [But they couldn’t hear] [Can’t you hear me?]
Enjoy! [Well-cooked meat] – Enjoy.
– Thank you. – Let’s eat together. [Meat which was grilled before]
Let’s warm them up and eat. Delicious. [Me, too] – Have this.
– I’ll finish this and join you. [You, too]
Have a bite. [BTS’s eating broadcast will start!]
Amazing. [Yum yum] Ramen is so delicious. [I’m full when I see you eat] Ramen tastes better
when eating outside. [J-Hope and Jimin worked hard to grill meat]
Hope, it tastes so good. – Thank you. – It’s delicious.
– Right. [Short of ramen]
6 ramen is not enough. We need 14. Because each one eats 2 servings. [Jimin is pouring ramen soup to his cup]
Look at that! He’s so creative. Did you use a spoon? [Right…]
[Using a spoon] [Using a paper cup] [They got insight]
After I saw you… [Uh!] [Salt for grilled shrimps is popping up] Be careful. Salt grains
are popping up. Then, catch them. [What? Brother?] Isn’t it the full moon?] [Pretty full moon] [Dinner time with BTS]
– It’s pretty. – “The moon is up”. I’m worried if the staff
didn’t have dinner yet. [We had… But they don’t believe]
Are you sure you had dinner? [They didn’t?] Let’s make a vegetable wrap
and give it to camera directors. [Is this Camera Director-duce 101?]
Let’s see who expresses the taste best. [Camera directors start being nervous] Taehyung, Jin. Go! [Enjoy] [Jungkook makes one]
– Give it to the one who hasn’t had.
– I’m coming. [I need more reactions]
More, more. [Satisfied] Did you see that?
He showed two thumbs up. [V is reproducing the gesture]
He did this, after showing 2 thumbs up. [Hope is coming] How does it taste? – One thumb up.
– One. – I got two thumbs up. [Jungkook is approaching again]
Anyone who didn’t have? [Thoughtfully]
No bones, right? [V starts laughing out loud]
– Why? – Any bone? [V wanted the director to show more reaction]
He did this, and said,
“One thumb up is not good enough”. [Excited] [Visualization of taste]
All of you had it? [BTS took care of all the staff]
– All of them had. – I really enjoyed it. We’re going to have a camp fire
and read your poems. [It reminded the youngest of poems]
– I didn’t write it. – Not yet? [Ha-ha] – Everyone finished.
– Really? [Comrade]
Jimin didn’t finish it yet. [Reaching his hand out]
Up here! [The youngest has two comrades] Run, BTS! [Preview of Run BTS Picnic 4]
Any exciting song? [We can’t skip playing music
at a picnic] [You can hear their sweet voice] [and see excited BTS
in the singing contest] [This makes everyone stomp his feet] [Time to read letters]
Golden. Jeon Jungkook. Run, BTS. Laughing? [Laughter fills in the air] [Letters written with true heart]
I want to go many beautiful places. I’m scared, too. [Their sincerity are felt]
In the corner of a drawers in my head… [The night goes on]
I hope they stay healthy. Poems of 7 members. [Let us invite you to the picnic night]
It was too hot. [Run BTS
BTS Picnic -3-]

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