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Everyone Is Going Crazy Over This College Mascot’s Dance Moves

Everyone Is Going Crazy Over This College Mascot’s Dance Moves

he’s a dancing machine look at him go Cosmo the Cougar is Brigham Young University’s mascot and he’s setting the internet on fire with his dance moves [Applause] the pool cougar is still in the spotlight from the coupe arrest you all look awesome but Cosmo is stealing the show and they’re loving it we are like so excited and shocked we didn’t know this would happen we caught up with the squad Cosmo won’t utter a word his identity is top secret but the squad is speaking for him it’s incredibly hard he has to have so much stamina and endurance because you kind of can’t breathe through the mask [Applause] [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Everyone Is Going Crazy Over This College Mascot’s Dance Moves”

  1. I live near this college and I have been to many of their football games. If I were the drill team coach I would have cosmo dance at all the performances.

  2. So nice to see the cheerleaders dressed decently. It shows they have respect for themselves and won’t be used sexually. True women’s rights.

  3. Dancing is hard enough, imagine doing it in a costume that you can’t see very well out of, probably really hot in there, and just really uncomfortable. I have respect for this dude.

  4. I mean he was was literally doing what the other people did. He added a little bit more which was literally basic dance moves anyone can do.

  5. For those of you debating if he is white or black, he is white at 0:26. Pause when he raises his hand and look closely at his wrists.

  6. Have you never seen japanese mascots? They can dance, playing drums, guitars, even perform some acrobatic stunts?

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