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Ex-cheerleaders want to talk to Goodell about NFL rules

Ex-cheerleaders want to talk to Goodell about NFL rules


21 thoughts on “Ex-cheerleaders want to talk to Goodell about NFL rules”

  1. Far-left liberal NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the ENTIRE •modern• "Lefty" NFL enterprise sucks. I'm 100% DONE with them all.

  2. blah, blah, blah, these #metoo whores….The NFL is a private corp and they can do what they want. I say do away with cheerleaders like F1 racing did… all that bitching backfire on them

  3. I like how they talk like this is is a real job. They dance around in NFL sponsored panties and have the audacity to wonder why no one is taking them seriously. YOU DANCE SEMI NUDE FOR A PAYCHECK!! This can't really surprise them.

  4. Yes young lady y'all are told to turn around and run if a player comes around. You are told to do that for your own safety! Yes ma'am have you seen the criminal history of a lot of the NFL PLAYERS?!? RAPE IS DEFINITELY HIGH ON THAT LIST OF CRIMES!

  5. These lovely women have every right to wear what they like and also to have the chance to meet eligible husbands if they so wish. Ridiculous discrimination.

  6. Ladies reach out to
    Mr.McMahon and the XFL
    and company!!!!! im sure during this time of kneeling and double dealing in the nfl
    Rodger just might find out
    America is ready for something different !
    Note to Rodger those nfl ratings last year where tanking hell the way it was headed you will be fighting cnn for last place in no time !

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