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Ex NFL Cheerleader Arrested for Sex Assault on 12-Year Old

Ex NFL Cheerleader Arrested for Sex Assault on 12-Year Old

elizabeth garner is an accent if al i’ve
cheerleader and she asks all cheerleading four of the tennessee
titans only three years ago recently she was at a party and she falling twelve
year old or allegedly followed a twelve-year-old into the bathroom boy uh… twelve year old boy yes um… i
should be very clear about that out and she uh… allegedly grabbed the boys
penis and asked him if he had been with a woman before and uh… the boy alleges that she ought
to at the top orel sex with men he ran out of the bathroom told the mother
uh… and the mother was the person who threw the party and invited this cheerleader uh… and uh… the cops were called and
she was arrested a paper excuse for doing this was all i was just so drunk i thought that
it was an older guy realizing he was twelve and that makes sense after asking have
you ever been with the woman before the accuracy of the economy region habitability pro having let its ridicule assigning
personnel at my eyes highlight his story because it’s a
perfect example of aid bowl a overnight you know he gets sexually
assaulted by a-one and an email from mug shot was not exactly the most attractive
photo of her about her seemingly she’s attractive uh… you know at of a destructive woman
who is all over the age of eighteen basically trying to have sex with
someone under the age of eighteen the boy didn’t want you know because
there’s always this assumption that if the women armed molesting younger of the
boys that’s okay because the boys wanted to have different hormones may respond
to a differently so we should prosecute women the same way we prosecute men but
i totally disagree with that he should definitely prosecute women the
same way you would prosecute mental absolutely absolutely this is the old
child abuse is this still child sexual abuse so the idea that you know we have this this cultural
concept of uh… what are the obligation the side
is to be italian this check my stats accident but you know that that doesn’t actually
that doesn’t apply in reality and it also there’s a reason that the allies
say they under the age of eighteen is not negotiable you do not do that that
is sexual assault and these children you know don’t have the same my mental advances in
national it’s not really fair to them because an
especially to young boys because they have a right to not be sexually
assaulted you you know i have salute lee actually create the assumption that like
young boys are into it all young boys are into it so we should be easy on the
with no that their sexual predators to where they should be prosecuted became
widely absent like this is that part of discrimination
as well you know the idea that is said that that young boys teenage boys don’t have a right to the
same protection said teenage girls would have granted teenage girls are idea generally statistically the higher
targets but it still happens teenage boys as well in the age of consent is
that way legally for a reason and that’s because how do you know they don’t have
that same level of of legal of responsibility they should have that
ability to turn off and have those people be prosecuted yes or after all that mister i’m
surprised that he wasn’t interested the end of this error saying i’m not
saying we should not take it seriously or he should be required to accept it or
she should not go to jail and i think that i’m simply saying that based on my
own experience growing up in knowing the guys that i did if you told me that one
was approached by an expensive cheerleader who want to do some new i
would’ve been more inclined to say there’s a higher chance that he be into
it than a girl obviously that is not accurate here and perhaps even just a
physically accurate but that’s just my belief i guess i am
affected by the stereotype that you guys have been a thing yes you know i think it’s part of the
culture you know that says that that’s something
that that boys should be added do acceptable and accepting on and then
we should not be prosecuting at the same one when i completely disagree

100 thoughts on “Ex NFL Cheerleader Arrested for Sex Assault on 12-Year Old”

  1. America goes by the state and not by the nation as a whole. Most states in the United States the age of consent is 16. not much different than Sweden. Tennessee, where this case happened, just happened to be one of the eleven states where the age of consent is 18.

  2. Only if you assume they're so shallow that they'll look down on him for having his own reasons for turning down sex…

    … hell, there might be some girls who might even find him more appealing for having standards for all you know.

  3. I don't care if English is a second language to you. I am sure that you know that when writing, don't use "u" instead of "you". You have plenty of characters to do so. Do you have some statistics confirming your claim that there are not 12-13 year olds that would have sex with a woman who is 42 years old? Your personal experience is unimpressive to me. Unless you can cite some concrete evidence for your claim, don't claim it as truth. Your also misogynistic, well what a character you are.

  4. Ana is absolutely right.

    The stereotypes ignore the fact that alot of the time under-age girls who are assaulted in this fashion think they want those sexual relations, just like the boys. That doesn't change the fact that the adult is abusing their "power" and taking advantage of the minor, whatever the gender.

  5. Oh, almost forgot. Our law is so sucks that they don't protect young boy here…. The person who committed crime will be charged of being as exhibitionist instead of rape or molest.

    Also, we have strict weapons control law.


  6. Guys and girls are different. Guys generally want sex (from women) pretty much from when they hit puberty. Girls don't.

  7. How can a teenager who wants to have sex with an older woman be classed as a pedophile? Do you even know the definition?

  8. I hope you are not being serious. It sickens me to think that many people think it's okay for women to have sex with underage boys. Having sex with kids is wrong and shouldn't be allowed whether it with a boy or a girl.

  9. Ok folks, imagine if this situation is reversed and an attractive man walks up to feel up a twelve year old girl and ask her if she has a boyfriend. Would she be considered a lesbian or would you want that guy's head on platter.

  10. Congratulations Dad, you just found out your Kid is a Homo…..

    Give the kid a few years, he will be drowning in his own misery over the deflected offer, He may be fine know, but that decision will make a HUGE impact on him later in the years……….He has NO idea…

    WHen i was 12, i wouldnt have made the same mistake.

  11. The 12 yr old boy is obviously gay. I would have given anything to be raped by an NFL cheerleader when I was 12. MILFS and cougars are welcome too.

  12. Males & females think differently when it comes to sex. All the guys, jocks, would have given anything to be "molested" by her.

  13. How did they know the boy had been molested? Did he come out with a great big smile on his face, walking like he was on cloud 9??? LOL I know I would have been. I'd blackmail her. Tell her now we go to this every night. You pretend like you are the cheerleader & I am the student, oops that's what we are LOL.

  14. What a weirdo. I know this is wrong but I really want to see what this boy looks like. Just to make sure he doesn't look old.

    But my gut reaction is this lady is a creep.

  15. The women should of not been to blame b/c the boy followed the women or the women followed the boy vice versa and he actually sat on the toilet and spoke to the cheerleader like he is interested with going with the flow of things, for all we know what could of happen was that the boy was trying to shit a terd out on the toilet and the women just happen to see his dick horny and the boy pulling the cheerleader hand closer and closer the the point of contact so the boy wanted to feel better inside

  16. Anyway that age is weary of sex and had the cheerleader not been drunk she would of relized the boy dick is not fully develop enough to be at a blow job level.

  17. Wives and hard-to-get girls want to have monopoly on sex in order to get economic benefits and have guys work hard for pussy, that's why they hate these lovely sluts who give it out easy.

  18. I'm not saying it's right, but when I was 12 I would have loved for her to come on to me like that, and I wouldn't have ratted her out.

  19. HAHAHAHA trust me, they know he was just scared because nobody expects that and that bitch should've hit on some highschooler or older instead

  20. The question about whether they're into it or not is not relavant. A child doesn't have the life experience to necessarily make that call. Even if a child literally "asks for it," it is still considered rape. There's maybe nothing magical about the age of 18, but the line does have to be drawn somewhere.

  21. Grown adults shouldn't have sex with underage children. Period. But to clear something up the age of consent wasn't put because the child is mentally not ready as we believe it to be today. Its because back in the day a lot of young girls would become pregnant by older guys and left to raise the child. Now this was the time when single mother was frowned upon. Her hopes of ever getting married were gone. fathers would sometimes forced the men to married the girls. Where term shotgun wedding frm

  22. When I was like 11, possibly even younger, I was ready to jam my dick into a woman/girl. I sure as fuck wasn't the only one in my peer group. I might not have been able to spunk sperm cells, but that's not exactly the only thing sex is about, because there's definitely also a social and not just a reproductive aspect to sex.
    Men want to have as much sex as possible, to spread their seed, and subsequently have more promiscuous tendencies.

  23. I disagree and agree with some points. Where I agree is that underage sex is wrong and should be illegal as it is. Where I disagree with the law is that the age of consent should be 18, I think it should be 16 as it is here in the UK.

  24. I'm thinking like an adult,who had a the opportunity to be with an older college girl when I was that age.I pretended to be older.

  25. i assumed u were a dude. you dont need to love someone to fuck them and you can wear a condom thats a solution to both your problems. consenting parteners can be fuckbuddies and thats fine.

  26. 22, grown ass man. I was dating and diddling at age ~11 with my very curious and therefore willing girlfriends. So yes, I do very much know what I'm talking about. It's not like what I'm saying is some great affront to reason or simple goddamn biology either.

  27. I seriously, seriously doubt a woman could just easily rape a little boy. Not just because I doubt it'd be reliable to just touch his dick, but also because rape-victims squirm and shit.
    My core argument remains solid.

  28. I can't believe these comments!

    Any 12 year old boy NOT creeped out by a 42 year old woman hitting on him has issues. Maybe if teenagers these days didn't waste their young years with people twice their age they wouldn't grow up to be creepy 40/50 something adults who still date 18 year olds because they never did when they were 16-18. Don't waste your youth on older people, you will regret it. Especially men.

  29. I am a dude, but I don't want to be arrested for having underage sex and also I don't want to fuck someone unless I'm in a relationship with them because one night stands aren't an appealing prospect for me anyway.

  30. No, for not taking the chance when he had one, I guarantee you, looking back on this in a few years, the kid will be angry as shite, I think the government has warped your mind a slight bit, I was in an very similiar situation at his age, there was no wrong doing, nor did i think it was wrong, nothing bad i would think would have come out of this act.

  31. Should anybody be having sex? What im saying is, that by the time your 12, youll know if you want to be intimate, wether your a boy or a girl, if the 2 people consent, and are protected, im fine with it, who am i to tell them they should or shouldnt do it? I agree sex is a bigger deal then just oral sex, but if its oral sex, and both are fine and protected, ive got no problem with it, but again, just know what your doing and consent, but im not saing go and have sex with a 7 yr old or something

  32. I know how you feel…This is absolutely disgusting if people think this is okay…It's sickening how this world turned into. This is the exact same reason why children are growing up fast…because of people like this douche. -____-

  33. Are you frickin' kidding me? I'm sure at such a young age you had an idea what sex was, but you didn't really know if you wanted it. At 12 I knew I like girls, but a 42 year old woman? That's a bit older than 12, don't you think?

  34. Not often you hear about pedophilia the other way around (Older woman with an underage boy). Doesn't matter how you dice it, it's still wrong even if the kid allowed her to go with it.

  35. Yea its wrong to try any child. She should have come to me and I would have pounded those sugarwalls! But its possible that she is an alcoholic and was faded in that case weird thing is I wonder if she has ever accused anyone of rape if so then the case should be revisited.

  36. We're not talking maturity, we're talking about wanting it. A boy might be a child for longer, but even boy-children are hornier than mature girls.

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  38. Hey, "deep thinker." Fake cops use your "these, this, that, those, it, there" with poisons+electricity for creating killers, murderers, mass-murderers. Eight poisonings, four electrocutions, and a bunch of "this is what we want to see" "see? that's [the word that] how rumors start" and other shit. The only reason I'm living is my self-discipline as a court reporter nine years. They USE YOUR TECH FOR MASS-KILLINGS WITHOUT EXPLAINING THE TECH (while guess who armchair settles people you misled)

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  40. One 14-year-old was deprived SEXUAL (gender) CONTENTMENT (Mary, 12-to-14 years old pregnant with Jesus) and POOF an entire "death=good" reality would've continued and instead we have "death=bad" at Bad Friday. At Germany, already selected is "Mourning Friday." Announce changing the god-damned calendar and save a few (internet search "girls crucified" though Bad Friday, rather than Good Friday, one died, for "c"hrist's sake, especially bad if Jesus was more than a man or woman)

  41. its true, Males are treated differently then females when involving sex in any case. but a male sees sex and develops sexually much different then a female would, I did not make the same mistake as he did, nor did my action hurt me in any way, nor anyone else, im speaking from my own expierences, not just word of mouth, It may be wrong in the governments eye, but it isn't in mine, not from my past, when your 12, you should know what the deal is, nor would I call her a bad person. male or not

  42. I want to kill some of these commenters. They are so goddamn blind to the fact that this women is 40 years old and according these assholes he's gonna regret it. REGRET WHAT? His sexual fantasies? At that age he doesn't know what he wants. But then again I guess a 12 year old woman will regret not getting molest by a 40 year old man.

  43. I am twelve and I would take the opportunity to have sex with a former cheerleader like its a dream of a lot of people and it could be one in lifetime opportunity as twelve years old getting to have sex with a cheerleader at such a young age but taking the opportunity would be exciting well I think it would be

  44. The problem with many men when they hear stories like this is that they do not empathize with the victim, instead they put themselves in that position as if other males should feel the same way they would, and when they dont then there must be something wrong. What they see is an attractive woman they want to have sex with and think that all other males should think the same thing. They are just as bad as the child molesters because they are actually condoning it.

  45. while she is correct here . i thinK these three  Need to grow OLD together on this
     show  And force them to Change the name  to ;TOT    "the old turks" . could be
         good to see their change in perspective  , and it will change .

  46. I can't believe the stupidity of the comments here. First of all, it's okay to be gay and second of all that woman had no right to do that. It certainly wasn't my wet dream at 12 to have a woman molest me. You people are sick. Also to the guy in this video: the fact that your friends are idiots doesn't mean that all little boys want sex from older women.

  47. I remember when pornography and homosexuality were assumed to be damaging and would instigate  sexual crimes.  it turned out  that  it just wasn't so. So my question is: Is there any experimental evidence that early (Pre legal consent) sex is in itself damaging? I can't imagine how you could set up the experiments, So I doubt they exist. The first thing a scientist learns is to question cultural assumptions The inaccuracy of cultural assumptions is why the scientific method was invented. .

  48. 12yrs old boy is much different than a 15 or 16yr old boy.. But of course women should be prosecuted the same way as a man..

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