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Exercises for Cheerleaders to stretch your lower back

Exercises for Cheerleaders to stretch your lower back

Megan: How can I make my back more flexible?
Speaker 1: A lot of cheerleaders have this problem. I would say, “Grab the stunt strap.”
If you have a tight low back, often, your gluts are too tight, your hamstrings are too
tight, and your lower back obviously is too tight if you have problems there.
What you can do is take this around your foot and you need to strengthen and you need to
stretch out your gluts. When we rock back, you are going to roll your hips back. A lot
of people use their other leg here, but what we can do with the strap is grab right here
at the ring and you’re going to support your other leg as we roll back.
So when I get here, not only am I pulling by my foot, I’m going to support my knee.
So when I rock back, keep your hips on the floor, but let your hip roll over here. So
now by doing this, I am slowly going to loosen my glut up, which attaches to my lower back.
Then, the next step is we’re going to work over our body here. So when I get here after
I do this for about 15 to 20 seconds, I start working my leg up.
Next, I’m going to roll it over my head more. So I’m going to bridge up on this foot and
I’m really going to start rocking in so that my hip actually stretches my low back as well
as my glut. Here, it’s just my glut. Now, if I take it over a little bit, all my little
nerve endings and all my attachments are going to start stretching as well.
Next step of this would be the double leg stretch. Put your feet together. Hands go
behind your knees, and you’re going to rock your body over. A lot of people will take
their toes all the way to their head here and it kind of defeats the whole purpose.
We want the pivot point in your lower back. So if I get all the way over here, my pivot
point turned into my upper back. So the way that we target our lower back is to keep your
leg straight, rock them over, and I want to sink my hips to the floor. So if I get here,
my hands go around my ankles and I try to pull my knees to my chest.
Now, my pivot point is right in my low back and I feel it down here. Don’t roll all the
way over because now I’m working in between my shoulder blades. So take your knees up
and work them to your chest just like this.

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  1. It is never to late to start. everyone should stretch no matter what age . Statying flexibile and working on multi joint movments should be a part of all exercise or competition.

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