Fabulous – Angela’s High School Reunion: The Movie (Cutscenes; Subtitles)

A GameHouse Original Story Fabulous – Angela’s High School Reunion Oh, I’m so sorry Marv! At least it’s not banana flavor like last time. Say hi to Kitty for me! Starring Angela Napoli Morning Angela! Mmmm… cinnamon. Catch you later, Fran! Also starring Kitty Jackson Jenny Garcia Virginia Hills Here’s your newspaper, Albert. Thanks Ang! Special guest appearance by Emily O’Malley Evelyn Napoli Previously on Fabulous Angela… Truly, the greatest fashion icon in history, was searching the world for six people who will compete to be her replacement. Stayed up all night, designing a dress that would make a woman ‘feel like someone new’. Lost the contest. But was added as a wildcard, the ‘lucky’ number seven. Travelled to Tokyo, Rio, Milan, Paris, and Las Vegas! Wow!! Met a cute guy, a model named Eric. Who, I later found out, was Truly’s boyfriend. Lori, one of the contestants on the show, was a malicious, snake-in-the-grass backstabber. Got in an awful fight with my BFFs. Discovered Lori is truly Truly. What a scam!!! ‘Borrowed’ Truly’s dress, wig, and dog, Got Lori ousted from the show, And declared Victoria the winner! Welcome to Victoria’s. Can I help you? Miss? Maybe… I’m looking for a prom dress, I guess. You guess? Well, this section over here is our Prom Queen line! In a couple of weeks… …we’ll be introducing the new collection… …but my friend Victoria is getting nervous. We’ll miss prom season if we don’t start designing like… …yesterday. Prom night’s a young woman’s time to shine! That’s why I’ve been thinking about naming the collection ‘Queen for a Day’, but I… Not the talkative type, I guess? My mom thinks I could use some help. Well, tell your mom you’ve come to the right place! Good morning, Angela. Oh, hey Victoria! So… Which dress do you like most? I don’t know, all of them I guess. Try this one – I think it would really make you sparkle… Miss…? Chloe. I’m Chloe. It’s amazing, I really love it. Say… Is that a French accent I hear? I totally love that! Yes. I’m from Paris. We’re here because my mom wanted me to have an AMERICAN prom. Your mom sure sounds like she knows what she wants. Yes. And she always gets what she wants, too… Why don’t you take that dress home and show it to your mom? …And she came all the way down here from Paris to have an American Prom. Can you imagine? Do you remember OUR prom? Our prom? Gee, let me think… I just remembered, I… forgot to clean the dressing rooms! Catch you guys later. Do we REMEMBER prom? That’s an understatement. It was all over the front page of the newspaper for crying out loud! Denial is an ugly thing. Back again so soon? And? Sigh… My mom and I got in a big argument. She absolutely hated my choice. She thinks it draws too much attention. That’s ridiculous – I LOVE how that dress looks on you! Really? Oh, absolutely. If I had the chance to do my prom all over again, I’d totally dress like you. Then again, I would do things completely differently now. Of course. My mom told me that her prom was a total disaster. She doesn’t want the same thing happening to me. You’re a beautiful young woman! What does your mother expect? That you’re going to try to NOT get noticed? I don’t know. For the first time ever, I actually felt comfortable wearing something like this. Excuse me miss, would this dress be suitable for a prom? Why yes, I think your daughter would look wonderful in that dress. Yes, my daughter does have great taste. See? Excuse me, Miss? I think we just spoke on the phone… That’s right, I’m Victoria. Pleased to meet you. My, this place is ADORABLE! Is it yours? Actually, I bought it after winning a reality TV show. ‘Become Truly?’ You couldn’t have missed it. It was all over! Sorry, can’t say it rings a bell. GASP! Look at those prom dresses! Er… They’re still from last season. This year’s styles will be featured in our upcoming ‘Queen for a Day’ show. A prom fashion show? Why, that is brilliant – I’m sure it’ll be the crown of your collection. Well, we hope so. Of course, you can never tell what teenagers are into these days… Tell me about it. I know I was a different person back then. My prom was QUITE… What’s the word? Memorable. I guess they all are. What WERE we thinking back then? Victoria. Hey, we need to talk about the new prom line. I’m on my way with the new designs. I… Ugh, New York traffic. I’ll call you back. Ay! Get outta the street lady! I’m so sorry miss – are you alright? I think I hurt my ankle… But I’m okay. Oh no, my sketches! They’re all over the place! Here, let me help. Matt? Matt Miller? Angela? We haven’t got all day! We need to catch a plane to our honeymoon! Ohhhhhhhh. My. God! He still looks GORGEOUS! Don’t faint, Angela! I’m enjoying the view! Angela…? Hmmmmm… What? Sorry, I’m still a bit… dazzled. Wait, this is SO crazy! I was just talking about high school! Ewwww, they’re gonna kiss! Ooooooooh! What brings you here, all the way from Snuggford? Well, I haven’t been there since I left high school, actually. What? Really? I only just moved here! I work in fashion. What about you? Are you like, a doctor or a lawyer? Close enough. I’m an artist. Wow! Matt Miller, a big time New York artist! If only our teachers could see you now… Actually, some gallery across the street wanted me to do an exposition. You could always stop by if you… Oh, I’d LOVE to! Please! My wife is going into labor! We all have our problems, sir! Just give us a minute! Look, I have to go to work, but if you don’t mind waiting we could grab some coffee afterwards? Lead the way. No, I mean it. It’s uncanny! Oh, c’mon! You look EXACTLY the same as you did in high school. Boy, do you remember our principal? Are you serious? Of course I do! ‘You’re not ruining my school’s reputation!’ Yeah, he totally ran that place like a prison. Still a real shame that they shut it down… Maybe that had something to do with what happened at the prom… Oh… Yeah. Totally forgot about all that. Silly me. Yeah. Silly you. Probably forgot about Janet Morgan as well, I’m sure? Thanks for bringing her up again… Say, have you ever heard anything from Janet? I heard she left for Europe after prom. Janet who? Doesn’t ring a bell… Matt Miller? No way! Careful there, Angela. A new quote, Fran? What’s it say? ‘Old flames may flare, with just a tiny breath of air’. What? It’s not like that! That was ages ago. We just talked and… Wait – you dated this Matt Miller in high school? Oh my gosh! ‘Did they date?’ They’d probably be married now if it weren’t for that… that… JANET MORGAN! You mean this Janet Morgan stole Matt from you? Where is she now? Someplace far away. Besides, that was a long time ago. Can we change the subject, please? Yes Victoria, she did – but there’s more. Angela didn’t become Prom Queen because of her. Jenny! I… I don’t know what to say! We love you, Angela! What a fantastic prom! Look Mom, Dad! I finally became Prom Queen! You know Emily, you could stand to learn a thing or two from your little sister! If only I could be more like Angela. I am so honored to have been UNANIMOUSLY chosen as your Prom Queen! I didn’t vote for you! Yeah – where’s Janet? Janet? It’s a real shame, but Janet couldn’t be with us tonight. We want Janet! As I said, Janet is NOT going to be here. Now, where was I? Oh yes, I’m so honored… Hey! Janet just showed up in the parking lot! What?! You won’t be needing this now that Janet’s here. Or this. Hello? Anybody? No! This is MY moment! NO! NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- Okay… I know green isn’t my color, but there’s no need to start shouting. And by the way… My name’s Wendy, dear. Not Janet! Oh, my gosh! What are you two doing here? Well, your sister and I are on a little shopping vacation here in New York… And we wanted to see you while we’re here! Chloe, this is my mom, Evelyn, and my sister Emily. Hi, pleased to meet you! Chloe is visiting from Paris. Hi Chloe. Comment ça va…? You must be very proud of Angela. Of course we are. Though she was a REAL handful growing up… There were times when we wondered about her. You remember Emily? That one time when… Yes thank you, mother! So your mother made you do a year of school in New York, JUST so you could go to a prom? It feels that way sometimes. It’s a bit ironic though… She has a… how do you say? ‘Complicated’ relationship with prom. It is very important to her, though I don’t think she really enjoyed her own. She won’t talk about it, but I think something bad happened to her. That’s too bad. It’s such a special night for most. I never went to college – for me, prom was the highlight of my youth. If only my mom felt the same way. I’m sure she’ll come round. I mean, I bet her prom wasn’t as bad as mine… Well, I’d best be getting off. Emily, Miss Napoli, it was so nice to meet you. Ugh, I’ve still got so much work to do on my designs. I’d love to help out if you want? Really?! You’re a lifesaver! What do you think? The designs are nice, but we really need something fresh and exciting to present to the world. Really? I think they look nice. I could give it another go. I’m just a bit worried that we’ll miss prom season… Don’t worry, Victoria. How can I not?! Running Truly’s old business is harder than I thought. We’ll get noticed. I promise you. Victoria, relax! I PROMISE that whatever happens, we will have dresses to show, and we WILL get noticed. Okay, okay… If you say so… Did you know I was ALMOST Prom Queen? Really? It would have been so wonderful… Too bad you can’t have another prom… …maybe being Prom Queen would give you some inspiration for those new designs. That’s it! Let’s have a party! We can throw a high school reunion! Gosh! A reunion? I love reunions! Exactly! Even better, let’s make it a prom! Then we can become Prom Queen at our very own reunion! Prom Queen? Ooh yes… Finally! Wait… What about Janet? You OK? Never better. Ugh, my mom’s been driving me crazy at home. Mind if I hang out here for a bit? Well… my shift does start in a minute… I could help out? I’m really good with people! Fabulous! Ooh, that reminds me – I have some great fabric for your new prom dress. Your mom will love it! Well? What do you think? It looks amazing… I love it! Wonderful! I’ve got to head off now, but why not show the dress to your mom again? See what she thinks? I will. Thanks again! Okay, I have something to ask you guys… What would you think about me planning a Snuggford high school reunion? A reunion already?! Wow, I feel old. I don’t know if that’s such a good idea… Oh, c’mon! Don’t you want to find out what happened to all your old crushes? Yeah, like Jenny’s ex, what’s-his-name? The nerdy guy in charge of the Film Club? OR like Mr. Stevenson – the math teacher you had a crush on! No wonder you got straight A’s in math! Hey, I worked hard for those! Okay, a little flirting didn’t hurt. Great, then it’s settled! I’m going to plan a reunion! What do you think? Doesn’t a reunion sound fun? Not to me it doesn’t. I’m happy to let the past stay in the past. Besides, reunions are just for people who just want to be in the spotlight. I know, right? What are those people thinking? Besides, who would be my date? Matt, can I ask you something? Uh oh. Is this the dreaded ‘where are we headed’ talk? No. Not yet, anyway… I was just wondering what happened with you and Janet after high school? Not much. She went and started a new life for herself halfway around the world. Before too long, we stopped staying in touch. PERFECT. Even if she DID find out about the reunion, she’d probably be too late! I can’t believe my ears! It wouldn’t be right to not invite her. Like she’d care anyway? She chose to leave her life here behind! You know, it’s called a reunion for a reason. It’s for people to reunite! I haven’t seen her since… Well, since the last time I saw Keith. Some brothers we are, huh… Hey Susan, I’m organizing a reunion! Do you want to come? Hi Alexa, how are you doing? I’m organizing a reunion, are you interested? Hi Caroline, it’s Angela! Do you want to come to our high school reunion? Hey Ellie! I’m organizing our high school reunion, can I count you in? Hi Nicole, do you want to come to my high school reunion? Hey Emily, do you still have Josh Williams’ number? Great. Give my love to mom. Bye Em. Your sister seems lovely. She is… mostly. No, no, I’m kidding. I couldn’t do it without her. Sometimes it felt like she was the favorite, you know? I wouldn’t know… I’ve never had a big sister. Now you’ve got me, right? Okay, you ready? Well? It’s trés chic…! Is it ‘trés chic’ enough it’ll let me take center stage at my high school reunion? I think so – but what do I know? I’ve never been to anything like that. It would look great on you too by the way. Hey! I know – why don’t you ask your mom if you can come to my reunion with me? It’ll give you a chance to see what prom is about…sort of. Plus if you’re lucky, I’ll let you crown me after I’m voted honorary Prom Queen. So, how do you like America? Devons-nous parler en l’Anglais, maman? I want you to have an American prom, so while you’re here we’ll speak English. I really think you’re gonna like the new dress, mom. And the lady at the store is really nice as well. Did you know she’s organizing a high school reunion? Who? Victoria? No, the other lady who helped me create my prom dress. Come to think of it… Didn’t you also go to Snuggford High? Yes dear, why do you ask? I think she did as well. I think you’ll like her, mom. Her prom night was a total disaster, just like yours. With her high school reunion coming up, she wants a second chance to get things right. Mom? Where are you going? Enough talk. Time to go shopping! At Victoria’s! Good morning, Miss! Hi Victoria! I believe you’ve already met Chloe, my daughter? We’re here to look at that amazing prom dress you designed for Chloe. Oh yes, well, actually I didn’t design it. Angela was the one who helped you out, right Chloe? Yes! Angela! Now I remember. Angela, huh? Let me go get her. Oh… And please, tell her Janet’s here. Janet? It’s HER! It’s… JANET MORGAN!! Angela, why don’t we welcome Janet? Angela, I need you to listen now. Angela, I- Why hello there, Janet! Well hi Angela, how have you- BEE-eeen…? Aaah! I’m SO GLAD TO SEEEEEE YOU JANET! ANGELA! Angela – what are you doing? Shhhhh! Don’t use my name – I don’t want HER to know I’m here! Who – that customer? Who is she? She’s, uh… Er… A REALLY difficult customer I don’t have time for right now! Because…? BECAUSE… If I get caught up with her, I won’t have time for all these new ‘Queen for a Day’ designs I have floating around in my head! Don’t be ridiculous. Get a grip Angela! I will. Just give me a couple of minutes. Alright, but hurry. Hi Angela… Hey there… Hi Angela, I’ve been thinking… Would you be my date to the reunion? Ugh, come on Matt, just ask her! Well, there she is! Janet, please meet… Angela…? M-Matt? Matt Miller? Is that you? Janet…? What are you doing here? I thought you were… I… Er… And Angela? OMG! You haven’t changed at all! H-Hi Janet… Chloe… This is… Er… He is… That’s Matt – we’ve already met. Are you OK, mom? Mom…?? This is certainly going to be interesting. A lot of confusion and ripped couture later… Excuse me, I’m looking for Angela Napo… End of the hall, red. Hey Barbie, what’s with the outfit? Late for work? If you’ve come to give me a lecture… Seriously Angela. Prom Queen? Really? I’m not you, and you’re not me, so don’t try to tell me how to live my life. Don’t turn this on me, Angela. What am I going to tell mom? Tell mom she can be proud of having raised at least one perfect daughter. What? What’s that supposed to mean? Like you don’t know. ‘Oh I’m so proud of my Emily!’, ‘My Emily is finally getting married!’, ‘My Emily is having a baby!’… What about Paige? You’re blowing this whole thing out of proportion… Yes, of course, it’s all in my head. I’m going to see if the bail clerk is back on duty. Morning, Angela! The usual? Yeah… Thanks, Fran. Why the long face? You know what they say Angela… ‘A smile is happiness you can find right under your nose.’ I know, I know. My old high school rival is in town. She’s here to make my life AND my reunion miserable, I just know it. Maybe she just wants to catch up? Yeah, you clearly don’t know Janet very well. And to top it all off, the girl I’ve been bonding so well with is apparently her daughter! What’s so funny? Oh, nothing. WHAT? Oh, I was just thinking about something Janet said the other day. Janet, Janet, Janet! It’s all anyone can talk about now! Come on, Angela, don’t be that way! Angela, wait! You forgot your triple pumpkin spice cappuccino with no sugar! Morning, Kitty! Thanks for filling in for Tom while he’s on vacation! That’s what friends are for! Hey girls! Victoria told me you were here – long time no see! Mind if I sit down? Er… Well… that’s usually Angela’s spot, but since she’s not here I- Perfect! Oh my goodness, it’s just like we’re back in high school again! So, Janet… What made you decide to come back after all these years? Well, THAT’s quite the story… Er… Hey guys. Have you seen Angela? Matt! Why don’t you join us? Oh, no, it’s okay. I’m sure you have a lot of catching up to do. Janet was at Fran’s?! Sure, why not? How could you take HER there, knowing how I feel about her? Don’t be silly, Angela… She asked if any of your high school friends had joined you in New York. I said you all hang out at Fran’s quite often. I couldn’t NOT tell her. That’s just like her… …trying to insert herself into MY group of friends, so she can steal them away from me. It’s just a coffee shop, Angela… I’m sure you’ve got nothing to worry about. …I think you’re wrong about Janet. She told me she was so happy to see you again after all these years. Trust me, you don’t know her. She hasn’t changed at all since high school… …she’s still this self-centered- Oh hi, Janet! We were just talking about you! You’re all we talk about… Yep, uh-huh. That special item you ordered just came in! I’m going to Fran’s. You coming? One sec… If you’re going to Fran’s, do you mind giving this to Janet? She’s in our seat! She probably doesn’t know it’s ours… Janet is in OUR SEAT! Can we please handle this like adults? I believe this is yours? Why thank y… Whoops! Clumsy me. Let me get that for you. Here’s your precious box! Angela? Huh, what? How kind of you for bringing that over. Yes, of course. Sooo… I’ve been thinking. High school reunions are so overrated, aren’t they? I mean, why bother? Actually, I was thinking about canceling the whole thing. What? Canceling? Why? Hey guys, anybody seen my mom? She’s out back, why don’t you take a seat? What do you think? It… It… It’s very nice, Janet… It’s just… Don’t you think it’s a little risque? I mean, we’re not seventeen anymore. Risque? It’s practically lingerie! Don’t you think you should wear something more like… I don’t know… a mom? Chloe, think of it this way – for one night, we can all be seventeen again. I don’t see the problem? I’m almost seventeen, and you said you hated that dress I liked. It would draw too much attention, remember? That’s different. Is it? Of course. This dress is PERFECT. It reminds me of the one I wore to senior prom. I remember Matt ESPECIALLY loved me in dresses like these. My dad… not so much. That makes two of us. Make that three. Hey, Angela. I was hoping you’d be here. Mind if we go somewhere and talk? I’d like that. Oh, good! Matt – you’re here. I wanted to get your ‘expert’ opinion on something. We’re in a hurry. It’ll only take a second. Well? It’s… Er… Oh, I’m sorry Matt. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot like that. Why don’t we go someplace else… …where there’s no Angela around? Chica. I towe you ever asth… What’s that, my love? I thought you’d never ask… Stop it! You little… …mouse! Didn’t you see it? Hey! What about this trench coat? Is this CASHMERE? Wow! Everything was perfect until SHE showed up. We need to find a way to keep her out of the reunion! Nonsense… She has every right to be there. Why, so she can make it all about her? It’d be better to cancel the whole thing. But the invitations have been sent! Preparations have been made! Besides which, if we canceled the whole thing, we’d lose our chance to shine like a diamond! Okay, fine. We’ll just poison her then. Be serious now! People are looking forward to this reunion. It wouldn’t be fair on them. Fair? Is it fair that we’re doing all the work just so she can hog the spotlight? Let someone else organize it. We’re through! Hello there, Fran. Are the girls here? Kitty should be here in just a moment for her shift. Can I get you anything? Er, no, thank you… All the way here from France and you don’t want an authentic New York coffee? I prefer tea. One tea coming right up! So, tell me, what brought you to New York? That’s… quite a long story. Well, long stories are the ones worth listening to! And people say I’m a good listener. Hey Fran! Oh… Hey, Janet. Hey Kitty! Can you take over the kitchen while I talk with our new friend? Yeah… No problem. You won’t always be able to find a reason to postpone telling Chloe the truth. I know it’s hard, but you’ll just have to bite the bullet. But I can’t tell her before her own prom. My girl deserves a pristine and uncomplicated prom night. Like the one I envisioned… and never got. I can’t deny her that! So the talk will just have to wait until after the event. I’ll have ample time to explain everything to her then. If it’s important for you, you’ll find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse. But her prom is the whole reason we came to the USA. Are you really sure of that? Why wouldn’t I be? That might once have been true… But don’t forget, ‘You can’t assume things will always be the same, because things change…’ ‘…especially people!’ No offense, Janet, but I’m not sure we should be talking about this with you. Oh, I understand. I just want what’s best for everybody, including Angela. She has been acting kinda…’tense’ lately. She even said she wanted to cancel the whole thing… Even going to a reunion can bring back all kinds of emotions and things… …nevermind PLANNING one. And this might be the last chance we get to see our old high school… Well, I think we’ve decided. Angela’s obviously overwhelmed, she needs help, and I’m happy to step in. Well, it’s time for my shift… Please, Kitty, allow me! You can relax – I’ll help Fran out today. Really? Well… If you insist. SIGH… I’m going to the back to get us something to drink. You! Do you remember who I am? Er… Yes, of course – Janet’s daughter. Oui! You’re to stay away from her, sous-comprendre? Whoa, whoa, whoa! What’s this about? If anything, she’s the one who can’t seem to stay away from me. A likely story! Just because my father’s missing, it doesn’t mean I’ll let you steal my mother away from him! Chloe, wait, don’t go. Let’s have a talk. You know… my dad wasn’t around much either when I was your age. And when he was around, we used to butt heads… A LOT. He wanted me to be a big football star at state, like him. But he never cared about what I wanted to be – an artist. Really? I am a photographer. I want to be like Irina Ionesco. Bold choice of role model… Fancy showing me your work sometime? You really know how to connect with Chloe. Eh. It’s easy when you’re not their parent. Speaking of… Why didn’t you have any children of your own, Matt? Mom, how do you know he doesn’t have children? Actually, I don’t. I thought about having kids… but it just never worked out. Oh… That’s too bad. Who wouldn’t want to have a father like you? Thanks, Chloe. But truthfully, I don’t think it would have worked out for me anyway. I’m way too involved in my work. I wouldn’t want to start a family now under any circumstances. Matt, can I talk to you for a minute? Privately? Well, I um… Actually, it’s about us… About what happened back in high school… Listen, Janet. It’s great to see you again… But for me, high school is a part of my past that I’ve closed the door on. Matt, wait! A first love will always be special Janet, but it’s been fifteen years. I’ve moved on – so should you. If only it were that easy… Hey Fran. The usual, please. Angela! All going well with the reunion plans? Oh yeah! Oh, it’s gonna be so much fun! Er… The reunion…? Now’s the time! We’ve gotta tell them we’re canceling the reunion! We can’t do that! We need to stick to our guns. No way, sister! We are not going to let Janet take our rightful place as queen again! We’ve just got to think of an excuse for why we need to cancel it… Actually… A lot of people said they couldn’t come. Maybe we should just cancel the whole thing. It’s not a reunion if no-one’s turns up after all! That’s true… What a shame. Leaving so soon, Janet? I’ve just gotta make a few calls… I’ll be back before you know it. Hellooooo, girls! You’re a cheery one. Aren’t you upset nobody wanted to show up to the reunion? Oh… Er, you know. It’s like Fran says… Happiness is on your face… if you smile! Or something. Not to worry, girls! I just finished calling up all our classmates. And guess what? They can all make it for the reunion! I guess you just weren’t persuasive enough, Angela. Good thing I was around, hmm? Er… Y-yes! Great! Soooo great. So great… Hey there, Angela! Hi Fran. Janet isn’t here, is she? She is now! I’m sorry, Janet – were you trying to get into MY chair? YOUR chair, Angela? I don’t quite see your name on it. I always sit here! Sounds like you need a little change in your life in that case! Girls, this is crazy! Stop it! Come on Angela, it’s just a chair! JUST a chair?! FINE. I see how it is. What? Yes, we would like to hire a DJ. No, we don’t want the DJ to play polka music! Sushi bites would be perfect for the party. No, we don’t need a mouse mascot. Can we get some lights on the stage? Yes, we will need a tiara. Something fabulous! Excuse me – do you know when you’ll announce the date for your ‘Queen for a Day’ promotion? As soon as my bitter ex-high school rival stops trying to hijack my life! Thank you, come again! I’m sorry, Victoria. I’m trying, but I’ve got nothing so far… …and the reunion I was hoping would inspire me is being ruined by– Hey Kitty, what’s up? Come to Fran’s…? Okay, I’ll be there in a bit. Kitty, what’s wrong? What happened? So… I got this call from a contact at city hall in Snuggford. Yeah? He was like, ‘You won’t believe what I just heard?’ What is it? They’re planning to tear down Snuggford High! WHAT? Are you kidding me?! Utilities will be disconnected at the end of the month… …and the building has been declared ‘off limits’ by the city. Perfect! Bye-bye reunion! Bye-bye Janet! Aww, what a shame! Guess we have to cancel the whole thing! I guess so… It wouldn’t be the same… Don’t worry, girls. I think I know how to solve this little problem… Dad, please – there has to be SOMEONE you can talk to. Well, not all of us choose to look at it like that. I’m not just asking for me – this is REALLY important to a lot of people. NO WAY! You are not getting my permission to use the premises, is that CLEAR!? Okay, Dad. I understand. Thanks for listening… Good- bye? Well? We’re all set! All it took was one call to my dad. Wow, amazing! Oh, it’ll be just like high school! Yeah… Just like high school… Many hairstyles ago… Snuggford East sets high bar for high schools. School set to receive award for outstanding performance. Mrs. Napoli, welcome! Principal Morgan! Thank you for taking the time to show Angela around the school. Oh no, it’s no problem at all! It’s important to make new students feel at home. Especially if they’re the younger sister of one of my favorite students! Here’s our school store! Students can learn all about what it’s like to work for a business here. Sounds boring. It’s real work experience! In fact… Ever since your sister graduated, there’s been an opening. Why don’t you follow in her footsteps? Ugh. Thanks, but… …Fine. Good luck, honey! Hey you. Gimme that calculator. That’ll be $13.99. Er, like, seriously? Don’t you know who I am? Since I just got here today, no, I don’t. Ohhh, right. I know you! You’re Emily’s little sister. Perfect little Emily… Valedictorian, thespian, yearbook coordinator… More like #1 Girl Scout! I’m Janet Morgan – my dad runs this place. I’m sure Emily’s precious little sister doesn’t mind if I just take these, right? Actually, I– I’m glad we understand each other. Oh, Angela, I meant to talk to you earlier. Angela, in this world there are people who make assumptions based on our appearance. In our school, we want to make sure people think the best of us! Looking at your outfit, you might understand some people may get the wrong impression. Excuse me? I’ll allow it for today. But if you don’t improve your attire by the next time I see you, you can expect to receive detention. Why don’t you try to dress more like my darling daughter, for instance? Aww, daddy! In fact… Janet, why don’t you help Angela out at the shop? You’d be a perfect role model for Angela, and you can gain some work experience yourself. Oh, er… Sure! Whatever you say, daddy! Matt and Keith Miller! How many times have I told you two not to play basketball in the hallways! None! You’ve told us not to play baseball, tennis, soccer… Don’t forget lacrosse, dude! Lacrosse, badminton, bowling… but you never mentioned basketball! Take it outside, now! And if I see you two playing around in the hallways again, you’ll both get detention! ‘Sup babe. Love the outfit. Thanks! I saw the way you looked at him. …Who? Matt! He’s MY boyfriend, so you’d better stay away from him if you know what’s good for you! I can stay away from him just fine. But maybe HE won’t be able to stay away from ME. Just because you’re new. After all, new toys are exciting. But in the end, he ALWAYS comes back to me. ‘Sup Janet. Oh. Er, hi, Keith. So, uh, T.J.’s parents are out of town this weekend… A bunch of us were gonna like… hang out at their pool, you know… Keith, I’m your brother’s girlfriend. I don’t– I know, I know! It’s just that, you know, if you’re bored or whatever… Urp… Keith… Just hear me out! We can just chill together as, like, friends or something. BLURRGHHHHHHHHHHHH! Alright, alright, jeez… Whatever… I got it! How about ‘Fabulous Three?’ Jenny! Three doesn’t start with an F! Girls, come on, let’s focus. I’m sure we can think of a nice name for our group if we put our heads together. You know, if we make another friend, we could be the Fabulous Four! …Four starts with an F, right? It does, Jenny. Oh! Hi Janet! I couldn’t help but overhear your… predicament. And frankly, I’m shocked! We were already the best of friends, weren’t we? We were? But you’re not- Uh, yeah! Of course! What were we thinking? That’s okay, girls. If you vote for me, maybe you’ll have a prom queen for a friend too! That way ‘Fabulous Four’ won’t sound so ironic. Hey, new girl, over here! Your outfit’s amazing! Where did you get it? Actually, I made it myself! For real?! Wow, you’ve really got a gift! Thanks! I want to be a fashion designer after I graduate. Jeez, you girls are the first people at this school who’ve been nice to me. That other girl is such a… You mean Janet? She’s a little… complicated. But she’s the most popular girl in school. Just say it, Virginia! She’s just mean. Jenny! It was nice to meet you all, but I’ve really got to get back to work. You know, she’d look great in our group. But what about Janet? No way! All she wants from us is our votes so she can become prom queen! Girls, I think we found our Fabulous number 4… The new girl’s nice… But Janet is way more popular. If we’re friends with her, we might just end up being even less popular than we already are! Ugh, who cares? You know what… What if we can make the new girl become prom queen? She’ll be just as popular as Janet! Maybe even more! Hey girls! Don’t forget to vote for Matt and me as your prom King & Queen! Mind if I sit down? Thanks. At least you girls are nice to me. I’m Angela, by the way. Angela Napoli! I’m Jenny! I’m Kitty. And I’m Virginia! So, why were you hanging out with Monster Morgan? Well… We’re not exactly the most popular girls in school… We thought if we grouped up and stuck together, we could become more popular. Janet’s popular, but she’s not really what you’d call a good friend… Luckily, we’ve got a plan… We’re going to beat her at her own game! Angela – if you became prom queen instead of her… We’d be the most popular girls in school! What do you say? I love it. Let’s do it! Prom night’s gonna be so wonderful for us, Matt… Can you imagine it? The whole school’s gonna be at our feet! We’re a shoe-in for king and queen, buuuut… We’d better try our best to gather votes with these posters, just in case. Uh… Earth to Matt! Are you… Are you… urp… listening…? You okay there, babe? OW! Matt Miller! In my office, NOW! So the ball just FLEW out of your hands and into another student’s face?! Do you think I’m stupid, mister Miller?! In this school, we aim only for perfection! For the best results and the best students! And your behavior is a far cry from perfect! You’ve just earned yourself a detention, young man. That’ll give you plenty of time to think about what you’ve done. And don’t let me see you with my daughter again, or so help me! Dude! You hit him in the face with a football? No I didn’t! Man, you gotta slow your roll, bro. Do you want the principal to expel you? If that means I don’t have to come back to this prison, then that’s fine by me. Just chill, okay? I’ve got at least another year to go! What I do has nothing to do with you. Yeah right, whatever. It’s not like it’d be the first time you ruined something for me by being a selfish jerk. What’s that supposed to mean? Look, just help me graduate so we can leave and never come back. Where were you this morning? You were supposed to be helping me put up these posters? I have more to deal with than just prom, okay? Like what? We’re SENIORS – it’s our last chance to be prom king and queen, like EVER. Why is that so freakin’ important to you? Excuse me? It’s important for both of us! You’re the one who keeps dragging me along! You don’t even care about what I think! But you’ve never cared about anybody else… All you do is lie and manipulate people, just to keep up appearances! We’re through, Janet! In fact… Fine! I’ll just… find someone else to go with! FINE! Girls! You won’t believe what I just heard! What is it? So Caroline told me, that Susan told her… Uh-huh… …that Nicole had mentioned, that Alexa had heard… Yeah? …that Janet and Matt broke up! Oh, please. They break up every other week! I’m telling you, it’s always on and off again with those two. No way! It’s for real this time, trust me. Have I ever been wrong? Besides, Matt’s a hottie. It’s only a matter of time until somebody makes a move on him. Oh! Hi there… Hey. You’re Matt, right? Sure am. I’m Angela! The new girl. Yeah, I’ve seen you before! You’re hard to forget. Did you just come from the art classroom? Yeah, I’m trying to make… well, something. I just don’t know what yet. Why not try fashion? I could help! I made this outfit, you know. You made that by yourself? That’s amazing! ENOUGH! Matt, you need to stay away from Angela! Why?! I don’t have to listen to you! Just… Just…! Just LEAVE! Hey girls… Have you seen Jenny at all? No… She’s probably out enjoying some juicy gossip again. Girls, you’ll never guess what I just heard! Told you. So Nicole told me she heard from Susan… Yeah? …that Alexa told Caroline… Uh-huh… …that Matt likes Angela! Really?! So do you like him too, Angela? Maybe… You’d better be careful, Angela. You don’t wanna mess with Janet… Who cares about her! You and Matt should, like, totally date! I guess I’ll think about it while I’m at work. You’d better stay away from Matt from now on. Didn’t you two break up? I’m warning you, Angela. Stay out of our business. Sounds to me like you’re scared of the competition… Scared? Of you? Keep dreaming. Then you won’t mind if I, say, run for prom queen as well? What’s the matter, Janet? Cat got your tongue? As if. You won’t stand a chance against me. We’ll see about that. BLURRRGGGHHH! Ugh… Hey Janet, you okay? You don’t look so good… Virginia! No, I’m fine. Don’t I look fine? Urp. You know, I heard you’ve been puking almost every morning… If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you have morning sickness! Ugh, not a chance! My dad would kill me… I’m not pregnant… I can’t be pregnant… Can I? Please please please pleeeeaaaase, say no! One line so far… Ugh, how long am I supposed to wait to be sure? What are YOU doing here? This is the bathroom… Take a wild guess? Also, I think you, uh, ‘dropped’ something. No I didn’t! Just… Just get out of my way, loser! Uh-huh… A pregnancy test? So this is what Janet was trying to hide… Oh my gosh! Two lines! Janet’s pregnant?! Dudes! Uncool… Oh, hey! You’re the new girl who’s going out with my brother, aren’t you? Ugh, it’s always the same… It’s all about Matt. Seriously, what do they even see in that self-absorbed… Hey, what’s this…? Woah, dude! Angela’s PREGNANT?! Whether you realize it or not, the rest of the student body looks up to this group. If other students see you adhering to a proper code of conduct at prom, they will too. Are you sure this has nothing to do with the reporter from the Snuggford Times being there? Need I remind you, Mr. Miller, what happened to Christine Friedman last year? You mean the girl you kicked out of school on the day of the prom ’cause you found out she was pregnant? I did NOT expel her for getting pregnant! She had… er… other disciplinary problems. Dress code violations? Make light if you wish… Myself and the other chaperones will be keeping a sharp eye on you. ONE slip from any of you, and you can kiss prom goodbye! Angela, a moment, please. I want this prom to run as smoothly as possible. As such, I expect you to serve food to the rest of the students. Just think of it as an extension of your work at our school store. Good afternoon, everyone. I’d like to say a few words about the prom. First – there will be no congregating in the school parking lot! Anyone discovered to have been drinking, smoking or otherwise acting inappropriately… …will be removed from the premises immediately. As will anyone who’s dressed inappropriately. Now, on to more positive things. Don’t forget to vote for your Prom King and Queen… The students with the most votes will be crowned personally, by ME. Vote for Angela! WOOOOOO! ANGELA FOR PROM QUEEN! Oh HEYYYY, Matt. Hey, Janet. You know… I still have those Sound Doctors tickets I bought. Angela and I already have tickets. First you steal my boyfriend, now you think you’re gonna take Prom Queen from me, too? I didn’t STEAL anything from you – and I have as much right to be Prom Queen as anyone. You’re gonna crash and burn so hard, you’re gonna leave a crater behind. Bring it. Uh… Hey, Janet… What is it, Keith? Can’t you see I’m busy? Uh… I just wanted to tell you that I think it’s totally uncool the way Matt’s treating you. If I were him, I would like… totally do anything to get back together with you. It’s all because of Angela. He’ll get sick of her scrawny behind soon enough. You know what? I’m glad Matt and I broke up. Like, he’s OK and all, but he’s so self-centered, it’s BORING. After all this time, I’ve finally realized that I totally had feelings for someone else. W-Who? Isn’t it obvious…? Er, hey, Janet… I was thinking… Um, maybe the two of us… You know, maybe we could… Yes…? I was wondering if, um… You wanted to– Yes, okay! I’ll go out with you! R-Really? There’s just one little thing… We have to save Angela from Matt. I thought you like, hated her guts? I’ll admit, at first, I was totally bugging… But now I realize she’s a victim of Matt’s charms, just like I was. It’d be a MAJOR bummer to see them leave prom together. You don’t want me to be sad on our special night, do you? Of course not! I can totally take care of it… I’m having SO much fun tonight. I… I just hope that Matt isn’t doing to Angela what he did to me… I’d hate for the evening to end on a sour note… Er… I’ve been thinking a lot, and I think you’re right, Janet. My brother really HAS screwed up Angela’s life. Already? Once he finds out just how bad he’s messed up, he’ll likely split on her anyhow. I’ll take care of it – I promise. Perfect… Looks like everything’s going according to plan! Uh oh, girls. The claws are coming out! What do you want, Janet? Do you like my dress? Matt bought it for me… It’s his favorite. He sure has good taste. Well, more like HAD… But he’ll come to his senses soon enough. You might want to do yourself a favor and get lost before then. It wouldn’t hurt your popularity to break up with the coolest boy in school, before he dumps you… You know what else wouldn’t hurt? Matt and I being voted Prom King and Queen… How did you get this number? No, I don’t want to be your girlfriend! I don’t even know you! Sorry, you ain’t good enough for me. You want what?! How rude! No, I don’t want to be your girlfriend! Hey girls! Having fun? I dunno… Having to work through the whole prom isn’t exactly what I expected. On top of that, I’ve been getting calls from random boys for the past hour! Random boys…? Jenny… Did you give my number to anyone? Er… No? Jenny! Okay, fine, I did! But only to the cute ones, I swear! Hey, Janet. So, like… uhm… Would you be willing to dance with – Yeah sure, later, whatever. So, what are you going to do about Matt and Angela? Uh… Well, I’m working on it. Well you need to work faster! The evening’s almost over! Well… Well what? You’re not backing out, are you? Well… Matt’s my brother… I just need to be sure- Did you tell him I’m here as your date? Not yet. Good. I wanted to tell him myself anyway. I just want EVERYTHING to be perfect. Hey Matt, do you still have my ‘Best of Prom’ CD? Janet, I really don’t want to talk to yo– Matt, how DARE you?! I told you, Keith and I are together now! What? My brother?! You’re crazy, Janet! Don’t EVER talk to me again. There… That ought to speed things up. Now that Keith’s mad at Matt, he’ll do anything to make sure Matt and Angela won’t be Prom King and Queen! You just couldn’t leave it alone, could you? What are you talking about? Why didn’t you just take the whole cheerleading squad to prom? Then we could all just sit back and bask in the Great Matthew’s glory. You done feeling sorry for yourself? I gotta go. You’re the only one I feel sorry for. You’ve always gotta be the MAN, no matter who you step on… Even your own brother. You’d better watch your mouth, little brother. Why? Afraid people might see you for who you really are? Whatever. I understand this was difficult for you, Keith… …but you did the right thing in coming to me. Though I wish you’d reveal the identity of the girl in question. She uh… She doesn’t go here. Still, once everyone finds out it was Matt – our school’s going to look pretty bad. Hey… Can I talk to you for a sec? I know you’re like, really into Matt and stuff… But you should know he’s only going to break your heart. Aren’t you his brother? Yeah… That’s how I know. What’s happened to you two? You were all, like, best buds the other day? You haven’t told him yet, have you? Told him what? If I were you, I wouldn’t even bother. Matt only cares about one person… Himself. Dude, you wanna tell me what your problem is? Like you don’t know. Wait! You know, I can’t wait for you to be expelled! Why would I be expelled?! What have you been telling Principal Morgan? Grrrrr! Where’s the fire, tiger? Why is my brother so mad at me, Janet? You didn’t tell him any lies, did you? I didn’t do anything! I don’t believe you. Maybe he just didn’t like the way you treated me, I don’t know! Hey, Matt. It’s not too late for us, you know… …we could still be Prom King and Queen together. Where’s Matt? I don’t know, and I don’t care. His car’s still in the parking lot, but I haven’t seen him in a while. Kitty said she saw him go to the principal’s office, but that was, like, an hour and a half ago. I wouldn’t worry about it. You ‘wouldn’t worry about it?’ What does that mean? I’m doing you a favor, Angela! Matt is a JERK. He’s not going to take care of you or the- Janet’s behind all this, isn’t she? She’s driven a wedge between you guys somehow. No. She’s angry at Matt and she’s using you to get back at him, and you’re too dumb to see it. She will NOT get away with this. We’re just trying to help you! You can’t just kick me out of school without telling me why! Make sure you do a good job of cleaning out your locker, Mr Miller. You are no longer a student here, effective immediately! If I see you anywhere within school grounds, you’ll be charged with trespassing. That’s the inglorious end of prom for you, Matthew Miller. But I didn’t DO anything! Your list of conduct violations at this school is as long as my arm. Even if this latest allegation turns out to be false, I’m only doing something I should have done a long time ago. In any case, I’m confident that my source in this matter is impeccable. This is personal… Janet made you do this, didn’t she? Get out of my school… …OUT! WITH. PLEASURE. Well, everything seems to be going swimmingly, thanks to our prom committee. Now, where shall we have the coronation? It’ll be right here, on stage. Of course, we both know who’s won. If Matt wins, you can just announce Keith’s name instead of his – he’s my date for the evening, anyhow. Perfect! Now, go and enjoy your special evening. Oh, and Janet… Congratulations on picking the RIGHT Miller brother. Thanks, Dad. Angela’s going to spend the whole freakin’ prom waiting in the parking lot for Matt. They’re about to stop the dance to do the coronation – I’ll go get her. Why Angela, don’t you look adorable. No Matthew, huh? What a shame – and he didn’t even call to tell you he’s not coming back. Isn’t that just like him? Where is he, Janet? What did you do to him? I didn’t DO anything. Maybe he just… came to his senses. This is your last chance, Janet. Tell me the truth or so help me! You can’t threaten royalty, Angela… …I’m about to be made the queen, remember? Everyone, it’s time to announce this year’s Prom King and Queen! Announcing your king… Ma– er… I mean KEITH Miller! Boooo! Where’s Matt? Watch it, Kellerman. Keith is a three-sport varsity letterman, and is attending Arizona State in the fall! And now, I give you this year’s Prom Queen… Angela Napoli? WHAT?! DO something! Er… WAIT! She can’t be Prom Queen! She’s pregnant! WHAT?? That’s NOT true! I’m not pregnant, JANET IS! I saw her pregnancy test! Pregnancy scandal shocks Snuggford High! Snuggford High stripped of awards Snuggford High closes after lack of enrollment Back to the current fashion… Isn’t it AMAZING! It’s like we’re in high school all over again! Yeah, except unlike US, this place hasn’t aged very well. Angela, I have to tell you – the lawyer in me is seeing lawsuits everywhere. Slip n’ fall, lead paint poisoning – I almost want to hand out business cards. Well, I think it’s AMAZING. Although, I think we should move the drinks closer to the hors d’oeuvres. What?! Absolutely not – people will just park themselves by the food and drink instead of mingling! If the party had a competent HOSTESS, that wouldn’t be an issue. What are you trying to say? I believe I already said it, dear. Grrrrr! Well, they’re right about one thing – it sure IS like high school all over again. Oh my gosh! You love me! You REALLY love me! No, no, no – too ‘Oscar-winner’. Thank you all! Today, you have righted a grievous wrong! No, no – too negative. Wishful thinking, Angela? Just doing a sound check. Allow me. Testing, testing – one, two, three. Please remember to vote ‘Janet’ for prom queen! Everybody! Let’s get this party started! Angela… We’ve got to move this party somewhere else. I’ve got almost no water pressure because the pipes are so leaky. This place is dangerous! Move somewhere ELSE? You’re kidding me, right? We could even do it at my place! Oh, great – might as well have it a senior home. Er… You know what I mean. Angela, this place isn’t SAFE. Of course it’s safe! Janet’s father wouldn’t have gotten us permission to be here if it wasn’t. RIGHT, Janet? Oh! Er… Of course! See? Perfectly safe. So, er… Having fun? THIS? This is what prom is like in America? I’m not sure, actually. Mine was cut drastically short. Yes, I know the story… Not exactly a night to remember, eh? Oh, it was a night to remember alright. Afterwards, I got into a huge fight with my dad, packed up my stuff and moved out. At least you had a father. Mine was apparently tired of me before I was even born. Did your mother ever try to track him down? Seek child support? Anything like that? I don’t know. She never talks about him. I’ve never even gotten a postcard from him… …and for all I care, I hope it stays that way FOREVER. Having a nice time? Yeah, I s’pose. Hopefully I’ll make it to the end of this one. Aren’t second chances wonderful? Speaking of, Janet… I know it’s none of my business… …but Chloe and I were talking, and boy – she seems to have A LOT of anger about her biological father. I don’t know the history there, but… Would it help if I tried to mediate? Talk to him? He’s… He’s in the Alps right now! He’s a mountain climber – no phone. I… I need some air! I’ll be right back. Janet! So? Did you tell her yet? I’ll tell her after the reunion, I swear! Tell who what? Matt! I… I need to tell you something. Er… Do you remember Elaine Whizzlemeyer? Er… Yeah. Debate team captain, chess team, chief hall monitor, right? Well, Elaine has a secret from her past, one born of fiery passion and love that could prove devastating to people she cares about. This is Elaine we’re talking about? ‘Hall Cop’? She’s torn between keeping her mouth shut and letting the truth out… …even though she could lose those people, possibly forever. So, er… Do you have any advice for her? Uh… Elaine, I mean. Ah… Well… I think she’s got to tell them. The sooner the better. Secrets are poison, Janet. They’ve gotta be purged. Er… You… I… I… I’ve gotta go to the bathroom! So, how did you get along with my mother during high school? Well, we were kind of polar opposites back then. I wasn’t really popular… nor slim for that matter. She, on the other hand, made all the boys’ heads spin. To be honest, I was kind of non-existent to her. And when she DID notice me, it sure wasn’t for my benefit. But… You know what…!? Virginia… Your mother wasn’t a very nice person, and that’s putting it mildly. She was vindictive, manipulative and a schemer! She pitched two brothers against each other, and even got PREGNANT by one of them. WHAT!? Oh my… I’m so, so sorry. Who were those brothers?! Wait… that means… YOU’RE that baby!? You should talk to your mother, Chloe… I’ve already said far too much… Wow, Virginia, some relationship therapist you are… Who is my father, Janet? Tell me! Janet ?! No, no, no! Chloe, this really isn’t the right time to talk about this! Tell me! Tell me or I will go to every man here and ask them myself! You wouldn’t embarrass me, would you? Not tonight! Tonight is my- Your big moment, eh?! Is that more important than me getting to find out who my father is? Don’t be ridiculous! You’re acting like a spoiled child! Me, a spoiled child! You’re the one who dreams of being a stupid prom princess! Prom QUEEN! And there’s more to it than that! You wouldn’t understand. You’re right, I wouldn’t – because I’m not like you, and I never will be. Where are you going? CHLOE?! Virginia! Oh, er… Hi there, Chloe! Are you… having a good time? No! I’m looking for my father, but none of these men look anything like me! Really? Because I thought I saw… Er, nevermind! So you DO know! You know who my father is! Hey! Get back here! Er… What’s up, Chloe? I have reason to believe that one of the men in this room is my father! Did… Did Janet tell you this? I had an enlightening talk with Virginia. My mother doesn’t even deny it. Chloe… You really should talk to her. I mean, this is… This is… Not something to be taken lightly… She’s far too busy living out her dream of becoming prom queen. As far as I am concerned – I have no mother! Girls! Chloe just figured out that SOMEONE here is her biological father! Girls! I’ve just ACCIDENTALLY let slip that Chloe’s real father is at the reunion. Who is it? Well… Chloe kinda helped me put two and two together. Chloe is the kid Janet was pregnant with during prom night. And she only hooked up with the Miller brothers. Angela… I’m… She was hooking up with Keith just to break me and Matt up… OH my…. NO, no, no, this cannot be true! That leaves… MATT! It has to be! Everything makes SO much more sense now! What makes more sense now? Er, Matt, sweetheart – could you get us some more drinks? But I’ve only just got us some? I know, but I’m really thirsty. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! This can’t be happening, can it? I’m surprised we didn’t figure it out sooner. Denial at work. He doesn’t know! And neither does Chloe – but she’s trying to find out, right now! Janet! I’m going to strangle her! Later. You’re right… I need to talk to Matt first while you guys distract Chloe, okay? But… but what are you going to say? Hey, there Chloe! How’d you like to hit the dance floor? No thank you – I have to talk to Matt. Matt?! So far, no one has been able to name a single other boy my mother was interested in during her last year of high school. Unless you know better? Hey Angela. Have you seen Chloe lurking around? Chloe?! N-no way! Why would I have seen Chloe? Well… She seemed to be acting a little weird. She’s been interrogating random men for some reason. You sure you haven’t seen her? No way! Do you really want Janet and Matt to start raising Chloe together? We should just lie and make sure Matt stays as FAR away from Chloe as possible. Are you kidding me? Chloe needs our help! She deserves to be with her real father! Chloe is our friend. And Angela Napoli never abandons her friends! Chloe is… looking for her father. Apparently he’s here, at the reunion. Maybe you should help her find him. Er, okay. I’ll stick around and try to talk to her. Chloe! I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Angela told me your father was here. Did you manage to find him? Chloe? What’s wrong? You’re… you’re… Dad… Dad…? Wait, what?! I-I’m sorry… Chloe… Are you sure? You’re the only one my mother dated during high school… I… She told me she met someone in France… She really never told you…? I swear, she didn’t. C’mon, Chloe. Let’s go talk to your mother. Well, guess who I just got an earful from? Monster Morgan himself! Our ol’ principal. He’s here!? Wait – what’d you do? Make out with a jock in a closet? No! Well, yes – but that’s not the point. Apparently, Janet lied. He DIDN’T get us permission to be here. He’s also blaming Janet and Matt for some reason – the Fab Four, too. That’s why I had to hear about it… I’ve got to find Angela and tell her the news… …then she can tell Matt – he’s going to lose his mind. Tell Matt what? C’mon now, Janet – I think it’s pretty obvious what we’re talking about, here. ANGELA knows?! That B***H! I won’t let her ruin my life again with her big mouth – not tonight! Good, you’re both here. Janet, we HAVE to talk. Alright, everyone! It’s ALMOST time for your class to FINALLY choose a Prom King and Queen. Hey, better late than never, right? Kind of like that science project. Yuk yuk! We will talk, I promise, but right now I’m needed on the stage. You’re joking! Janet. I’m not asking. We- We will have ALL the time in the world to talk later. But right now is the ONE moment I’ve been waiting FIFTEEN YEARS for. What a coincidence! I have been waiting fifteen years to hear the truth about WHO MY FATHER IS! I should have told you sooner. I’m sorry – I am – but I can’t change that now. I’ll be right back- and we’ll work everything out, I swear. If you leave, I won’t be here when you get back. Janet… when are you going to grow up? Don’t lecture me, Matt. You’ve been a parent for five minutes… …try doing it on your own for fifteen years and then tell me you don’t deserve a moment to yourself. Hey, hey everyone! Time for the big announcement… Could the lovely Angela and Janet please come forward. By the way folks…I’m single again! Ha ha! I wish I could say I was joking. GET ON WITH IT! Anyhow, as for that OTHER announcement… YES! Yes, yes, yes! After fifteen years, I’m FINALLY going to be named prom queen! And our fabulous reunion queen is… Whatever happens I just want you to know I really respect you. Me too. Janet… I knew it! Take THAT Napoli! …and Angela, it’s a tie! WHAT?! Ladies, ladies… SHUT UP! It’s OK people, we just blew a fuse. It’s all under control. We’re doomed! Run for your lives! Er… guys? I’M QUEEN, do hear me? ME! NO! My reunion, my crown! Angela! Janet! Stop this insanity, NOW! NEVER! Angela, I’ve changed my mind… …you can have it. It was nice seeing you again. So that’s where all that water went! The police are here! Nobody say or do anything. Arrests made as Snuggford High School is destroyed by illegal reunion party I’m going to see if the bail clerk is back on duty. Please, you can’t leave me here! You don’t understand! Sorry, all the city AND county jails are full. Can’t you give us the weekend off for good behavior? We PROMISE we’ll come back. Sorry, but there’s no judge on duty on weekends. You’ll have a bail hearing after the holiday. In the meantime, I leave you under the special protection of Large Marge here. She’ll show you the ropes. Er… HI THERE, Marge! Can you tell us where the spa is? We’ve had a rough day and could really use some shiatsu. Listen up, marshmallows! Fresh fish do the grunt work around here! NOW MOVE! I CANNOT believe I’m in prison. If Victoria finds out I’m in here I’m a dead woman… Hello, Angela. Guess I need to cancel the Queen for a Day showcase? Look, Victoria, I know this looks bad, but- ‘LOOKS BAD’?! My head designer is in PRISON, Angela! Er…Have I ever let you down before? Kitty, Virginia and Jenny want you to know they’re doing everything they can to bail you out. Goodbye, Angela. I swear to you, Victoria – we’re going to put on the best fashion show EVER. Sure we will, Angela… HOW we will, though, I don’t have a clue… You’re late! That’s two prixs bars you owe me, each. What’s going on? Ol’ lard head, the warden, is visiting our wing soon. He’ll bust you down for even the slightest infraction. He can’t be all that bad, right? I mean, I’m sure he means well. He’ll find SOMETHING wrong with our block. He always does. Solitary confinement, here we come! Perhaps I could have a talk with him? I’m known for being a bit of a people person. Are you saying I’m not?! Anyhow, you’re wasting your time. Around here, if you have a prison uniform on, you’re invisible to him. He cares about one thing and one thing only – his precious prison. I have to get out of here! My daughter is furious with me – and as soon as my father finds out I’m here, he’ll- Please, you’ve only been in prison for a day and a half. You’ll be out as soon as that bail judge gets back from his fishing weekend. You don’t understand. He- How bad can your life be REALLY? When you first came in here, I thought we were gettin’ visited by some movie stars! All those fancy clothes you two have on. Like a couple of high society types – REAL ladies, know what I mean? It’s been forever since I felt like that. Now, you may THINK you’re all here for different reasons, but let me tell you… There is ultimately but ONE common denominator that brought you here. Your sparkling personality? Did you have something to share with the group, Margery? Naw, sir. I was going to say, ‘poor parenting!’ But I suppose Margery here has made my point for me. Psst! Sir – can I have a word with you for a moment? My daughter is here? Send her in! But… But nothing, officer! It’s a perfect opportunity to show these poor wretches what they can aspire to become! Bring in my daughter! Er… Hi, daddy! Pu-pu-pumpkin?! What are you all looking at?! That’s it! You’re all on cleaning duty! I want these floors so spotless the Queen of England would eat off of them! Are you feeling any better, sir? How could she do this to me? I gave her everything she could ever wish for. A good house… A car when she was sixteen… The most expensive dresses… I gave her all the structure and discipline she needed to become a proper adult. And yet, after all these years, she still seems to thwart me at every turn. Have you ever tried listening- Let’s go back! If my daughter thinks she can behave like a teenager, I think she needs to be addressed like one! Dad, please – we were ACCIDENTALLY arrested over a minor misunderstanding. The only reason we’re here is because the jail is full and we can’t post bail until after- IS there NO end to the embarrassment you seek to inflict upon me? Wasn’t it enough that you destroyed ONE career? Now you must seek to undermine this one as well? What have I done to inspire such disrespect, such vitriol from my own daughter? Mr. Morgan… The misunderstanding? It was my fault, not Janet’s. Thank you. Oh, don’t thank me – that whole ‘My dad fixed it so we could use the school’ routine was bunk, wasn’t it? Er… He he. Did I ever tell you that orange is your color? So… So. What did you tell Paige? Er… I told her you couldn’t visit this weekend because you were at space camp. Sorry – she put me on the spot and it’s the best I could think of. I’m warning you now – you need to hit the library. She’s going to pepper you with questions. Well, at least I LOOK like an astronaut. Honestly, I’d find it nice not having to decide what outfit to wear every day. Well… We can switch if you want to… Honestly, Angela – you look better in that orange jumpsuit than most people do wearing a custom-made dress. Please! To tell the truth, I’ve always been a little jealous. YOU, jealous of ME? When the guards escorted me in here, they couldn’t remember your cell number. So they stopped and asked some woman named Large Marge where you were. She didn’t know your name, so they described you to her. Marge said, ‘Oh, you mean the gal that came in here lookin’ like the Princess of Monaco!’ You said something the other day, Marge, that was very astute. You makin’ fun a’ me?! No, no – ‘astute’! Meaning, uh… Shrewd, smart, savvy! I did? You said, it had been ‘forever since you felt like a lady.’ Well, I think I know why… …and I have the perfect solution for it. Janet Morgan! Let’s go. Wh-why?! You don’t ask the screws questions, princess – you just do what they say. I am so very happy to see you again, Chloe. Though I wish it were under better circumstances. It turns out Matt Miller is my real father. Yes… I’m sorry for keeping this from you. But, it was really something your mother needed to tell you herself. Sigh… I don’t know where your mother went wrong, Chloe. I did everything I could to provide the discipline necessary for her to function as a responsible adult. In any case, rest assured, I’ll have her out of here before anyone realizes what’s happened. One career-ending scandal is enough for a lifetime, thank you. Grand-père… May I ask you a favor? Anything, my sweet. You name it. I know this puts you in a tight spot, but could you keep my mother in prison a bit longer? I don’t think she has learned her lesson just yet, Grand-père. My mother is always putting herself first. Her lying about having your permission to use the school put a lot of people in danger. What she REALLY needs is time to think about what she did. She needs some discipline! Discipline, huh… Call those photographers first, they get booked fast. If Go-To Magazine doesn’t bite, tell them that Shade is already on board. Is that true? It will be. Angela! Angela! I heard from one of the guards that my father has been pulling some strings to get us out! Out? No, no – no can do. Can’t you see I’m in the middle of something, here? ‘No can do’! Newsflash, Angela – we’re in prison! That’s exactly why these women need our help. Last chance, Angela. My father will be here any minute. CHLOE! Janet, I’ve come to a decision. Yes, yes – I’m all packed and ready to get out of this h- I’ve decided to let you stay in prison. WHAT?! I – that is ‘we’ – think you need more time to reflect upon the circumstances that brought you here. What do you mean, ‘we’? Warden Morgan, I have here a proposal for a new prisoner education program that I think you’ll find VERY interesting. Similar programs have been proven to increase prisoner self-esteem, confidence and most importantly, DISCIPLINE. Very good, Angela. I always encourage my wards to take the initiative. I’ll have a look right away. You could learn a thing or two from her, Janet. Matt! Er… Angela, why don’t we talk about your proposal in my office? Yeah, okay… Sure. How could you, mom? How could you? My whole LIFE I’ve been asking about my father… Then I find out by accident that everything you said about him is a LIE! I’m SO, SO sorry sweetheart. I never meant for you to- Chloe, maybe this isn’t the best- I hope Grand-père keeps you here forever! Please, Matt – talk to her for me! Let’s go, ladies! Show time is eighteen hundred hours. Yeah, yeah. Hey, Janet… Look, I know that things are really bleak for you right now… …and I don’t have much to offer in the way of advice, I guess. But maybe… Maybe if we just focus on this for now, instead of our own problems… Maybe things will become a bit clearer. Welcome everyone, to the first annual Snuggford Medium Security Queen for a Day Fashion Show. We prisoners come here to pay our debt to society, and hopefully, become a contributing member of it upon release. Part of that transition is learning to move forward without shame. To reclaim our individuality and celebrate what makes us special, unique. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce to you our latest collection… …worn by some folks who put the ‘model’ in ‘model prisoner’! Everyone, everyone – one minute please. The last few days have been incredibly hard for me. In fact, I think I’ve hit rock bottom. But there was one person who made it possible for me to get through it – the same person who’s responsible for this fashion show. I’d like to thank Angela – she’s the REAL queen for a day. Okay, break time’s over! Let’s see the rest of these designs! Do you have your headline yet, Mrs. Stanhope? ‘Clothed With Hope – How an Innovative Prison Program Helps Give Second Chance Inmates a Running Start’. Make sure folks know that part of the proceeds from each purchase will go to buying clothes for recently released inmates. That’s Victoria’s. V-I-C-T-O- I got it, I got it. You know, Chloe, I do believe you were right… …a weekend in prison has done both your mother AND Angela a world of good. You were very clever to have seen that. Me, on the other hand… I admit I’ve been very thickheaded when it comes to my daughter. I am proud of you, grand-père. Thank you, Chloe… …but are you proud of your mother? I gotta admit, Angela – I thought our business relationship was about to go the way of cut-out shoulder tops. I was right about needing inspiration, I guess. Just not about what kind. Any word from Chloe? She’ll come around. She WILL. Until then you can work here for as long as you want. Excuse me! Comin’ through, comin’ through! Hey, no cutting in line! I’ve been waiting here for hours! Mother… I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean it. That doesn’t mean I didn’t deserve it… Come here… So… Tell me EVERYTHING. We have much to discuss still, my grand-père, my mother, Matt and I… But… things are going well. I’m glad. And what about you and my father? You two have a lot to work through right now… And although I care about your father, well… I care about you, too! We’re going to take a break for a while. That way I can be your friend first. So, when are you going back to France? Never! It’s so boring at home. From now on, I’m never leaving your side! Since I met you, you’ve thrown a party in an abandoned school, got arrested and held a fashion showcase in prison! I know, right! What was I THINKING? Hi, can I help you? I hope so. My mom wants me to find a prom dress. Something REALLY cool. She’s all like – worried that this other girl is gonna jack my style and steal my crown out from under me. Like THAT would ever happen. So um… Do you have anything that will like, guarantee that I’ll like, show her up? What did I say?

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