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Father of Ex-Cheerleader Was Shocked She Buried Baby in Yard

Father of Ex-Cheerleader Was Shocked She Buried Baby in Yard

raw emotion in court as the father of the high school cheerleader accused of murdering her newborn testifies at her trial she would never hurt another living being a baby Scott Richardson who asked not to appear on camera when he took the witness stand said he allowed his daughter Skylar to be questioned by detectives without a lawyer because they convinced him she didn’t need one what’s the biggest regret in your life Scott not having an attorney for the interrogation the former high school cheerleader is accused of killing her baby daughter moments after giving birth in the bathroom how surprised were you and found out that your daughter had been pregnant berry does she delivered a baby and buried her in the backyard he said if he had known Skylar was pregnant they would have welcomed her child into their family how was your relationship as a father when Skylar was just a little kid she was daddy’s little girl the jury was shown this photo of Skylar in a bikini she’s with her then-boyfriend on spring break six weeks before she gave birth he is not the father of the child these photos were also shown to the jury showing Skylar’s weight fluctuations caused by her history of eating disorders which her lawyers say proves Skylar didn’t realize she was pregnant until a few days before giving birth [Music] you [Music]

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  1. So close and together as a family, but didn't know their daughter was a reckless banana gobbler who thought dirt would just cover over the promiscuity … how smart …

  2. What does being a former cheerleader have to do with anything? Trying to paint the narrative that she's a poor blonde white girl who did a big oppsie?

  3. Why is there so much emphasis on the fact she was a cheerleader, that’s just a small extracurricular activity. Why don’t we just call her a high school student

  4. This is the type of stuff that goes on. Even if abortion is allowed, people like her will go out of their way to just annihilate a born baby out of the womb. People like her decides to wait last minute to kill the baby. It’s tragic, and she’s crying not because she killed the newborn. But was caught with murdering the new born. I wanna know something else that’s dark? That there’s people out there that do this on a daily and don’t receive consequences for their action.

  5. If I was her father my biggest regret wouldn't be not getting her a lawyer it would of been having a daughter who didn't feel loved enough or comfortable enough to tell anyone or ask anyone for help. Friends, family, teacher, or even take the doctor advice about prenatal care so she can a doctor to deliver the baby in a hospital. If she did their wouldn't be a trial. I am so sorry but she's 20 and looks in her late 30s. I don't think this girl is playing with a full deck of cards. Surprising she was on the honor role. Human natural instinct is when your scared you look for help. This girl was determined to make this baby not exsist.

  6. Of course, killing babies before their born apparently isn't wrong, but killing them right after birth is a huge crime. Turtle eggs and eagles nests have more protection in America then a lIVING unborn child. Ridiculous. And in all honesty, you can hate me as much as you want, but nothings going to change my mind. You know I'm right.

  7. The baby was most likely murdered by her, even if you want to hide things from your parents, you do you, but to try to hide something as important as a life and a baby, means there is something wrong. Whether you get in trouble or not, noone should hide such a thing. Like who burries a child in the backyard, there is something very wrong with her

  8. She looks like the psychotic woman who killed her children infront of her husband and left him to live with it and suffer. (It's Also on this channel)

  9. Well she didn't know she was pregnant until giving birth…hmmm what about her monthly cycle🤔 She should have know something was up the moment she stopped having it.



  11. Lol the lawyer seriously think he’s gonna get away with claiming she didn’t know she was pregnant until a couple days before her birth.

  12. 2 days before she had the baby she could of went to an abortion clinic and got the baby aborted without breaking the law (depending on the state) that’s messed up how could you say or do something like that to a baby

  13. Skylar may have had an feeling she was pregnant, but went into denial. And when she gave birth to a baby she panicked and killed it.
    Sadly, it has happened before.

  14. This is ridiculous! What does her eating disorder have to do with her supposedly “not”knowing she was pregnant?! Of course she realized she was pregnant. She continued to not only gain weight but develop a stomach that along with the baby moving, which at one point it had to have been moving for her to get as far along as 9 months. There’s no way in hell she didn’t feel any movement. No parts of pregnancy mimic an eating disorder!

  15. She burned the baby too. It wasn't even her boyfriends baby either. She's gonna get the biggest slap on the wrist. When a man kills a baby he goes away for life. Ultimately she will serve months

  16. I really wish you'd put all the information in one vid instead of segments and leaving out facts.

    Firstly this girl suffers multiple eating disorders. Friends family and health peofessionals knew this.

    This girl told her mom she was sexually active and wanted birth control. (More so the mom realized and told her to go on BC) When she went to OBGYN they realized she was already pregnant and said she'd be giving birth in the next month-

    The girl panicked saying she couldn't be a mother / asked about abortion but it was too far along to be legal.

    11 days later she gave birth. We don't know what happened that night other than she texted her mom that she was glad her belly was back to normal.
    (Again multiple eating disorders and obsession with being skinny)

    Initially the medical examiner who was interpreting a report said the bones looked charred. This girl denied many many times doing anything with fire. The interrogators continuously asked the same question until she finally said "fine I tried to cremate!" AFTER the interrogation she told her dad that she tried to cremate hence why bones were charred.

    BUT PLOT TWIST the medical examiner back stepped and said she misinterpreted the report. The bones WERE NOT CHARRED. but now in the confession room she was pressured into saying she did and the prosecution is still rolling with that clearly coerced confession.

    Her Google history shows she looked up how to miscarry.

    It was likely she was going to miscarry anyway since she actively starved herself even before pregnancy. Its obvious she had no desire for this child but imagine randomly finding out your giving birth next month and actively struggling with eating disorders. If she did intentionally kill this baby I'd think she qualifies for mental instability.

    Since she genuinely had no idea going into the OBGYN it sounds like she did maybe have a period? Which can happen with ectopic pregnancy.

  17. Weird right? You can get an abortion right before you give birth, but you go to prison for life for killing a baby a few hours after it was born… kinda makes you think right?

  18. News flash to her lawyers, trying to put it on her fluctuating weight. It’s tons of signs to let you know you’re pregnant, including the baby moving inside, no cycle, the fact that her stomach didn’t feel like a flabby belly she can press in or lay flat on, just to name a few clues..

    This girl has this kind of blank or disconnected look about her. It seems kinda cold.


  20. Upon hearing she was "Daddy's little girl," it sounds like she may have been a spoiled, rotten kid. If that was the case, it's not unlikely she believed rules and laws only applied to people who weren't "special." R.I.P. Little Angel. 🙏😿💔

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