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Faux French Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles

Faux French Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, everyone. I’m Mindy from Cute
Girls Hairstyles. And Brooklyn’s helping me today. Hey, guys. And we’re going to show you
how to do what we’re calling the CGH faux French braid. Now this one is– kind of
looks like a French braid when we’re done. But for those of you that
are French braid challenged, this is a great solution. Also, it just is a
really new technique that I’ve never
played with before. So I thought you guys
would love it, too. Now to begin, I have just
pulled out a few whispies near the front of her face. This is an optional step. It just depends on
what you’re looking for and the age of your daughter. I’m going to take a section
just right here at the top. So not too much
hair, but we still want a decent sized
little section. And I’m going to smooth it out
so we don’t have any crazies. And get it placed how I want it. Then I’m just going to
take it and divide it into three sections. So one, two, and three. And I’m going to do
just a regular three strand braid here. And I’m doing this
sort of loose, and you’ll see why in a minute. We don’t want it super
tight, because we’re going to be working with
the different stitching inside this braid. Take this as far down as we can. And you can do this
hairstyle with layers, but you just have to be aware
you might have some start popping out like I’m going to
in just a minute on Brooklyn’s. It’s not a big deal. Messy braids right
now are really in. And I’m just going to
secure it with an elastic to hold it for now. So we’re going to go back
up, and on this right side, I’m going to pick
up a little piece. I’m going to take
it all the way over. And this left most stitch,
this very first one, I’m going to loosen it up,
put my fingers through. I’m going to take
this section of hair. And pull it through
just like that. And you can see why we left
this semi-loose at this point. I’m going to take a piece from
this left side, smooth it out. And I’m going to go up here
to this rightmost stitch. And pull it through. We’re going to continue this
pattern all the way down. So I’m picking up
hair, smoothing it out, going to the left edge loop
and pulling it through, going back to the
left side– I’m going to make sure to
leave my whispies down. Pull this piece. Go to the next loop down from
where I was working before. And just go ahead
and pull it through. Pick up the piece. Cross it over. Pull it through. When you get down
here to the bottom where your pieces from
the top are falling, you can see that I
just picked those up. And go ahead and add them
into the rest of the hairstyle as well. So now you may have
pieces that have gone through more than once,
and that’s totally fine. So we’re definitely done. I can’t do anymore. So now I’m just going
to release that elastic, and go ahead and re-secure
all of it together. And then you can go back and
just loosen these up a little bit. And you can loosen these
pieces up here a little bit, so that these show
just a little more. And there you have
this really fun braid that isn’t really a fish tail. So those of you that have a
hard time holding all the hair or fishtailing, what
you’re working with is just a basic
braid, and then you’re just lacing pieces through. But it also has little
bit of a mermaid effect. And it’s a very soft,
flowy look, I think. So it’s really pretty
for a little bit older, especially like teenager plus. So there you go. Let’s do the final spin. Ta da. And back around. Be sure to give this video
a thumbs up if you liked it. Leave a comment below telling
us how many days of school you have left. I bet you can tell
how many you have. 27 including the weekend, 20
not including the weekends. Hey. You can’t tell
we’re all excited. So close. Almost there. And we are only
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followers on Instagram. Woo. I’m so excited. I feel like– $1,000,000. Only it would be
1,000,000 followers. So give us some love
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like, and follow us. That’d be great. Anyway, we’ll see
you guys next Sunday. Bye, you guys. Bye. What you’re doing
by doing it this way is creating it
where it’s attached to the braid underneath. So there will be no
movement throughout the day. $1,000,000. Do you even know
what that’s from? No. You’re my Mini-Me. What’s that? Dr. Evil. Austin Powers. Nothing? You got nothing. I know what this is. What? Like the guy says this, right? $1,000,000. Yeah, Dr. Evil. That’s all I know. Is it a movie? Have you ever seen
Austin Powers? No. Oh, well, there you go. You’re too old. You’ve seen it. I’m too old? You’re my Mini-Me. Doesn’t she look like a Mini-Me? A Mini-Me. I think so.

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