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Feby Pops Off On Jackie! | Basketball Wives

Feby Pops Off On Jackie! | Basketball Wives

– Hello! – [Jackie] I’m sit down here, Ev. By you. (dramatic music) – [Evelyn] Fantastic. So are you guys good, like
where are we at in life? You and Malaysia?
– [Jackie] Me and Malaysia? That situation’s done. That’s a pass. As far as Feby goes, done.
– [Evelyn] Oh yeah, I forgot about Feby. So what was, what was the beef? You were outside
– Okay. – [Evelyn] Of Jennifer’s
thing, and (screaming). You know, so we’re tryin’ to understand where the missin’ piece of the puzzle was. (whooshing) – Feby! You wanna come out here,
bring your ass out here. – [Man] They don’t
– Why’s she callin’ my name.
– [Man] understand how it– (whooshing)
– [Jackie] OG told me she had a lot to say about me after court. She’s like, upset about somethin’, so, it’s like come out here.
– Jackie. – Let her finish, let her finish. – No, (beep) that! – [OG] Okay. – [Feby] You gonna come
to a (beep) cancer event, actin’ like a (beep) animal? You serious, Jackie? Are you serious? As a grown ass adult, are you serious? – [Jackie] Here Feby goes
again, startin’ some (beep). She thinks she can be slick at the mouth, and just get away wit’ it. She is so lucky that I’m in no mood to deal with her BS tonight. – February 19th, my father, my grandfather passed away from cancer. You come to a cancer event
actin’ like how you act, talkin’ about come outside
and all this extra (beep). After you bought me a candle. (whooshing) My grandfather passed away two days ago. – Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. – [Feby] It’s okay, I’m strong. – Do you have anything for healing from a loss?
– [Store Clerk] We actually even have a spirit guide candle. – [Jackie] Can you get it out,
I’d like to get it for her. (whooshing)
– [Phoebe] Talkin’ about your mother passed away,
and my grandfather. – I did, I did,
– [Feby] This, this is what we doin’.
– I did. – [Feby] Is this what we (beep) doin’? She wanna give gifts,
and she wanna do all of– Matter fact, pause, one second. – Feby, you’re a little drunk. (hip hop music) – [Malaysia] Feby goes in the house, and I’m like, wait what’s happening. You know, remember, we don’t really know her
that well. (laughing) – [Feby] Like I said,
she wanna give gifts. (candling slamming)
You can back, I don’t wanna none of that (beep). This ain’t charity. – [Jackie] Oh Lord, Jesus. – [Evelyn] Feby, she’s somethin’ else. She could have packed anything else. Some extra bread bottoms,
outfits, bathin’ suits, but instead she ended
up packing the candle. I gotta hand it to her, that’s dedication. – [Feby] This ain’t charity. Ain’t (beep) funny about that, bitch. (Beep) animal.
– I’ve been called worse by better. – [Feby] They ain’t here. – [Jackie] No.
– [Feby] Okay, ears. – [Jackie] Anyhows.
(digital game zoom) – [Feby] Okay.
– [Jackie] Feby, you can sit up with your little insults.
– [Feby] Okay. – [Jackie] ‘Cause she’s childish. – [Evelyn] Now I know how people
feel when Tami and I argue, because it kept going. – You look childish. – [Feby] I’m embarrassed.
– And stupid. – You look childish.
– [Jackie] You do, you look dumb. – You look dumb.
– [Jackie] You look dumb. You’re not on my level, alright.
– [Feby] You look, you look dumb.
– Oops. – [Evelyn] I said to myself,
Jackie’s a little too calm. – You’re too old. – [Jackie] You’re done. – [Feby] It was
– Have nothin’ else to say.
– [Feby] Embarrassin’. You’re done, you’re retired actually. – [Shaunie] I honestly have
never seen Jackie this calm to someone snappin’ on her, ever, which scares me to death. Feby better sleep with one eye open. – Done. (hip hop music) Done. (imploding)

100 thoughts on “Feby Pops Off On Jackie! | Basketball Wives”

  1. Those saying she weak, how????? It's a cancer event. She lost loved ones to cancer. So, would y'all want someone to come and mess up a cancer event that u doing to show support, mainly for family? Hell no. They could have done that somewhere else but a cancer event.???????

  2. This scary ass hoe is yelling from the other side of table because there's a big table tween her and please let Jackie snatch that crackhead up

  3. first of all your grandfather passed away of cancer but you act like a trick your stupid it doesn't matter jacket came up in there or not you are stupid nobody feels sorry for you Feby

  4. What the hell did Fubu do to her teeth???? Their so big and white, she’s so small. Lucky she’s sitting on the stool about tip over face forward right on her teeth ?

  5. Feby is a cornball who tryna fit in this circle and clearly can't…plz get her off the show. She absolutely adds nothing to it?

  6. I love how Jackie is sooo UNBOTHERED by this Tammy from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta looking chick ?????? #Dead

  7. I like Jackie but Feby kept it 100 with that because a cancer event is not the time and place to make a scene like Jackie did especially for a woman her age and Jackie knows that hence is the reason she didn't flip out sometimes when someone tells you the truth and can't get mad even when you try.

  8. Feby always play tough when there’s distance between her & others but when they close she talk all the way around whatever she done said to piss somebody off. Feby is thee worst addition to the show. Period.

  9. I say get rid of Feby…she has no storyline, her music is kindergarten like, and give off negativity everytime she talks

  10. I botice jackie comes for alot of the younger women with the exception of evelyn this almost teminds me of her obsession with draya

  11. Feby is a mole rat and needs a refund on those locs.. trying to hard to be relevant. Probably gonna last one more season ??

  12. While fabio sitting up there making all them age and body jokes at Jackie she better hope she look as good as Jackie when she get her age. Because from the looks of it futbol bout half Jackie's age and she damn near look as old as her.

  13. Everyone I know Feby got her bs but she's right. How stupid she looked showing up yelling outside the event. People talking about she's dedicated bcuz of the candles maybe she really use them for comfort. Jackie brought it to act fake concerned. Cameras will turn a person into the incredible hulk. If she really wanted it she would have used her brain and waited til she can really get her ijs…

  14. F eby Jackie looks good for her age you shouldn't call Jackie old because you better stop calling her old and hope you reach her age some day

  15. As a adalt r u sureous. Allow me to correct feby as an adult are you serious I know I may sound like a stick in mud but I had to point this out

  16. Feby, sorry sis they were laughing at you.. And trying to manufacture ANGST about your past relatives dying of cancer and getting all hyped up…. it was almost embarrassing to watch. Jackie UNBOTHERED… LMAO

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