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Fight highlights: Orlando Salido vs. Miguel Roman (HBO Boxing After Dark)

Fight highlights: Orlando Salido vs. Miguel Roman (HBO Boxing After Dark)

By technical knockout…
Miguel “Mickey” Román!

31 thoughts on “Fight highlights: Orlando Salido vs. Miguel Roman (HBO Boxing After Dark)”

  1. The way Salido lost to this guy, he would get DESTROYED by Lomachenko, who today is a much better firghter than he was 4 years ago when he fought Salido, in a fight where most experts say Lomo won, and would have won by big numbers if the ref had deducted points for at least 1 of the 100 low blows that "Dirty Salido" threw that day.

  2. eh visto la carrera de miky roman y pence que después del empate y derrota con crazy jardon ya no tendría nada que dar y sus ultimas 2 peleas muy bien además de vencer al miedo de lomachenko siri

  3. Salido fought as best as he could and did what it took to win. It's easy to critize a fighter, but anyone who saw a fight for the first time, and it involved Salido.. Became a fan of the sport. Just a little info.. When a fighter wins, say $500K and loses, chances are he's going to make $25k in his next fight. So.. In Boxing, there's an art to doing what he does.. Hopkins did it all the time, but rarely is he ever judge by being a dirty fighter. Do I blame them.. No. Winners get paid.. Losers, hope that they're given another chance to make a good purse money one day. This was a Sweet and Sour victory.. How can anyone not like Salido.. He's the reason people watch Boxing and we get a few more fans hooked on this sport.

  4. You can forget about Lomachenko avenging that loss. Lomachenko ain't going to fight someone coming off a loss. He's a very classy guy Lomachenko.

  5. Love watching salido get knocked the fuck out. I mean it happens so often. Yet the punchy ponch keeps talking shit lol. Salido the faggot literally.

  6. Mexican Boxing 101: 1. Move towards your opponent when he's punching, not away from him.2. Only pussies throw jabs.3. Endurance beats skill.4. Putting Vaseline on cuts to stop the bleeding is for faggots.5.There are no such things as headbutts or low-blows.

  7. Salido did better than what the highlights show. It was a war. He hurt Roman badly in the 1st round and landed solid shots all throughout.

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