17 thoughts on “Fighting Game Boxers”

  1. Great video you've got there! Vanessa sure does look like a badass and a waifu at the same time! And speaking of which, what do you think of these possible future video ideas I come up with that might have badass waifus in them?
    Fighting game gunners (like Noel Vermillion)
    Fighting game whip users (like Sion Eltnam Atlasia)
    Fighting game lancers (like Mai Natsume)
    Fighting game archers (like Mina Majikina)
    Part 2 of school girl fighters (like Heart Aino)
    Part 2 of electric users (like Mikoto Misaka)
    Part 2 of fencers (like Asuna Yuuki)
    Halloween special: Witches/goths/dark girls (like Lieselotte Achenbach)
    Christmas special: Angels/nuns/holy maidens (like Petra Johanna Lagerkvist)

  2. Of course we want a part 2 hehehehehe
    With Rick Strowd, TJ Combo, Dudley and Franco Bash on next please.

    Thanks for the video.

  3. If you make a part two, gotta add Jax from Mortal Kombat. And if you make another Muai Thai one gotta add his daughter, Jacqui.

  4. part 2
    burai yamamoto from big bang beat
    andrei from xuan dou zhi wang a.k.a king of combat 
    the blacker baron from anarchy reigns 
    pugi from combat core 
    joe fendi from fighting layer

    part 3
    lu meng from sango guardian chaos generation 
    jim McCoy from kaiser knuckle
    jet from yatagarasu
    boman delgado from rival schools
    grimm from urban reign

    part 4
    makoto nanaya from blazeblue
    mickey rogers from art of fighting
    rick strowd from fatal fury
    shen woo from the king of fighters
    ed from street fighter

    part 5
    dudley from street fighter
    cracker jack from fighting ex layer
    heavy d! from the king of fighters
    axel hawk from fatal fury
    rob python from buriki 1

    part 6
    bazoo from the rumble fish
    shawn r. kent from asura cross
    mike from street fighter
    michael max from fatal fury
    nelson from the king of fighters

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