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Figure Love Live Review Nico Yazawa Sunny Day Song unboxing | Alice LPS

Figure Love Live Review Nico Yazawa Sunny Day Song unboxing | Alice LPS

Alice LPS Hey everyone and today I’m going to be doing another figure review This is Nico Yazawa in her sunny day song outfit from the Love Live school idol project movie I’m really digg’n the box design cuz’ it really matches the theme of the song where they have all confetti and then the little baloon chains and she looks really happy and cheery and on the side we have a very similar picture and on the back information on the figurine and on the side we have some artwork of Nico and it shows the outfit designed from the movie which is really nice look at. So without further ado let’s open her up time for the big reveal what is she like come out come out wherever you are OH MY GOSH! she’s big she comes in bubble wrap and she is so huge so much bigger than I was expecting. YAY a sideways Nico but let’s take a look at her base first because it is huge and detailed and beautiful The plastic is white and printed on in a light pink color it’s a sunny days song love live school idol movie Nico with some balloons and confetti its detailed and beautiful and fits the theme so nicely so let’s put on the base have a look at the figure . She’s beautiful! She. Is. humongous especially in comparison to the previous Nico Figure I reviewed just look she is HUGE if you want to see this figure review click the little I annotation in the corner will take you to it as well the size of the figurine being better I feel like it’s a lot more sturdier then the Angelic Angel figurine and she’s just really nice good quality, really one piece of plastic it’s really really nice. Her face is adorable and really really happy Her twin tails are tied with little butterflies and on the back it has a ton of detail in there. She even has little baby hairs. at the bottom there. really really cute! shes wearing dainty little gold earrings and i love how her lil neck bow is flying she’s jumping in the air . I’m also really Digg’n in the Little shirt creases included on the sleeves it really adds that movement and like happiness to her like shes dancing and its really cute moving down to her torso, she has these these pretty little black and button details and right here on hips she has this kind of sheer sash and to replicate this from the show they used a translucent fabric which is a really nice touch her skirt is a two layer red and white design and it’s very very adorable i love the little ripples there it especially like right here it really indents there on her leg she is sporting some black knee-high socks the little heart designs and yellow rim i love how elasstic of the sock indents like how it would in real life i’m really loving the attention to detail is figurine it’s very pretty and then she have these below-the-knee red boots with some white details on them very very very cute so that wraps up my nico yazawa sunny day song review have you guys seen love live? let me know in the comments below don’t forget subscribe and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye guys!

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