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Fire Truck, Dump Truck, Monster Truck & More | Vehicles for Kids Collection Vol 1

Fire Truck, Dump Truck, Monster Truck & More | Vehicles for Kids Collection Vol 1

Welcome back to Brain Candy TV Hey Brainiacs. Do you like fire trucks? Let’s take a trip to the fire station to learn about the different parts of a fire truck! Wheels Frame Seats for all of the fire fighters This part, where all of the fire fighters sit, is called the cab. Doors and side mirrors Windshield and windshield wipers Grill Lights Top flasher lights There are compartments at the back of the truck for storage. These are used to store useful fire fighting tools and gear. Here are some pipes and below them is the pump panel which allows the fire fighters to control the water they spray onto the fires. Here is the aerial ladder. This big ladder extends really high and allows the fire fighters to help people trapped in tall buildings or even rescue cats from trees! Uh oh, it looks like there’s a fire in that apartment building over there. Fire truck to the rescue! Time to use that big ladder! Woah, look how high it goes. Fire fighters are so brave! Hey Brainiacs, let’s take a trip to the city to see how many different vehicles we can find! Hey, there’s one. This is an airplane. Airplanes can take us places really quickly. Look, it’s a hot air balloon. Hot air balloons can go way up in the sky, just by using hot air. Cool, check out that nice sports car. Sports cars can go super fast. [Siren sounds] Uh oh, looks like he was going too fast. Here comes a police car. Oh no, there’s a fire on the other side of town. Here comes a big red fire truck to help put out the fire. We’d better send an ambulance too, just in case someone is hurt. Here is a backhoe working in the construction site. The backhoe can lift heavy rocks and dig deep holes. Woah, look at that giant dump truck. This is called an ultra class haul truck and it’s one of the biggest vehicles in the world! Let’s review the vehicle names we just learned with some fun toy-sized versions! Here’s the airplane. This is the hot air balloon. This is the sports car. Here is the police car Fire truck Ambulance Backhoe Giant dump truck Good job! Learning about vehicles is so much fun! Thanks for learning with us. Stay tuned! We’ll be back after these messages. Hey Brainiacs! Do you like monster trucks? Let’s review our numbers from 1-10 by counting these cool monster trucks! Here’s monster truck number 1 and here’s number 2. Here comes numbers 3 and 4. Now we have four monster trucks. There’s number 5 and the orange one is number 6. Woah, look at those huge tires on number 7! Here’s number 7 and number 8. Look out! Here comes number 9 and number 10. Now we have all 10 monster trucks! Let’s count them as they go by. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10! Hey number 1, you’d better slow down! Oh no, not THAT slow…watch out! Uh ohhhh… Looks like we’re going to need a tow truck! Hey Lizzy, wasn’t that fun? Let’s review the numbers from 1 to 10 with
some toy monster trucks! 1…2…3…4…5 5 monster trucks! 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. 10 monster trucks! Hey Brainiacs! Today we’re out at the mining site where they have all kinds of cool machines and vehicles! It looks like we have something here that’s been taken all apart. Can you guess what it is? Let’s put it back together! Welcome back to Brain Candy TV! [Kids cheer] I see four big wheels so it must be some kind of vehicle. Let’s start by putting the wheels into place. One…two…three…and four. OK, now we’re going to need something to attach the wheels to. Let’s try to find the frame. Is it this thing? Nah, I think we’ll need something a bit stronger to hold those big wheels. Maybe this thing… Nope, I don’t see any place to attach the wheels. How about this? It looks like it has four spots for the wheels. That must be the frame! Now we need an engine to make it go. There it is! Woah, that’s a HUGE engine! It’s even bigger than the construction worker! This engine is super strong, with about 4000 horsepower! That’s as strong as 10 sports car engines combined! Let’s put that engine into place. There we go. Now we need some exhaust pipes for the engine. Let’s add the body to protect the engine and give the workers and safe place to work. We need somewhere for the truck driver to sit. Can you find the seats? There they are! Let’s add them to the top. But how is the driver going to get way up THERE? We’re going to need to add some stairs. Here we go. Let’s add them to the front so the driver can get way up to those seats. The driver needs to be able to steer the truck, so we’ll need to add a steering wheel. And of course, we’ll need the truck driver too! It’s a long way down to the ground from those seats. Let’s put in some railings to make sure no one falls off and hurts themselves. The driver will need to see behind him when he’s driving so let’s add some side mirrors. Now let’s add the cab to protect the driver and give him all of the other controls he needs to drive the truck. Here’s the windshield and windows to complete the cab. We’ll need to add lots of big lights to the truck so it can work in the dark. And we should have another miner on the truck to help guide the driver. Here comes the most important part of all. It’s the giant dump box! It also has a hydraulic arm so it can tilt the dump box and dump its payload of rocks and dirt. And there we have our finished vehicle. It’s a dump truck! But this isn’t any ordinary dump truck, it’s an ultra class haul truck and it’s one of the biggest vehicles in the world! This truck is so big and strong that it can carry over 300 tons which is equal to over 50 adult elephants! Wow! The tires are taller than two grown-ups and each one of them costs as much as two whole cars! You won’t see many of these in the city. They won’t even fit on the road. Watch out for that car! Oh no! Look out for the bus! I think we’d better take this back to the mining site. The haul truck is specially designed to carry lots of heavy dirt and rocks. Let’s take these rocks to another part of the mining site. This looks like a good spot. Dump trucks are so cool – especially these huge Haul Trucks! I hope you had fun learning about them with us! [Children cheer] We’ll be right back after these messages. Welcome to Crash, Course, Math! Hey Brainiacs! Today we’re going to learn about adding with some awesome, stunt-jumping, super-duper monster trucks! Listen to that crowd! They’re really excited to learn some math! You know what would be cool? What if we get our monster trucks to jump over some buses?! OK, let’s start with by jumping one bus. Now we’ll need our monster truck Hey truck number 3, are you ready to jump? [engine revving sound] Hmmm, I think he wants more of a challenge. Let’s add two more buses! Now how many buses do we have? We had one then we added two. Let’s count them… One, two, three! So one bus, plus two buses, equals three buses! OK, let’s see if he can jump all three buses! Ready? Go! No problem, he can easily jump three buses. Let’s make it a bit harder Let’s move the ramps and add two more buses. So we had three buses and added two buses. How many do we have now? Let’s count them: one, two, three, four, five! So three, plus two, equals five! OK, let’s try jumping five buses! Three, two, one…GO! Wow, nice jump! Five buses is pretty good! Do we think we should try jumping more buses? OK, let’s do it! Let’s give the next truck a real challenge. Let’s add FOUR MORE buses! Let’s see. We had 5 buses and now we’re adding 4 more. Do you know what 5 plus 4 is? Let’s use a number line to help us with this one. We can draw the numbers from one to ten like this. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten. We started with five buses so let’s circle
that. Then we added four buses so let’s move four places up the line. One, two, three, four. That’s nine! So five, plus four equals nine! OK truck number nine! Let’s see what you’ve got! Number 9 is an expert jumper, but do you think she’ll be able to jump all nine buses?! Let’s give her a big countdown from five. Five, four, three, two, one…GO! Amazing, she jumped all nine buses! Let’s see that again in slow motion! Woah, look how high she jumped! Wow, that was so cool! Nice jump, number 9! So what did we learn today? We learned that one bus plus two buses, equals three buses. Three, plus two, equals five. And five, plus four, equals nine! Nice work, Brainiacs! Welcome to Crash, Course, Math! Hey there Brainiacs! Welcome back to Crash Course Stadium! Are you ready to learn some more math with our awesome, super-duper, stunt-jumping monster trucks? Alright! Let’s check them out! Oh no! I think our jumps are a bit too big for these new beginner trucks. I think we’d better take away some of the buses to make things easier. Last time we learned about adding and ended with our superstar truck jumping 9 whole buses! Wow! Today we’re going to learn about subtracting two numbers to get a smaller number. Let’s get started! Here’s truck number four but he’s not as good of a jumper as truck number nine. We’d better take away some of the buses. Let’s take away…five buses! So we had nine buses and we took away five. Now how many buses do we have? Let’s use that number line again But this time, instead of moving right for adding, we’ll move left for subtracting. We’ll start at nine then move to the left five spaces because we subtracted 5 buses. One, two, three, four, five That’s four! So nine, minus five, equals four! [Children cheer] OK truck number four, ready, set, GO! Great job number four! Hey truck number two. Do you want to try jumping four buses too? [HONK, honk] No? OK, let’s subtract two buses. One, two! How many buses do we have now? We had four, then subtracted two. Let’s count them…One, two! So four, take away two, equals…two! [Children cheer] Ready number two? And…jump! Nice one number two! I think you’ll be able to jump more buses in no time. Hey there little baby truck. Do you want to play too? Baby zero has never jumped buses before so let’s take away two more. If you have two buses and take away two, how many do you have left? That’s right, zero! Whenever you take away two of the same numbers like two minus two or five minus five, or eight minus eight, you always get the same answer. Zero! [Children cheer] That’s a bit easier. Let’s hear it for number zero! She’s a bit scared but with your help she can do it! Ready? One, two, three, GO! Keep going, keep going! Awe, that’s OK. Back it up and let’s try it again. OK, Brainiacs, let’s give her a big cheer to help her get over the jump! Ready! I know you can get it this time. Go number zero, go, GO! [Big cheers] Alright, way to go! I knew you could do it! Good job! And good job to you, Brainiacs! So what did we learn today? We learned that two, minus two, equals zero, four, minus two, equals two, and nine, minus five, equals four! Nice work Brainiacs! You’re getting so smart! Stay tuned! We’ll be back after these messages. Hey Brainiacs! It’s time to learn about some more fun vehicles! Let’s use our magic wand to bring our toy vehicles to life! Transport truck! Bulldozer! Monster truck! Bus! Helicopter! This is a transport truck. These trucks are very important because they can use their big trailers to move lots of stuff from place to place. This is called a bulldozer. It’s used in construction to push big piles of dirt around with its strong metal blade. Bulldozers can also drive over rough ground with their long tracks. Look up there! Here comes the helicopter! Helicopters use their big main rotors to go way up in the sky and the smaller tail rotor keeps the helicopter flying straight. Here comes a big bus! Buses like these can carry lots of people and help them get around in the city. I’ve got a fun idea! Let’s make a ramp from these books and see if we can get the monster truck to jump over the bus and transport truck! This is going to be fun! Ready? Let’s go, monster truck! Monster trucks have great big tires and bouncy suspensions so they can go over big jumps! Nice jump! That was awesome! I hope you had fun learning about more vehicles with us. Hey Brainiacs! Let’s go to the construction site where we can learn about the different parts of a backhoe and how it works! A backhoe has four wheels. 1, 2, 3 and 4. This part is the tractor which contains the engine. The engine gives the backhoe its power. This part is where all of the controls are, and it’s called the cab. Here come some lights so the backhoe can work in the dark. The steering wheel allows the driver to turn the backhoe left and right. We’d better include a seat for the driver to sit on. And of course, we need the driver to operate it. The exhaust pipe moves hot air and gases away from the engine. Let’s add some windows to protect the driver. And some doors so the driver can get in and out. These are called stabilizer legs, and they help keep the backhoe steady when it’s digging in the ground. Here is the backhoe and the backhoe bucket. This part is used for digging holes. This is the front loader and the front loader bucket. The front loader is really strong and can lift lots of heavy dirt and rocks. And there is the finished backhoe! Let’s see it in action! We’ll be right back after these messages! Hey Brainiacs! Welcome to Colortown! Colortown is famous for all of its colorful houses! Hey, do you want to learn about some colors with me and Lizzy?! [Kids cheer] Look, here comes Lizzy in the color train and it’s carrying some cool stuff to help us learn! Hi Lizzy! [Train horn sounds] OK, let’s go see what we have on the train! It’s a red fire truck The fire truck is red. Red! Here is an orange backhoe. The backhoe is orange. Orange! Yellow This is a yellow school bus. When you’re ready to go to school, maybe you’ll get to ride on a yellow school bus like this! The school bus is yellow. Pink Woah, that’s a big pink birthday cake! The birthday cake is pink. Green Can you count how many green trees we have? The trees are green. Check out that blue hot air balloon! The hot air balloon is blue, like the sky! Blue Purple This airplane is the color purple. Wouldn’t it be fun to fly up and away in this purple airplane? Alright! We’ve learned a whole bunch of colours. Let’s see how many you can remember! What colour is the fire truck? That’s right! The fire truck is red! What colour is the hot air balloon? It’s the same colour as the sky. Yes, it’s the colour blue! Do you remember what colour the trees are? Right on, the trees are green! What colour is this school bus? Good job! The school bus is yellow! What colour was that backhoe again?… Oh yeah, the backhoe is orange. There’s the yummy birthday cake. Can you guess what colour it is? Perfect, the cake is pink! Now where’s that airplane? Here it comes! And what colour is the airplane? The airplane is purple…right on! Thanks for learning colors with us! I hope you had a lot of fun! As always, don’t forget to subscribe by clicking on the red button so you won’t miss any of our new videos. And if you’re on a computer, you can click here to watch all of our videos. Thanks for watching Brainiacs. See you next time! [If you found these captions useful, please let me know in the comments]

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