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FIX YOUR PUBG SOUND with Voicemeeter Banana and Windows 10 1809 (and newer)

FIX YOUR PUBG SOUND with Voicemeeter Banana and Windows 10 1809 (and newer)

hey guys it’s ERPL. vehicle sounds
explosions and gunshots in playerunknown’s battlegrounds are pretty loud
compared to footsteps. in this video I’ll explain what you can do to balance the
audio to better hear enemies by using a technique called a compressor. if you already know what audio compression is and why you want to use it for PUBG you
may want to forward to minute 3 of this video see. you there
the default sound of PUBG isn’t really well balanced. the sounds of vehicles
explosions and gunshots are way louder than footsteps. lots of players decide to
crank up the volume to the max to hear even the quietest footsteps of
approaching enemies. you’ll get a serious strategical advantage if you get the most Intel about nearby enemies, gunshots in the distance and so on. but just maxing the volume of the game is actually dangerous because the extremely
loud sounds can potentially damage your hearing permanently. what we will do
instead is using an audio compressor what a compressor basically does is evening
in the sound out. for example I have a recording of me literally saying “TEST”
three times where the last time is louder Test Test TEST if I add a compressor on that, the quieter “tests” are getting slightly
louder and the louder “test” is getting quieter. Test Test TEST normally your sound of any game like PUBG or voice chat applications like
Discord and Windows itself are getting straight to your headphones. to use the compression effect live with the sound from PUBG we will use two free software
programs. the first one is called Voicemeter Banana which is an advanced audio
mixing tool. And VB cable which is basically like a virtual audio cable as you plug into one application to fetch sound from and then plug it into another
application to route the sound over to. we will configure the
system to route the PUBG audio through VB-Cable which goes into Voicemeter Banana, where the compression is added. We then output that edited sound to your
headphones. The normal sound from Windows will be routed to a virtual device
called Voicemeter VAIO, which just outputs to your headphones without any
effects added. Pptionally you can configure any voice chat tool like
Discord or Teamspeak to output to even another virtual device called Voicemeter AUX. This is useful if you’re recording your gameplay for YouTube or streaming to Twitch, since it allows you to get a separate audio track of your
friends in Voice Chat, which you can edit afterwards or completely cut out. if you’re not recording your gameplay you can skip that part of the configuration. First thing before we start: you need to have at least Windows 10
1803. If you’re not sure which Windows version you are using, you can check by
right-clicking on your Windows or Start symbol and then click on System. Down at version you need to have at least 1803 I’m using 1809 which is newer and is
working as well next thing is you need to note your selected audio devices. right-click on that speaker symbol next to the clock. click open sound settings
and note your output device and input device remember it or just write it down
somewhere. then you need to get the software tools Voicemeter Banana and VB-Cable which are free to use. You can download them at the official website “”. Link is in the video description below. Make sure that you
installed both and then reboot your computer. really when your computer is up
again go back to your windows sound settings and set your output device to
Voicemeter Input and your input device to your microphone that you noted
earlier. then open the sound control panel Go into recording then open the
properties of Voicemeter Output go into the advanced tab and select 2-Channel, 24-bit, 44100 Hz and click on OK if you get any warnings just click on
yes repeat these steps for the other two VB-Audio devices in recording then go to your microphone, select it in the list click on that little arrow at set
default and then click on default communications device okay now you can
start Voicemeter Banana from your Start Menu. make sure to really start
Voicemeter Banana and not Voicemeter if it’s not immediately opening check
your system tray and double click on that Voicemeter symbol. As the first thing in Voicemeter Banana I recommend clicking on menu and then
“system tray run at startup” and if you have volume keys on your keyboard then
click on menu again and then “hook volume keys for level output A1” if you’re using your volume keys now please note that if you’re above 0db your sound
might get distorted. now click on A1 and select your earlier noted default
output device. if it’s available use KS or WDM please don’t use MME if you can. you can rename the virtual inputs of Voicemeter by right-clicking in the
empty area. I renamed mine System and Voicechat. please disable the output at
B1 for Voicechat and select B2 instead now go to Hardware Input 1 and rename
it to Game. Deselect output to B1. If KS VB Audio point is available select
that, if not then select WDM cable output now lower the volume to about minus 18
or 17 and set the compressor level to about 3 these are the values that worked
best for me personally you probably have to try out a bit to
find what suits best for you now you should already have sound again, if you
for example opening a YouTube video now you would see the volume bar at A1 and
system going up the back. Now start up PUBG and then just minimize it
and go to your Windows sound settings again go to App volume and device
preferences and then select cable input for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. then go back to the game if you click on any entries in the menu
now you should hear the sound and if you look and Voicemeter Banana you should
see the bar at Game and A1 go up you’re getting problems with your voice
chat tools now then please make sure that your config there is right for example in Discord you go to user settings and then voice and video and
then you can select your input device to use your default input device that you
noted earlier and use Voicemeter AUX input as the output device to make sure
that it’s getting routed to voice chat in Teamspeak you can select Voicemeter
AUX Input as the playback device and your microphone that you noted in the
beginning as the capture device if you have any questions about this feel free
to ask them in the comments below if you like the video then please click on like
and consider to subscribe to my channel I also made the video where I compared
Voicemeter Banana and the built-in Windows Loudness Equalization. you can
check that out here I also linked some of the other videos
which I upload at least once per week please check them out

100 thoughts on “FIX YOUR PUBG SOUND with Voicemeeter Banana and Windows 10 1809 (and newer)”

  1. Hey guys! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll try to help. If your configuration is not working, please upload a screenshot of your Voicemeter and Windows configuration, so I can take a look into it. You can upload your Screenshots to for example.

  2. In Verbindung mit G35 Logitech und den oben genannten Einstellung kein einziger TON mehr in PUBG, alles andere läuft, nur das nicht. Bringt mir leider so nichts.

  3. If i select at WDM or KS @A1 hardware output i get creak in my sound, when i select MME it's like normal. Is that bad? And i still ain't gettin sound of PUBG

  4. Hi, I have headphones running through a mixamp… Astro a 40 mixamp to be excact. Whenever I change to voicemeeter Banana VB from sound options I get no sound at all. This is also with astro pro voice selected in Voicemeter banana HArdware input 1…. HELP!!!!

  5. If i want to keep my discord volumes the same can i just leave it as the input device as it was prior? Awesome video and thanks for the help!!

  6. dude i need to ask you . when i use voice meter input as my sound . it comes out noisy . The sound is noisy that all any solu ?
    and the Realtek works even if am using the voice meter output

  7. I really want to use voice meter banana for this, but it seems to be too slow, the first shot is allways loud, then it compresses the rest.

  8. Moin, in meiner Theorie, bist du Deutsch 😀
    Deshalb mal meine Frage auf deutsch.

    Ich hab dein Tutorial befolgt. Klappt auch wunderbar.
    Wenn ich allerdings PUBG spiel ist der Wind auf der neuen Karte relativ laut. Das muss aber so richtig?
    Desweiteren, frag ich mich, ob ich Das Tool auch nutzen kann ohne "Hook up level a1 to volume keys". Kann ich dann trotzdem von dem Kompressor etc profitieren, oder muss dieser hacken drin sein? mir gefällt die Windows lautstärke reglung besser irgendwie.
    Nur is die Frage ob das Voicemeeter dann trotzdem seinen Job macht.

    MFG 🙂

  9. Hello

    after doing the windows 1903 update everything works except the moment in preference its appliction, I do not have Cable Input

    thank you in advance

  10. Awesome guide. Thank you very much for adding it. I was wondering if there was an easy way to make my keyboard volume hooks actually raise and lower the voice chat / discord volume?

  11. Thanks ERPL. I have hearing problems for years, and have been an horrible player of PUBG because I couldnt hear. I now can. Thank you!

  12. So when I select the CABLE output for pubg I don'y get any sound from pubg. everything else seems to be just like the video so I'm not sure If I'm missing a step or something.

  13. Followed this excellent(!) guide to a T, but I'm having an issue – I set my Windows 10 1903 default sound device to VM Vaio, and in Advanced Sound preferences for my game (Hunt:Showdown, not PUBG) to VB Cable and everything like the guide and everything works perfectly – until I reboot. If I then launch everything and the game, it's not moving the meters in VoiceMeeter on Input1/Virtual Cable, it's coming across my default sound device, despite everything look the same/correct, until I select a VM Cable as my Windows sound device, then back again. Does this happen for anyone else? Is it just a Windows thing? I have reinstalled VM and Virtual cable separately and as Admin, rebooting each time.

    I tested if it was game-specific by setting my browsers audio to VB Cable, and the same thing happened each reboot – it doesn't seem to "engage" the VB cable input initially, until I select it in Windows somewhere.

    Seems to be this issue:

  14. Hello ERPL, greetings from Costa Rica…
    I have 1 question… This add some type of lag to the sound in game?

  15. Hey, ERPL. I am having issues. My game sound is not working for PUBG. And my "Game" channel is not going up or down. Not sure what I clicked or how this happened.

  16. HELP when i select the earlier noted output device as A1, if choose WDM the audio immediately starts to stutter and in MME, it doesn't stutter. Note that the increase and decrease in the GAME audio in Decibels doesn't affect the audio in my case it just stays same (in both WDM & MME)

  17. voicemeeter doesnt work- completely gets rid of directional audio. the very little advantage you get from louder footsteps is completely outweighed by A COMPLETE LACK of directional hearing

  18. Hello ERPL I had to use MME because my sound was so crackling and also I have some delay on my game sound…it doesnt sound that loud, i can even say its lower than before… I need some help

  19. Just wanted to say a humongous 'THANK YOU' for this. I bought new wireless headphones that only worked at 48000hz using their preamp and for over a week now PUBGs been doing my head in.

    After some research pointing to the HRTF not working at that sample rate, I came across a Reddit post that you'd put a link to this video.

    If I could digitally hug or kiss you right now I would!

    Thank you so much again!

  20. Really hope this solves the problem I've been dealing with, from PUBG sence day 1, PUBG's in game volume is fucking terrifying. I've tried so many sound audio settings and still getting shot from a random location sounds equivalent too having your head stuck in a tin can with steel BBs ricocheting off it….fingers crossed!

  21. I'm having an issue of when I close a game or restart my computer VoiceMeeter doesn't register the game input. I can still hear sound but the visualizer isn't picking up anything and I can't change the db or Compression. The only thing I've found is that I have to go back into the Advanced Sound settings and put the Output back to default and re-select Cable Input VB to fix it. Do you know how to fix this?

  22. Hi ERPL, i've got a problem, at 7:20 if i select CABLE input, i have no sound, but i work wi th VoiceMeeter Input, can you help me ?

  23. Can you make a video of how to install these?? I messed up and didn't download the other one, now I don't know what to do.. please help.

  24. How to remove the echo? – I use VoiceMeeter Banana + headphones +desktop microphone, but the other player hears the echo of his voice through my VoiceMeeter.

  25. thanks ill look into this if its still up to date, i dont want to turn up my volume and damage my hearing just to be able to hear footsteps

  26. Servus und vielen Dank für die tolle Anleitung.
    Jedoch funktioniert es bei mir nicht so richtig. Wenn ich anfange zu spielen ist alles in super. Nach paar Minuten wird der Sound aber irgendwie total verzehrt dargestellt. Ist danach nicht spielbar. Ich muss dann wieder in die Einstellungen gehen und Wiedergabegerät tauschen. Danach läuft es wieder ok bis es wieder zusammenbricht.
    Weißt du an was es liegen könnte?



  27. playstv record game without sound, any way to fix it?
    in playstv sound settings can't select device, is just "all audio" but ins't working

    anyways thanks for your video, it helped me a lot

  28. I tried this to pubg lite pc and the compression is unstable, it only works for a few seconds then the audio output goes back to be uncompressed. For example if I spray a full mag, half of the sound is compressed and the other half will be uncompressed sound.

  29. Warning dont youse this with SteelSeries Arctis Pro GameDAC – Gaming-Headset – zertifizierte hochauflösende Audioqualität – ESS Sabre DAC you never hear again 😀

    Buy SteelSeries Arctis Pro GameDAC – Gaming-Headset – zertifizierte hochauflösende Audioqualität – ESS Sabre DAC and you will never need sound bannana anymore only new ears

  30. Fantastic guide! But I have one question, I only want to use this arrangement when I'm playing PUBG, how to disable it after playing?

  31. Hey dude, thanks your video, I bought a hyperx cloud flight last week
    and here are few questions to ask you :
    1. just want to know are you still using these setting (-17/-18dB and 3.0comp.) on your own cloud flight to play PUBG?
    Or any updates or change about the setting for cloud flight?

    2. Are you turn all the volume to 100 on your computer? Will it to loud for everything? such as Youtube or other games
    I just set the master volume at 20 and I try to set it to 100, but I found there is no difference , it is my false?

    Thanks dude , hope to see your reply 😛

  32. Hello! I just got my HyperX Cloud II and it's too loud! I've tried compressing PUBG audio using Voicemeeter Banana and tried using SoundLock to avoid loud sounds. They work ok, but the biggest problem is, everytime a new sound (gunshot, bomb, etc.) plays, the first bit of information gets a plosive and it hurts. It's feels like it has a delay to apply the effects, and you hear part of the full sound information for like miliseconds. I have no idea how to fix this. =(

  33. Hello, I play on xbox and stream using a Razer ripsaw capture card. It has a 3.5mm Jack on the front for my headphones but when I plug my headset into it the audio is very quiet. I've tried everything but audio is so low. Is it possible to use voice meeter to add gain to the ripsaw and adjust the sound for pubg as you have in this video?

  34. It worked great but my fps drops sometimes for some reason before my fps would not drop like that and my ingame mic also does not work for some reason lol

  35. Hello

    ERPL and thank you for this wonderful content you r putting in your channel.

    I followed your guideline and it seems to me after the testing i ve done, that comp boosts the overall sound (like volume control) in general and not really flatting the sound out.
    I have set PUBG output to the VB calbe and on VM Banana on HW input one i used the VB audio point as u mentioned.

    Currently searching why is that, any ideas will be appreciated greatly.

  36. I have a problem with sounds in pubg. I do the same what you did and opened settings sound change input and dont show vb cable and sounds everything doesnt working .3 HELP ME <3

  37. There are so many times I have listened and watched chocolate taco and his commentary tells you exactly where an enemy is – he knows in which room they are and by which window on which side of the stairs etc
    I could never understand how he could do it until I installed this sound compression and now I’m doing exactly the same as Choco albeit without the same accuracy of gunplay 🙂
    but I know where people are now at all times and it’s transformed my PUBG

  38. hi, thanks for the this video i am newbie pubg player but now i can ear way more better thank you so much i but I noticed a few problems Although I normally hear mid-range or long range sniper sounds as good as directions, I've had a hard time understanding it, but I think it's perfect for close combat. also when i setup 4:35 you mention 2 channel 24 bit 44100hz wont work, i have logitech g430 headset but i cannot set these settings (if i do vooicemeter giving me erros), i set 48000hz 16bit (channel settings disappeared i cant choose)

    edit1; i just fix the channel issue i re-watch all video again install again everything is fine for now, I've been playing computer games for years I've never felt the need for anything other than pubg, trying to figure out how to turn it off and on easily

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