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Flow State For Fighters: Boxing Drill (3 of 5) using an EEG Device (MUSE Meditation)

Flow State For Fighters: Boxing Drill (3 of 5) using an EEG Device (MUSE Meditation)

(keymonkey) – Okay, so thanks for joining us again. Well, we are here, I’m Wilson Meloncelli and this is my friend Alex Snow. We’re in Box 1 Gym in RAK city. Okay, so this is video
three, is this video three? Video three of the boxing, well, the flow state fighter’s boxing drill. So what we’re gonna do now is I’ve put on an EEG device
called Muse onto Alex. This is also connected to the iPad. So when it’s connected to the iPad, what happens is it’s picking
up Alex’s brainwaves. And when he is in a, well with Muse, it’s somewhere around the alpha state, which is close to that brain frequency of around about 7.83
hertz, where you then flow. It’s not bang on accurate, but it’s a great feedback device
for Alex during this drill. So what happens is, probably not the best thing to be hearing, but what happens is when Alex
has himself in that focus, in that flow state, he’ll near birds tweeting
in the background. Maybe not the best
thing for a fighter, but and he hears birds
tweeting in the background. That’s an indicator that his brainwaves are in the correct state
for executing this drill. Now with the Muse, it’s not designed for these active routines, so keep that in mind if
you go ahead and buy one. It’s not designed for that, so the signal might break here and there. So you need to develop a little
bit of patience, as we have. Basically, we’re gonna do this drill nice and slow and smooth. You won’t hear the birds, but we do. It’s the same drill as what we did before. And what happens here is Alex needs to go just that little bit smoother
to keep the connection and as he does that, he can really tune into
himself internally. He can allow himself to
relax into the drill. He can allow himself to have the drill force him, nicely, into the flow state. Perfect. So there’s another way of
learning this basic drill using a Muse EEG device to put you into the fighter’s mind of flow. Thanks very much and stay tuned for one or two more videos, I think two. See you soon. (keymonkey)

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