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Football to the Face 1000x Slower – The Slow Mo Guys

Football to the Face 1000x Slower – The Slow Mo Guys

Gav: What’s the uh.. what’s the penalty for losing? Football to the head? *Trying to hold back a laugh* *Sigh* Dan: S’pose so, yeah. *Laughter* D: Ooh! D: You got it! D: Noooo! G: Here we are again then. D: Great. G: 6 years later — Hello I’m Gav. D: I’m Dan. G: A while ago Dan, I threw a ball at your head. D: Well, apparently. I’ve seen the video but I don’t remember at all. G: Did it knock the memory clean out of your head? D: I’m pretty sure my IQ points just went on the floor. G: That was filmed at 1,000fps but today we have a camera that’ll do 28,000fps. Let’s do it again. D: Maybe you’ll knock the memory back into me with this one. G: Maybe as this hits your head, you’ll go back in time 6 years. D: Yeah, I’ll forget everything since– happened then. (Wtf did you just say) *Pfft* G: We didn’t really show this in the first video but it’s not easy to get water into a football. D: Well it takes time because imagine you’re pumping a pump and air comes out and you just sort of go “tshhh, tshhh, tshhh”, G: Yeah. D: because it’s cause of– obviously water’s thick and- G:Well water’s going through a needle nose takes– takes a lot of time. D: Look. G: *throaty laugh* D: So, I shove that back in there. See, so you just have to let the air out, and then shove one of these needles in, and fill it full of water. G: You can hear it. D: It’s nearly full. You have to let it sit in the water. G: So it’s… D: Oh, that’s hefty. G: You think that’ll rattle your brain?
D: Yeah. Oh God, that hurt already! I don’t want to do this. “Rattle my brain”, hurts enough with a football full of air. Playing football, I don’t head the ball. G: ‘Cause it hurts?
D: Yeah. I’m like, “Why would I do that?” G: Well you lose brain cells.
D: Exactly, I’m not doing that, like the amount of times I’ve heard like, “get a head on it!” I’m like, “f**ks off!” G: Alright, last time you went for a sort of toothy grin. D: Yup. G: This time, I reckon a flabby face, sort of gormless look. D: Okay we’ll see what we can do. G: And If you can keep your eyes open that’s a bonus.
D: Right. G: critical focus. G: Ready?
D: Yeah. D: Ugh! Got it, yeah? D: I just relaxed, just relaxed. That’s gotta be it. D: Alright, do it again. Do it again.
G: *laughing* Oh, God! D: Wait until my eyes have been open for a few tries, okay? G: For a few tries? Well that’s gonna psych you out! D: Nah, I found my zone, I found my zone. I found it, B. I just, I just imagine that you’re shaking, like, maracas next to me. *Laughter* And I’m not gonna get hit. D: Sweaty hair. G: It is a bit hot out. D: Ugh. That’s it. G: That was it! D: I think so. G: Yea- *laughs* Look at that! *Laughs* G: Ah, it’s a clean hit on the side of the face. Oh the shockwave’s at- G: Oh your nose bone moved under your nose!
D: Ohh! G: Ugh! *Laughs* D: My eyes are like, “What’s happened here?” G: Oh now the shock hit- Your mouth like hung behind. D: Oh no. *Laughter* D: I don’t think I could-
G: You look, G: You look like-
D: Look at my face! G: You look like someone else! G: Who’s that? G: *Laughs* It’s so stupid. D: I look like I’m asleep there, I’m like really peaceful.
G: Ohh, G: Oh it was class. D: Like, the, the, the first part of it stayed there but the rest of it moved. *Laughter* D: Crazy.
G: That was class. G: I like it a lot better slower. G: It’s like bloody 30ºC (85ºF) out here, 35ºC (95ºF). D: I need to, uh… I actually take that thing off, hang on. Ahhhh~ G: Feel good? D: Yeah. D: Ah~ D: It’s like we’ve got our own pool. G: Yeah. D: Oh no. G: I mean, people spend a lot of money on pools, G: but you really just don’t need one.
D: You could just get a D: dust bin and fill it full of dirty water. G: Get a gammy old bin and fill it with hose water, G: and it’s the same.
D: Yeah and uh, and a pump. G: And a bike pump. *laughs* G: Woah. D: Yeah I lost another 2 IQ points there. G: What’re you down to now? 67? *laughs* 73. D: Give me some slack.
G: 73, alright. D: Geez! It was facinating slower. D: Yeah.
G: Like, I never thought I’d see the nose bone move under the nose. Like, I saw exactly where your nose ended and where this, the gristle and… G: cartilage, yeah.
D: It was just perfect, yeah. G: Imagine what mine would’ve been like! D: D: Yeah, it- It would still be there.
G: The end of it would’ve flown of! D: Your face would be out of frame. G: What’s interesting is that usually when we do a slow mo, it’s like “alright, here comes the ball, here comes the ball, …now you’re getting hit, … now you’re bouncing away.” With this camera, it’s like, “Alright here’s the ball, now you’re getting hit, you’re still getting hit, you’re literally still getting hit by a ball…” and it goes on forever! D: It’s true. G: It’s amazing! D: I look floppy in slow motion for ages.
G: *laughs* for ages! G: So that was 28 times slower than the first time we did it, and hopefully in 6 or so years we’ll be doing it even slower than that! G: Oh, we’ll give you enough time to rebuild the IQ. D: I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be down to like, 50. *laughs* D: Goodness sake. G: Do you think that each time you get hit, more IQ falls out? D: Yeah! Definitely, yeah. Well hopefully you enjoyed that revisit. Feel free to follow us on Twitter, give the old one a watch, it was pretty funny, Uh, we got a behind the scenes channel, and we’ve got merch. D: Sweet!
G: So, G: Whatever you want to do at this point. And we’ll hope to see you in the next video. D: See you in 7 years when we get hit again. *laughs*

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  1. I literally played it when the ball hit his face and ran to take a shower and came back and he was on the other side of the screen

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