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Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Reveal the Rules of the Iconic Team

Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Reveal the Rules of the Iconic Team

they are nicknamed America’s Sweethearts we were instant celebrities the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are the most iconic squad in the NFL thanks to their trademark uniforms go-go boots hot pants and crop tops our navels showed and that was a big deal back in that day now three former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are opening up in a new documentary daughters of the sexual revolution the untold story of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders we had a book of rules Dana Presley Kilmer Shannon Baker Worthman and Tony Washington say things were strict no going out in jeans hair and makeup always had to be done and they weren’t allowed to talk to the players let alone date them no chewing gum no fraternizing with the players not dating the players you just couldn’t even be around the players no pouting we learned about etiquette what you couldn’t couldn’t wear they say their image was in serious jeopardy in 1978 when the x-rated movie Debbie Does Dallas was released squad leader Suzanne Mitchell took the filmmakers to court for copyright infringement and one we had three or four young women on the squad that year named Debbie and they did get some flak and the best part about being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader the sisterhood I don’t know who I would be today if I weren’t a cheerleader I learned so much dancing on that hundred yard stage in front of all those fans [Music] you [Music]

95 thoughts on “Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Reveal the Rules of the Iconic Team”

  1. Black woman is the only one who's aged backwards the others look terrible lol & as AlwAys had their token black girls 1 or 2 lol now they look similar to white women lol but the players can be 90% black

  2. I don't see why this is a big deal. What they do and wear reflex on the Dallas Cowboys. Even though I hate that team they still need to abide by their rules.

  3. Am I the only one looking at the black woman like DAMN!! She looks so young, not a wrinkle!? Lol.. Geez, that saying really is true, Black don't crack!

  4. I'd smash the first white lady and the sister. They definitely picked from the cream of the crop for these Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders LOL

  5. So they had to stick with the uniform and act professional enough for what theyre doing. Whats the “tough rules”?

    If i went to a play and one of the actors was chewing gum while preforming i’d think that was unprofessional. It wasnt a sleazy strip show its a performance for a pro team

  6. I wish everyone could get to experience what it’s like. It’s breathtaking being able to perform with such talented girls and be on the big screen. ??☺️

  7. I have been reading the comments and some of the black people keep saying black don’t crack….. and well isn’t that kind of offensive to white people? Because it sounds like what their saying by that is that black people stay nice and pretty while white people look old and ugly when they get older…

  8. Did people forget the TV movies made about the Dallas cowboys cheerleaders? That, those movies ( I remember at least 2) told about the rules, told about the harassment and little to no pay.
    That came out in the mid to late 70’s. I think 1976 or 77.

  9. Damn the white women look so damn old while the black girl still looks the same …I don't mean to be rude but its true black really doesn't crack

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