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Former NFL Cheerleader Claims Coach Duct Taped Parts of Her Body

Former NFL Cheerleader Claims Coach Duct Taped Parts of Her Body

it’s another disturbing claim from a former NFL cheerleader I heard this will hurt a bit as I watched my skin being pulled stretched and taped this gorgeous fit cheerleader says her coach actually stuck duct tape to parts of her body to pull her skin taut believe it or not the 125 pound beauty says she was called quote skinny fat skinny fat is the term the coach frequently used to say that we’re skinny but we’re not tome so we don’t have necessarily the abs or the dimension or the perfection that they require for us Angelina Rosa and her attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference outside NFL headquarters in New York City Friday we hope never to see another Houston Texans NFL cheerleader or anyone else ever duct tape again Angelina says the duct tape was applied under her uniform to pull the skin on her already flat stomach even tighter now I’m going to put just a small piece of duct tape onto my arm and let’s see what happens when I try to pull it off even just that little piece hurts I danced with my entire might and it was extremely painful my skin was being torn because of the movements of going out Angelina joins henna Turnbow and five other former Houston Texans cheerleaders who were suing the team claiming they were subjected to a hostile work environment and paid less than minimum wage I felt humiliated and ashamed of my own body a spokesperson for the Houston Texans says the team has constantly evaluated its cheerleading program to quote make changes as needed to make the program enjoyable for everyone [Music] you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Former NFL Cheerleader Claims Coach Duct Taped Parts of Her Body”

  1. Get a new job gurl… drag queens do it all the time under a wig, pounds of make up, padding and still do a routine. Stop being dramatic.

  2. Shws not fat shes beautiful i dont know why the sick man would even think for himself doing that… Like so what if you think they dont have a body but may people do you should BE lucky to have one as well az BE in one!!

  3. Omg lol its only ever former cheerleaders or actresses who cant find more work making these claims to try and make money cause there broke so they try to get back in the spotlight

  4. Good for her, she is opening that window for others female on other teams. Every one is saying it's her fault we yes and no the pressure of being a female in that kind of job must be constant. If she don't do it then she's out of a job.

  5. whomever said she was fat in any way shape or form is insane…….. angelina rosa is a 7 without even trying………( the fall guy theme song lee majors)…….. whoever taped her has lost their mind……..i think she needs to find a better career where they actually respect her as a person…….

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  7. Oh thats would hurt so much how about being splashed by oil or hurting your back or smashing your hand but duct tape we need a law suit for that one

  8. 😒making less than minimum wage and you stayed and endured that disgusting practice, while parading practically naked so the world can see you bend over……smh…..If it makes you uncomfortable leave, don't stay in it and then cry later! Know your worth!!!!!

  9. I thought they meant like taped her feet together for tumbling lol cuz I’ve seen that everyone does that

  10. Stick up for yourself ladies!!! If you don't, no one will.
    I met a Dallas Cheerleader who had to work full time at other jobs while also cheerleading to afford to live.

  11. if she was paid less than minimum wage and they stuck duct tape on her, can’t she just quit lmao? go work at mcdonald’s if it pays more.

  12. The coach probably just asked them to. She complied so she can get attention and money for "mistreatment"
    Didnt sound like she was forced at all.

  13. I know people keep making jokes and they keep making fun of her but I definitely wouldn’t want to be duct taped either. Would you? Just show some respect for people, it’s not that hard

  14. Something about being NFL cheerleader you don't get paid and you have to do all these horrible things your body just to look good in front of people that you don't even know and you don't even get paid that's just sad and the sad part is that you have to do everything in your will have to change her body just to please other people

  15. Say no! And leave the team! That-is-simple! Don't allow him to do that so tou can sue him later! Why do some people like her rely on suing?

  16. It's not just the main but the mental abuse as well. If you were a waiter and your boss duct taped you to get a better figure and make more tips how would you feel? If your answer is good thanks you need help.

  17. OMG HOW RUDE CAN YOU GUYS BE “why didn’t you leave” or “that doesn’t hurt” fr it does because I’ve done it just to look skinnier, but she’s already skinny and she didn’t want to leave because they probably told her no one would believe her.

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