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Former NFL Cheerleader Cries Foul About Alleged Religious Discrimination | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Former NFL Cheerleader Cries Foul About Alleged Religious Discrimination | Megyn Kelly TODAY

51 thoughts on “Former NFL Cheerleader Cries Foul About Alleged Religious Discrimination | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. I don’t know if she plays stupid and silly…… I hate when women do that. Being religious doesn’t mean being silly and stupid …. they are absolutely wrong by bothering her, but girl !!!!!! Go on, act smart and serious please, at least if you want serious attention.

  2. The NFL needs to due away with professional cheerleading all together. Use the money for community outreach programs and tutoring programs.

  3. I don't believe people should be bringing up religion in the workplace. Some Christians throw all this god and Jesus stuff around like everyone subscribes to it. It's annoying and offensive to some people that are not Christian. If Muslim girls proselytized arranged marriages and brought up Allah, they would probably be fired on the spot.

  4. This girl is lying. People are not that interested in this one girl’s virginity. She must have been preaching to people and they got tired of hearing about it.

  5. She has the right to practice her religion. However, I've come across Orthodox Christians and Catholics, and not a single person of these denominations talked about Jesus so much. Is this a thing among American Christians? Every other sentence should be about Jesus?

  6. Some of Christians are so obnoxious, like someone else said that's all they talk about ad nauseam, I believe but I have a life, God's a part of it but He's not all of it. I'm a sinner and I keep the 10 commandments but I frequently fall short. Nobody likes a goody two shoes. Live life to the fullest. God will forgive.

  7. I went through the same thing at my former job. I was harassed for my beliefs and my virginity. I quit as well. I didn't and don't ever want to ever force Jesus on anyone. Because Jesus is a gentleman and He doesn't want to force Himself on anyone. I think what she is doing is noble and I pray that things change.

  8. My daughters are virgins and they don't talk about this or bring up God…people already know there is something different about them and then they ask if they are curious..

  9. This is a Joke. She likely felt victimized because her job didn't match her religious doctrine as she would have liked. You can tell she’s used to manipulating and getting her way. Find another career….maybe as a nun? But I doubt she'd feel comfortable around all those child-molesting priests. Amazing how people use their religion (:

  10. All the comments that say she is dumb or airheaded are missing the point. How is that relevant? She was harassed because of her religion.

  11. I can guess what happened here, same thing as with a nurse I knew who actually got fired from the hospital bc she talked about her Christianity to everyone and drove patients crazy. That's the problem with fanatical religion, they talk about it all the time.

  12. Tim Tebow paid a great price for being openly religious. It's like they can do it, but they will still be even more scrutinized if the players are not stronger athletes. I think there was a way for the woman to answer her teammates without coming across as "preachy". I mean, let's be honest, if your career is being made by your looks and sexuality, do you really think this is the right time to talk about how pure you think you are. She could have just said no, I don't have a playlist, instead of making the other girls feel judged.

  13. I agree with her and admire her stance on some things (like the ring), and maybe not so much other things. I have mixed feelings about the legal action, but conservative Christians are under attack in this country unlike anything I have ever seen. So they must starting using the courts like everybody else if they are to survive. But I want to focus on something different that's positive. And that is the fact that I felt like this show gave her a fair hearing. For that network, that is extremely unusual. So thanks for giving a Christian a fair shake for a change. Didn't even feel like there was the usual undercurrent of network condescension. Very unusual, unexpected and refreshing. Hopeful even. So thanks Megyn and whoever planned the show.

  14. I've said it before and I'll say it again, some of the pro players need to take a stand along with these women!

  15. I really honor this woman. I so wish I waited for my fiancé. I grew up thinking this would be me but gave it away in a stupid way with a stupid guy. So stupid. This girl is so amazing!!!!

  16. That whole wings thing was so pointless they were basically pointing out that she was a virgin and has her own belief smh

  17. 0:45 If Anyone Wants To Know What The Verse Is
    Psalm 46:5 New International Version (NIV)
    God is within her, she will not fall;
    God will help her at break of day.

  18. These beliefs used to be the norm and were valued by society, this is a clear example that Judeo-Christian values are being challenged and eroded. Beware everyone…this will become the new norm and this will happen more and in more arenas.

  19. This girl is a good girl and in 2018 that's a rarity. She may not be running around sleeping with men but I have a feeling she's about to give the NFL the f*cking it deserves. Good for her!

  20. I love this beautiful young women! Good for you, you are so brave. I’m proud of you and your parents for bringing you up with values, love and respect for yourself. Oh how different it would be if more girls were like you. I hope I can raise my two little girls to be brave and stand strong for your beliefs.

  21. I advocate to keep yourself pure.. She was treated so bad..those other cheerleaders were fuming with shame. That's why they hated her.

  22. Whatever happened to the employer, stay out of her bedroom. She has a backbone and strong personal value, very admirable. Put me on that jury, the Dolphins pay big in court.

  23. What do you expect from the Dolphins organization, a team that allows its players to take one knee during the national anthem? Her talking about her faith makes them uncomfortable.

  24. I am beginning to see that the image of cheerleaders the cheerleader establishment want to covertly convey is that they are nothing but dancing Ho's for the the perverted pleasures of football players and their rich owners.

    That is why they told this cheerleader to stop mentioning God and virginity.

  25. i played in the NFL for 2 years and it is nothing like you see on TV, it is racist, sexist and i loved the game but it has things going on i can't talk about,but that was a part of the 20 years i played at all levels, and the pro team i played for did not have cheerleaders, and no not everyone makes millions,

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